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" Xtreme Team Climbing - Buttermere Fells "

Date & start time: 24th June 2012, 9.30 am start.

Location of Start : Gatesgarth car park, Buttermere, Cumbria, Uk ( NY 195 150 )

Places visited : Gatesgarth, Warnscale Bottom, Dubbs Hut, Little and Great Round How.

Walk details :   5 mls, 2000 ft of ascent, taking up most of the day.

Highest point : Great Round How 1800 ft - 554 m.

Walked with : Jen, Chloe, Jen(2), Elli, Carina, Helen, Alice plus their guides Nick and Andy

Weather : Low cloud and damp to start, but ever so slowly clearing.

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The girls had booked two climbing guides to take them out onto the fells at the head of Buttermere

for some technical rock climbing experience on the Sunday.

A great day out, with sunshine to end, meant they came home drier than yesterday (which wasn't difficult).

The team . . . Jen, Chloe, Jen(2), Elli, Carina, Helen and Alice.

[ Not being present on the walk myself, this photo report is a little more unusual . . . apologies for any inaccuracies ]

They met up with Nick and Andy of

More Than Mountains

at Gatesgarth car park


for a climbing and scrambling day

out on the Buttermere fells.


Jen takes one of the climbing ropes

as they haven't all got rucksacks today.

The cloud has lifted from the valley

and there is a view to enjoy, looking back down Warnscale Bottom towards Mellbreak and Rannerdale Knotts.

Time to get kitted up for the first little river scramble.

The first of many team photos.

Nick is ready to take them on the first part of their adventure.

They plan to follow the river up the fellside, either in or alongside it.

" Are you sure he said in ? "

Sorted and ready for the off.

Safety harnesses ready and fitted.

Alice ready for the off too.

The first stream crossing.

Step there !

Not all water scrambling to the top.
Looking back at their achievement so far.

At the top of Dubs Beck is the old quarry hut bothy.

A good spot to stop and enjoy the first half of their lunch.

Out onto the fell once again and warming hands prior to the start of the next scramble.

A smaller crag somewhere around Little Round How part way along the Haystacks path.

Elli up . . . Alice getting ready to climb.

More food . . . great idea !

By this time they have reached the main climbing area of High Round How crags.

They get out a bivvy shelter to eat the rest of their lunch.

Pasta anyone ?

Posh these girls . . . that looks like a metal fork to me !

Nick has provided all the technical gear for their climbing

so it's time to change into rock boots.

. . .and do a few limbering up exercises.
. . . synchronised !
Oops . . . not quite the plan.
Hopefully that's a broad smile.
Nick starts to rope up the main climb . . .
. . . as the girls watch.

Carina seems delighted at the prospect !

The first two start the climbing.
Alice clips onto the rope.
Her turn to go . . .
Helen climbing.

Jenna nearing the top.

Everyone that goes up . . . must come down.

Hopefully she's on the way down.
Jen reaches ground level again.

They spent some time enjoying the crag.

Looking up . . .
. . . looking down.

Helen summits out . . . protected by Andy on the belay.

Time to descend one final time . . .
. . . nearly down.

The X-treme Team have done it again !

The Xtreme Team gather for another photo before they leave.

Hold your cursor over the picture to join the celebration !

The walk out was a lot sunnier than the walk in.

Making their way back to the Dubs Quarry path.

A last view back to their climbing crags.

Buttermere looking better in the sunshine.

Dubs Beck on the way back.

Just the walk out and they're done.

End of a successful afternoon.

- - - o o o - - -

Final mug-shots of the crew today.

Jen (2)
Alice and Jen

The Xtreme Team in the Lakes.

With a big thanks to Nick and Andy ~ More Than Mountains ~ for a great day out.

- - - o o o - - -


Technical note: Pictures taken with either Alice's, Chloe's or Jen's digital cameras.

Resized in Photoshop, and built up on a Dreamweaver web builder.

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