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" Crummock Water and Blue Sheep "

Date & start time: Wednesday 11th July 2012.

Location of Start : The red phone box, Loweswater , Cumbria, Uk ( NY 143 211 )

Places visited : Crummock Water via the gated road and back via Low Park.

Walk details :   2.1 mls, limited feet of ascent.

Highest point : The sunshine !

Walked with : John, Dee, Ann and the dogs, Amber, Harry and Bethan, plus an evening visit from Joan, Jeff, Rachel and little Breeze on Thursday.

Weather : Beautiful sunshine at last.

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A busy week continues with visits from more local friends. John (recently retired) and Dee over from Keswick with their dog Amber,

plus Joan, Rachel and Jeff and a new puppy who'll be a real breeze as she grows up.

On our way to Crummock, Mellbreak the large fell ahead.

" Welcome to my gate "

Dee looking happy in the sunshine at the last gate on the gated road.

Whiteside, Hopegill Head and the slopes of Grasmoor above the boathouse on the shores of Crummock.

We've reached the small beach, Harry (in his red bootie) and Amber, his older half-sister enjoy a swim.

Bethan was around too and can be seen swimming ashore.

John catches the moment.

At the larger beach known locally as Sandy Yat

as Dee sends Harry off with a stick . . .

. . . which he duly fetches and returns.

John in place to capture the moment again !

Unusual clouds in a perfect blue sky.

Blue sheep to match the sky !

We leave the beach and walk up the field towards High Park.

A glance back towards Rannerdale Knotts, blue lake and blue sheep.

The lake, boathouse and surrounding fells from High Park.

High Park Cottage Loweswater. Former home to Dorrie Irwin who was a recluse, instantly recognisable in her day by her ever-

present wellington boots and knitted hat, the upturned brim firmly jammed on her head. Visitors to her home were definitely unwelcome

and she would dash down the garden waving a stick to chase away any walkers that happened to be passing the house.

Rest assured, this was a long time ago, the present owners are very friendly so you can walk by in peace !

A peep into one of the lovely gardens further down the lane at Low Park
The sun-dappled waters below Low Park Bridge.

Next evening we have a little visitor. Breeze is a thirteen week old spaniel puppy.

Our two dogs are quite happy to share their toys.

They do make Breeze, seen here with Mum Rachel, look very tiny !
Sometimes Dad Jeff's legs were a good hiding place.

Harry and Bethan are very gentle and accommodating with other dogs especially small puppies.

That's me in the window, not peeping out from inside, but reflected in the glass as I took the photo!

Joan seen here with Roger and Bethan, also joined us for supper this evening.

Time to go in to eat I think !

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Technical note: Pictures taken with Ann's Canon Sureshot SX220 digital camera.

Resized in Photoshop, and built up on a Dreamweaver web builder.

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