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" A Gasgale Gill Walk with Jo "

Date & start time: 31st December 2012, 3 pm start. ( NY 159 207)

Location of Start : The Lanthwaite Green car park, Loweswater, , Cumbria, Uk

Places visited :

Walk details :   1.75 mls, 860 ft of ascent, 1 hour 30 mins.

Highest point : Half way up Gasgale Gill, 1075 ft - 330 m.

Walked with : Jo, Ann and the dogs, Jodie, Amber, Harry and Bethan.

Weather : Mild and  windy.

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A final walk of the year ... despite the weather ! 

2012 ends with a whimper as mild weather and a damp breeze brings poor weather to the north western Lakes. 

Jo is over to celebrate New Year tonight with ourselves and friends, so we decide on a local walk just to blow away the cobwebs.

We parked at Lanthwaite Green and walked across to the stream that rushes forth from between Grasmoor and Whiteside.

Always a fast moving one, Gasgale Gill cascades noisily out of the fells and heads off towards the Lorton Valley.

One bridge was demolished by the 2009 floods, the other was bypassed by the flood water,

so now a new bridge spans the beck and gives easy access to Whin Ben and Whiteside.

A quick "stitch in time" replacing a few edging stones that have fallen (or been pushed) down the slope.

The main path now climbs towards Whin Benn, gaining height quite quickly.

At a slight break in the slope we head right along a narrow path, keeping to the edge of the crag.

The Air Ambulance and Cockermouth MRT

Across the way there was a live Mellbreak rescue by the Cockermouth MRT and the Air Ambulance.

Apparently a lady had collapsed and the air ambulance was in place now, ready and waiting to take her to hospital.

Hold your cursor over the picture to try and see the distant helicopter.

It's a tough life if you're a Mountain Ash !

The prevailing wind ((r to l) has had a detrimental effect on this tree over the years.

Oh dear . . . another cloud with large droplets of water in it !

Fortunately it was not long lasting or heavy so it passed over with little effect.

Harry and Jodie by the stream . . .  we have a full complement of four dogs today by the way.

To make a 'round trip' we drop down to the lower path . . .
. . . and walk up alongside the rocky cascades.

Always fast flowing and always cold . . .

due to the short distance it has to travel from high fells at Coledale Hause down to the nearby valley of Lorton.

Looking back down the valley . . . the helicopter is still in attendance . . . it seems a longer than normal rescue.

On the bend in the river there's a large boulder that has ended up perched over the edge of the beck.

It is always a good point to aim for on a shorter walk like this.


Stop Press :


Hi both, I was just looking at your walk on 31st Dec

and it's funny but I could have sworn that some

Welsh guys shifted that boulder the last time

we walked up that valley   !!!!!

See you soon,


Trevor from Wales




Thanks Tevor ... fortunately you couldn't move it otherwise we'd never find the path back . . . Rmh


Cloudy skies from alongside the rock  . . . and the late afternoon light is starting to fail.

Just above the rock we stop for a photo . . . the flash of the camera enhancing the colours somewhat.

From that rock a second path traverses back, high above the valley, to rejoin our outward track

so this is the point we turned for home.

The sun finally made an appearance . . . by proxy it should be said.

It has set out of sight behind the fells but has obviously re-appeared below the clouds at the coast to give a final evening sunset.

The camera struggles to catch this last photo of the day as the light was fading fast.

- - - o o o - - -

The first few walks of 2013 new year have followed a similar pattern to this one due to the inclement weather

but here are two photos from today (the 5th Jan) when I walked the dogs down to the lake.

There's plenty of water about but river levels are not particularly high in this part of the lakes.

Back home . . . The Buttermere Valley with Great Gable in the cloud.

Thanks to all those of you that wrote about our Year End Great Gable photos published recently.

Here's one extra one for you today . . . from the garden at the end of the day!

- - - o o o - - -


Technical note: Main walk pictures taken with Ann's Canon Sureshot SX220.

Resized in Photoshop, and built up on a Dreamweaver web builder.

This site best viewed with . . . slightly better weather !

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