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" Local Early Morning Mists "

Date & start time: Thursday 24th May 2012, 7.30 am start.

Location of Start : The red phone box, Loweswater , Cumbria, Uk ( NY 143 211 )

Places visited : Flass Woods and Crummock Water.

Walk details :   2.6 mls, 350 ft of ascent, 1 hour.

Highest point : Under Mellbreak 600 ft - 190 m.

Walked with : Myself and just the one dog, Bethan.

Weather : Valley mist as I awoke, clearing as I started the walk.


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We have arrived at Summer it seems . . .

and I awoke early this morning with the daylight streaming in through the windows, left open to cool the room last night.

There were no mountains to be seen . . . everything was the same grey colour.

Do I lie here and catch some extra fitful sleep or do I get up and enjoy the day ?

Okay, after an extra five minutes lie in while I decided what to do, I arose and dressed

but by the time I was outside the mountains had returned.

The valley mist was rolling away fast, pushed by a slight breeze, the sun burning away the rest.

Still it was a lovely morning even if I wasn't going to get a cloud inversion.

Here the sun shines through above Whiteside, the cottage and Grasmoor.

To the gentle mewing of a passing buzzard, Bethan and I set off for a walk.

Harry, temporarily on light duties due to a foot-pad injury, was looking after Ann and the house.

Since we've been away the tree that had fallen into Church Beck has been hauled out and cut into pieces.

Climbing up to the woods under Mellbreak

I catch a picture of the receding mist as it fades away down the Lorton Valley.


Looking through the trees of Flass Woods.



There is still mist in the valley behind Lanthwaite Woods


but Muncaster House is already enjoying


the morning sunshine.


To the high point overlooking Crummock

The lake is clear although there is still a slight haze over the water.

Buttermere will be much colder as they are still trapped under that cloud at the far end of the valley.

Zooming in on Hawes Point and the top of the valley.

The high fells of  (left to right) Fleetwith Pike, Brandreth, Green Gable and Great Gable are enjoying clear morning sunshine too.

Bethan decides on an early bath . . . but has forgotten her towel.

Looking down at the pebble beach on Crummock Water . . .

I wonder if the water is getting any warmer, but then the heat wave is only a few days old.

People extol the virtues of Friar's Crag on Derwent Water.

This is Crummock's answer and there's a lot less people.

There are two swimmers already in this morning.

They look remarkably like Canada Geese not people though.

Formation swimming on the lake as we reach water level at the beach.

A change of direction . . . the one that was ahead is now behind and so paddles faster to catch up.

They don't notice but I see Haystacks almost mirroring the outline of Great Gable behind.

Rich colours on Mellbreak as the grass and bilberry bushes are responding to the warmer weather.

Looking up the lake with the gentle breeze just starting to ruffle the reflections

Back to the cottage now via the gated road.

The Hawthorn bushes are just starting to bloom nicely

on the fields down in the centre of the valley.


- - - o o o - - -


The mist was obvious a light one

caused by general condensation of the water vapour

in the cool overnight air.


A true cloud inversion needs a strong high pressure,

a colder night and a greater variation

in temperatures between the high fells and the valley.


Still, it was a very pleasant morning walk.

One last obstacle between me and breakfast . . . a sheep road-block !

- - - o o o - - -


Technical note: Pictures taken with either my Canon G10 or 1100D SLR camera.

Resized in Photoshop, and built up on a Dreamweaver web builder.

This site best viewed with . . . slightly higher water temperatures to turn the dip into a swim.

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