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31st December 2012 Great Gable ~ Great Views

To close the year I've chosen a series of photos that have just developed into a specific group all of their own accord.   When you live in a nice place like this, do you still keep looking at the view ?    . . . the answer is yes !


31st December 2012 A Gasgale Gill Walk with Jo

A final walk of the year ... despite the weather !  2012 ends with a whimper as mild weather and a damp breeze brings poor weather to the north western Lakes.  Jo is over for New Year so and we decide on a local walk.


May Ann and I wish you all the best Season's Greetings, have a great Christmas and we hope you all have a great year ahead.   Many thanks to all those that helped us raise over £200 for Mountain Rescue again this year.


16th December 2012 Sunrise and Mellbreak with PP&M

My brother and sister were up for a weekend visit before Christmas, but the midweek sunrise didn't hold any promises as to good weather for the w/end. Still, a walk up Mellbreak is always on the cards, even on a breezy day.


A complete change of plans finds us on the track to Skiddaw Little Man when the weather over Dunmail Raise fails to impress. Parking at Gale Road we head up to see how far we'll get while the daylight holds.


11th December 2012 Sunset and Grike Fell

Pictures this time from the other end of a short winter day, only this time the weather was excellent from start to end.  Ann and I headed west again, on a cold afternoon, to enjoy the views from Grike Fell above Ennerdale.


8th December 2012 Sunrise and Low Fell

A lovely winter sunrise again holds the prospect of another nice day for Jo and ourselves.  However the forecast showed and the powers that be knew it wouldn't last so our Low Fell walk ended up decidedly less sunny.


5th December 2012 Knock Murton with Ann

The high pressure winter weather continues and with it the cold bright days that makes the Lakes a wonderful place to be.  This afternoon Ann and I take a short drive to enjoy the afternoon sunshine on one of the western fells.


2nd December 2012 Frosty Crummock Walk

The Sunday of our daughter and son in law visiting dawned bright and frost again.  They had time to fit in an hour or so's walk so we took a liesurely stroll dow to the beach at Crummock Water before they left.


1st December 2012 Haystacks with the Family

A pre-Christmas visit from our daughter Paula plus her family and friends coincides with a period of fine winter weather. Where to go ? She suggests a classic walk which finds us setting off for Haystacks from Gatesgarth.


28th November 2012 Local and Sale Fell

A miscellany of photos from recent days, culminating in a walk up Sale Fell this afternoon. Plenty of visitors, human and otherwise, plenty of variety of weather and plenty for you to enjoy hopefully.


24th November 2012 Alan's Castle Crag 214

We met Alan through the OFC and have enjoyed his photo reports of his walks in the Lakes and Lancashire. When he announced the completion of his first round of 214 Lakeland Fells we took the chance to join him on his walk


11th November 2012 Great Carrs Remembrance

The Lakeland mountains have unfortunately been host to many plane crashes over the years, none more poignant than those where aircrew have died whilst serving their country.  Today, seven members of the OFC chose to climb Great Carrs for their "Act of Remembrance"


A day out in Eskdale where we enjoy a ride on La'al Ratty and combine it with a short walk up to Stanley Gill Waterfalls close to Dalegarth Station. Poor weather damps the enjoyment slightly but there's plenty to do and see.


5th November 2012 Crummock and Rannerdale

The first snow of the winter fell on the Lake District on November 1st and the tops of the fells turned white, really heralding the change of seasons. Here two walks are combined showing the local views close to home.


4th November 2012 Lingmoor ~ Sun and Snow

An invitation to join David and Jennifer was planned several days ahead.  The forecast on Friday night was very poor but 24 hours later the weather charts had been turned on their head and a fine day was in prospect.


What a difference a few days later when a low pressure weather system blew across the whole of the UK and the blue skies and sunshine gave way to grey skies and heavy rain.  Still the company was good for this local walk !


27th October 2012 Kings How ~ Brund Fell

After a beautiful morning sunrise and a busy morning we pack lunch in a rucksack and head over to Borrowdale in search of more Autumn colours. Kings How via the steep steps should be a nice woodland walk.


27th October 2012 Autumn in Loweswater

The woods of Holme Force are often an attractive local walk.  However, with a bright morning sunrise, when the first rays of the sun shine down the length of Loweswater, the woods come alive with a riot of colour.


26th October 2012 First Autumn Colours

A composite of my lunch  time walk around Friars Crag and Ann's afternoon walk on Ling Crag.  She was able to delay her outing till the sun really got going and the Autumn colours responded accordingly.


20th October 2012 Harter Fell with Simon and Jo

Our first full walk now we are back in the Lakes is on Harter Fell in Eskdale.  Simon and Jo are up in the area so we all join up for what promises to be a fine day on the western side of the high fells.


2nd October 2012 A week away on Santorini

With a rather poor record of sunshine in this region we booked ourselves on a flight to the sun before the summer ended. A visit Greece for the first time in thirty years seemed a good idea and it started with a direct flight from Manchester to Santorini.


22nd September 2012 Hopegill Head via the Slabs

A sunny day and a planned walk coincided nicely as seven of us set off for a walk up Hopegill Head via Ladyside and the Hopegill Slabs.  Sunshine all the way and tremendous views across to Scotland compliment this nice walk.


Our second full day and there's still plenty to explore closer to home.  A trip to Keswick for lunch and then a journey underground on the way back, what more do you need ? ... Well, we've not been to the pub yet !


15th September 2012 Richard and Rosie's Grand Tour

Friends that we met in Australia four years ago and whom we stayed with in New Zealand, are over in the UK and we are able to return the hospitality they offered to us, while they visit the Lake District for a few days.


8th September 2012 Dock Tarn & Great Crag

Climb one of the steepest and longest pitched paths in the Lakes and you arrive at one of the smaller but no less delightful tarns of the central fells. Alongside is a small but Great Crag, a great view on a fine day like today.


5th September 2012 Jo, Jamie and Crummock

While Jo is in the Lakes, her son and grandson came over for a visit. Steve and a friend wanted to climb Helvellyn so Jo brought Jamie over to see us for lunch and enjoyed a short walk here in Loweswater.


3rd September 2012 Bannerdale Crags and Bowscale

Summer continues with another lovely day on the fells so we meet up with Jo to walk a route we haven't done for a long while. The exact route was only decided as we went along . . . as befits the relaxed nature of the day.


2nd September 2012 The Loweswater Show 2012

There's a tradition in Cumbria to organise a local social gathering to celebrate what people do best, to compare and to compete in a friendly way and bring folk together to celebrate the community in which they live.


A poor forecast came true at the start of the walk but a little perseverance gave us an excellent walk up new paths and into exciting conditions. A walk that we will remember for a long time to come.


Paula, Abi and Paula's colleague Sue had to travel back to Yorkshire tonight but before they left they had time to climb one more high fell.  Grisedale Pike is convenient, relatively easy and had an extra attraction for Abi.


Time at home in the sunshine before we adjourn to the Kirkstile for lunch.  After a relaxing meal we take Paula, Sue and Abi to collect another Wainwright point on a familiar landmark in the valley.


Back home and we have family to stay.  Paula has her walking friend and work colleague Sue with her and they are eager to try for a few more Lakeland summits. Today I joined them for the first 2 of 4 from Honister.


Sunday we had a local walk to exercise the dogs and ourselves before returning home.  Liz suggests a local geological landmark or two that would be interesting to visit. A good little walk if rather damp.


18th August 2012 Yorkshire and Stephen's 60th

Three events in the day so we start in the Lakes, travel over to Yorkshire to meet Liz for a walk and then over the moor to Ilkley to celebrate my little brother's 60th birthday ... a busy day but a good one.


8th / 9th August 2012 Pin Mill and The Clamp

The final two days of our visit and the sun shines more favourably for us.  Cathy and I walk the dogs down river to the house known as The Clamp and after one last job we return home to the Lakes via Troutbeck.


6th / 7th August 2012 Meting Boris at Pin Mill

An outstanding invitation is taken up as we head south to stay with our daughter in Suffolk.  Boris is there, not the Mayoral one but a new puppy for Cathy and the family.  Perhaps the name is connected but she says no !


A fine day in prospect so plenty of work to do outdoors, but we still manage to remember to get out for a walk !  With Harry and Bethan we take a short ride over to the northern Fells for a walk up Binsey.


Out with Jo again on a low level walk to see some high level waterfalls.  Swindale is almost "a valley time forgot" and we walk back in time to see the falls at the head of the valley.


"Come over to the van" she said "and we'll have lunch and a walk ". . . but nothing is ever that simple . . . An old gortex jacket comes out of retirement today for a special task before we take to the hills.


To Seathwaite again while Hilton is staying at the cottage. A leisurely starting time and a leisurely walk, making the route up as we went along. Our extensive saunter took us over to Allen Crags for a really great day out.


A local walk this time and one Ann and I do quite often without the camera. When our friends asked for a short outing, one their dog could manage, this seemed like a good option.  Fortunately John had his camera handy today.


11th July 2012 Base Brown with Hilton

A shorter but a very energetic walk as we climb Base Brown from Seathwaite via Sour Milk Gill. A steep up to start, more steep up to the summit and then a leisurely descent back to tea at Rain Gauge Cottage.


11th July 2012 Crummock and Blue Sheep

A busy week continues with visits from more local friends. John (recently retired) and Dee over from Keswick with their dog Amber, plus Joan, Rachel and Jeff and a new puppy who'll be a real breeze as she grows up.


10th July 2012 Holme Force with Kathy N

Kathy has been corresponding with us for many years and she has at last been able to make it over to the Lake District to see her favourite fells that she has viewed from afar for so long. Her son Mike also joins us on the walk.


With friends up in the Lake District our venue for a walk today fell naturally towards Ennerdale. Nothing too high but a full circuit of the lake with a reasonable weather forecast.  Hope it stays dry !


The Uk has been rather damp recently but many places in the world are suffering the opposite, a lack of good, clean water.  Eleven teams try for a 6 Peaks Event to raise money for the charity and we're here to help them do it.


The Uk has been suffering a rather damp lifestyle recently. However tonight the skies started to clear locally and Low Fell developed a slow moving mist.  The cloud created wonderful patterns as it drifted by.


24th June 2012 X-treme Team Climbing

The girls had booked two climbing guides to take them out onto the fells at the head of Buttermere for some technical rock climbing experience. A great day out with sunshine to end meant they came home drier than yesterday.


23rd June 2012 Mellbreak with the Girls

After a damp day last year the girls were up for a Lakes weekend hoping for better weather.  It wasn't actually raining as we set off up Mellbreak but by the end of the day conditions were more like yesterday !


The Railway Children Three Peaks weekend has become established as an annual charity fund raising event and I was part of the safety crew for the very wet and windy Scafell Pike leg of the trip.


Day 33 for the Olympic Torch and it reaches the Lake District.  The crowds gather in rather poor weather but the flags and decorations make a bright scene, ready and waiting for the arrival of the Torch.


13th June 2012 Loweswater Ladies Day Out

The Loweswater Ladies also have a social group within the valley and like the Farmers Group they've organised a day out.  The plan is to visit Grasmere and to listen to The Storyteller who is resident there.


4th June 2012 Whoap and Lank Rigg

Two days later we were on the west coast escaping the Jubilee holiday crowds by walking two of the remote grassy fells off the Cold Fell Road.  Whoap is a grassy climb, Lank Rigg has a trig, a tarn and shelter for lunch.


Saturday and Jo was over for the weekend and Ian was up from Bedfordshire for a few days too, so it was five setting off from Great Wood for today's walk. With John's new companion Keera, dogs out-number people today.


Loweswater Discussion Group, known locally as the Loweswater Farmers, organise a day out each year which usually involves a bus trip, a farm visit, a meal out and a few beers ... so nothing different ... Dumfries here we come !


The Lakes, along with much of Britain has had a sudden attack of summer. Cloudless blue skies and warm temperatures have sent folk scurrying for the sun cream and today we enjoyed an afternoon stroll over in Ennerdale.


The Lakes, along with much of Britain has had a sudden attack of summer. Cloudless blue skies and warm temperatures have sent folk scurrying for the sun cream and today we enjoyed an afternoon stroll over in Ennerdale.


We have arrived at Summer it seems. I awoke early this morning with the daylight streaming in through the windows, left open to cool the room last night but there were no mountains to be seen outside . . .


On our return the weather was too nice to stay in and too hot to spend all day tidying the garden.  The dogs needed a walk and so did we, but it would not be a long one in today's hot, clear blue sky afternoon.


8th to 19th May 2012 Scottish Islands Holiday

We've planned a visit two Scottish Islands that we've not set foot on before, Coll and Tiree. An easy four and a half hour drive north from home found us in Oban, ready and waiting for the ferry to take us on our Scottish Adventure.


On a visit to Rannerdale ten days ago the flowers had only just started to show, so today we re-visit the valley to enjoy the colourful bluebells to the full.  Lets hope the recent warm days have had more effect than the cool nights on the famous flowers.


29th April 2012 Castle Crag Before the Rain

We are joined by a new walking partner on an outing that was planned with the weather very much in mind.  Rain by midday was the forecast, so we started early and chose a fell that could be completed in good time.


28th April 2012 Floutern Tarn with Jo

They forecasted strong winds and rain this weekend.  It has become colder and windier but here in the north western Lakes the weather is holding up so Jo travels over from the cloudy eastern side for a walk in the sunshine.


My wife and my son don't fall in the category of Titaneracks but all three of us were interested in visiting the Cumbrian coastal town of Maryport which is home to the Ismay family and also an anniversary Titanic Exhibition.


14th April 2012 Scafell and Slightside

Another brilliant walking day with beautiful sunshine as we climb to the second highest English summit. The same forecast as yesterday brings a midday wintery shower but it doesn't spoil the enjoyment in any way.


A less frequented Wainwright route has been chosen for today's ascent of a popular fell.  Climbing from the Blencathra Centre we complete a circular route which will take us along the full length of the Blencathra Ridge.


More fine weather as we meet with a few friends and set off to climb three summits on the west side of Skiddaw. Good visibility is on offer but there's a threat of a wintery, mid-day shower which gets a mention on the forecast.


7th / 8th April 2012 Alexander's Final Two Days

A change in the weather is on upon us just as the Easter weekend gets into full swing.  Two walks here on Alexander's last two full days with us. Cathy, our daughter is here too, to take him home tomorrow after his weeks stay.


Plenty to do as we visit a local farm and then take a walk up Low Fell.  Alexander wanted to climb this one too as he has looked out of the bedroom window at it for the last few days.


Our youngest Grandson has reached the grand young age of seven and following the visit to Camberley he has travelled back with us for a week's holiday in the Lakes. Plenty to do till his Mum arrives later in the week.


31st March 2012 Jack Cantelo's 18th Dinner

Our oldest Grandson has reached the grand old age of eighteen and Richard and Cathy have organised a 'grand' evening at Sandhurst for family and friends.


An afternoon walk up a local fell we haven't been up for months.  Sherran's choice was Hen Comb and it was an simple outing as the weather was just as kind as yesterday.


28th March 2012 Great Borne Starling Dodd

A Mini-OFC meet as we are joined by Ian and Alan, Sherran and Bill on a walk in the western Lakes. Sherran has never walked Great Borne and neither has Alan. A Bowness Knott car park is an obvious starting place.


25th March 2012 Loweswater Sky at Night

The clear weather of late has given us the opportunity to catch a good sighting of the evening skies and in particular the conjunction of three celestial bodies . . . four if you include mine !


George Fisher, the company I work with, sponsor the National Park Weatherline Fell Top Assessor. Today I get an invite to join him on his climb to the summit to collect the data for today's report.


A free half day so we had an early lunch and collected our smaller rucksacks for an extended afternoon stroll. Three hours twenty saw us out and back to Haystacks and home in time for a theatrical outing to the Village Hall.


A perfect Lakeland day with blue skies, sunshine, fluffy white clouds, the slightest of breezes and perfect visibility. Nice weather for Jo at last. We set off for Whiteless and Wandope but with no great plans from there on.


17th March 2012 Dollywaggon Pike

The chance of a Saturday walk when Jo was in the Lakes. John joins us on a day that promised clearing weather but with the possibility of a wintry shower. Dollywaggon was calling as we haven't been there for a while.


We had friends up for the afternoon and we needed a smaller walk. We drove up to Honister to try and climb out of the gloom but the weather just got worse so we stayed in the car and drove down to Rosthwaite.


6th March 2012 Knott Rigg / Ard Crags

A reasonably fine day but with a poor forecast for the afternoon, so we managed to organise a late morning start up the Buttermere Valley, driving up Newlands Pass to start the walk across this lovely short ridge .


In Loweswater there are regular meetings during the winter months of the Loweswater Discussion Group, known locally as the Loweswater Farmers. The Group is the oldest established Cumbrian village group of its type as it started in 1942, seventy years ago.    Tonight is the anniversary meeting.


We hope to meet a Loweswatercam viewer in Braithwaite so we plan an afternoon walk up Barrow Fell, parking just above the Coledale Inn. A fine morning became a beautiful afternoon, un-forecasted but very welcome.


19th February 2012 Bec's Second Day in the Lakes

On the Sunday, the day dawned clear with a beautiful winter blue sky. Gone were the grey skies. Bec wanted to climb a fell so we found one close at hand and a second on the way to the train station at Penrith.


18th February 2012 Bec's World Tour of the Lakes

We have a visitor for the weekend, daughter of friends we made in Oz and met again in New Zealand. Rebecca is working in London for a while and would like to explore more of the UK. We try and help her achieve that aim.


15th February 2012 Birds, Horses and Cold Fell

A second, slightly composite group of photos from recent outings; the weather has been very poor recently so we drive to the coast, meet friends at Bradley's Stables and finally present a cheque to Cockermouth MRT.


3rd - 13th February 2012 Local Rambles

For a change, I let someone else introduce this first set of pictures . . . A Loweswater viewer, Barry Hutchinson, wrote to me recently on the topic of the Gasgale Gill bridges so I took the dogs over for a walk.


8th February 2012 Loughrigg Fell in the Snow

After our Yorkshire outing we returned to Loweswater to find the snow had gone. Rumour had it that it was still winter wonderland south of Dunmail Raise so we drove down to Pelter Bridge for a walk up Loughrigg.


5th February 2012 York and Sutton Bank with Jo

Sunday morning the snow was thick on the ground but we travelled to York to enjoy a day with Jo on her home territory. Jo and I venture onto Sutton Bank while Ann visits a friend and we end the afternoon in York Minster.


4th February 2012 Tickhill and the Snow

A few days back at work and we're off again, catching up with our other daughter and family. More snow is forecast but the northern Lakes are clearing so we set off for Yorkshire Friday afternoon.


2nd February 2012 First Week Back and the Snow

After visiting family, we return to the Lakes on a brilliantly sunny day soon after a short period of heavy snow had covered the high fells. This was the Lake District at its winter best.


28th January 2012 Camberley and a Party

After two days in and around Stamford and Peterborough, we made our way down to Camberley see the rest of the family and to help Alexander celebrate his seventh birthday.


27th January 2012 Burghley with Angie and Jen

Next day we meet up with our daughter Jenna and four of us enjoy a walk around the grounds of Burghley House just outside Stamford. A sunny walk, local deer herd, a sculpture garden and finally lunch completes our visit.


Visiting friends and family, we stop off for a few days at Angie and David's near Stamford. One of their local walks includes a short section of the long distance Nene Way path through the Northamptonshire countryside.


Harry's birthday and he enjoys a cake to celebrate. A few days of fine weather allows us to get out and on Sunday we make our way over to Wasdale for a long awaited walk up Middle Fell.


12th January 2012 Low Fell with a football

The prospect of a full afternoon of sunshine at last so we pick a local fell for a slightly longer walk. Low Fell is a great little favourite but Harry made it different this time by spending the whole time playing football.


9th January 2012 Sunshine over Cogra

Busy at home as there's always something to do, but the sun's out for the first time for a while so Ann and I pile the dogs in the car and drive round the local fells to take as short walk up to the track overlooking Cogra Moss.


5th January 2012 1st Wainwright for a while

The wind died down, the rain ceased and the sun eventually came out to allow us the prospect of an enjoyable hour or so on the fells. Where to go at this time of day is the problem ... Sale Fell was the answer.


1st January 2012 New Year in Buttermere

The end-objective of today's walk was to visit the newly re-furbished Croft House Farm Cafe, situated between the two hotels, on the green in the centre of Buttermere. Before that ... a quick appetite-raiser of a walk.


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