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" Sunny Anglers Crag ~ Ennerdale"

Date & start time: Saturday 26th May 2012, 4.30 pm start.

Location of Start : Bleach Green Car Park, Ennerdale Lake, Cumbria, Uk ( NY 085 153 )

Places visited : How Hall Farm track to the lake and then Anglers Crag opposite.

Walk details : 2.4 mls, 500 ft of ascent, 1 hrs 55 mins.

Highest point : Anglers Crag, 760 ft - 234 m.

Walked with : Ann and the dogs, Harry and Bethan.

Weather : Beautifully sunny with a strong warm breeze ... very summer-like !


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The Lake District, along with much of Britain, has had a sudden attack of summer.

Cloudless blue skies and warm temperatures have sent folk scurrying for the sun cream

and today we enjoyed a local morning walk/swim for the dogs (sorry no photos) and then a later afternoon stroll over in Ennerdale.

Another beautiful morning . . .
7.30 am . . . an early breakfast for two . . . thank you.

- - - o o o - - -

After a busy day where we tried not to move too fast due to the heat, we drove over to the Ennerdale Valley.

A new track for us . . . down past How Hall Farm to an unofficial picnic spot by the lake.

Unfortunately the world and his wife (and kids) were there being a hot, sunny Saturday.

This was just a few of the many people, cars and camper vans that filled the lakeside parking spot.

Across the way . . . Anglers Crag and Crag Fell, looking resplendent in the sunny weather

so we decided to revert to our original plan to walk that side of the lake.

Anyway we would prefer the gentle climb and the view from the top of Anglers Crag in preference to a flat walk from here.

The only cloud in the sky . . . an aeroplane contrail.
The track from Bleach Green to the lake.

I'd say it was the track to the beech . . . but it looks more like an Oak to me !!

The high fells of Red Pike and High Stile were really clear in the sunshine.

No great heat haze today which some times accompanies and spoils a good sunny spell.

Harry and Bethan take the advantage of a second swim of the day.

Part way along the southern shore there is the smallest of cairns and a path starts to rise up towards Anglers Crag.

Summer walking gear . . . shorts t-shirt and Keen sandals.

Looking back the opposite way now as Ann climbs the last steep grassy bank to the top.

Ann's photo as I walk over towards the edge of the crag.

Crag Fell has several fine pinnacle rocks higher up the fell behind us

but the ones below us on the side of the steep drop are rather impressive too.

The bright green colours of new leaf, against the dark blue of the lake, came as a very pleasant surprise.

I have often seen the central rock in the lake but today the shallow water leading out towards it was really clear.

For the geographers amongst you, this will most likely be a glacial moraine from the days of a receding Ennerdale ice sheet

as it emerged from the narrow valley onto the broader coastal plain.  Norway has many such shallows at the exits to its deep fiords.

Bethan Looking up Ennerdale Valley

with the Pillar, Steeple, Caw and Haycock ridge leading down to Iron Crag on this side of the lake.

The warm but steady breeze was activating the wind meters

Check out the Beaufort wind speed at the bottom of our Loweswatercam Weather page.

We continued on and dropped down the back of the crag.

" Down by the water side " to quote a well known Geordie pop group.

Into the shadow as we walk back around the base of the cliffs.
The path climbs back up the crag slightly . . .

. . . before dropping back down to the lake once again.

On a "round the lake walk" this is the only slight climb on the whole 7.5 mile circuit.

A slight scramble as hand touches rock to avoid any potential problems.

No sign now of the shallows that stood out from above

as the surface of the lake down here reflects the deep blue of the summer sky above.

Retracing our steps, back along the path to the car park.

Looking up where earlier we had looked down . . . the crags of Anglers Crag with the crescent moon high above.

An extended family outing . . . this group of six Graylag Geese had sixteen goslings between them.

Interestingly there were two more geese following behind

but they were being firmly kept away from the youngsters by the back marker who turned occasionally and chased them away.

The male and female birds have similar colouring so presumably the two out of sight and unwelcome birds were males.

Anyway . . . we leave them to sort out their own group dynamics

as we walk back passed the weir and back to the car at the end of this lovely sunny afternoon walk.

- - - o o o - - -


Technical note: Pictures taken with either Ann's Canon Sureshot SX220 or my Canon G10 camera.

Resized in Photoshop, and built up on a Dreamweaver web builder.

This site best viewed with . . . an explanation for the painted stones in the river bed in the last photo !

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