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" The Olympic Torch in Cockermouth "


Date & start time: Friday 21st June 2012, 3.50 pm start.

Location : Main Street and Market Place, Cockermouth.

With : A fair percentage of the local population.

Weather : Overcast with light rain at times.


The Olympic Torch Website can be found here.

Click the calendar and check out the times through your town.


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Day 33 for the Olympic Torch and it reaches the Lake District.

The crowds gather in rather poor weather but the flags and decorations make a bright scene.

I'm down in Market place in time to stand somewhere on the Cocker Bridge if I can find a spot.

The children have the Bank window sill as their viewpoint.
Others choose the steps of the Old Courthouse opposite.

Looking down the length of Main Street, Cockermouth.

The street has been closed for the day and there's a fairground set out on the left.

Excitement rises as the start of the Torch Parade is not far away.

An official photographer runs to catch another picture.
The police encourage the crowds to stand further back.

( As has been noted in other areas, the Police Riders were full of smiles and shook hands or rather tapped fingers with the crowd . . . nice one )

The Relay bus and car head the main parade.

The sponsor's vehicles make their way slowly through the crowds.

They've been giving out bottles of Coke to by-standers along the way.

All the "Razzmatazz" of the occasion.

The Samsung Vehicle was next . . . click here for full sponsor details.

A running commentary from the guys and girls on the top of the bus.

. . . which also heads off to Market Place.

The third partner in the group today was Lloyds TSB Bank.

I put my hand out to see if they were handing out any free money (as the first bus was handing out free drinks ) but no such luck !

- - - o o o - - -

The highlight of the parade was the Torch of course and that was not far behind.

Mike Park receives the flame from Andrew Elliott outside the United Reform Church.

[ He was nominated by Durham County Sport for all the voluntary hours he does in the community with young children’s football & sport. ]

Photo by Norman Elliott.

Mike nearing the top end of Main Street . . .
. . . he was obviously enjoying the run.

Mike and his support team of runners as they passed my vantage point.

He runs along, following the mobile camera crew . . .
. . . the Torch overseen by a rather tall, patriotic puppet.

At this point it was time for Mike to hand the flame over to the next Torch Bearer for the final leg of the run through town.

He hands over to Emma Hayes (see the two Torches) . . .
. . . and she sets off up Castle Hill, continuing up through town.

It's all over . . . bar the TV interview for Mike.

Suddenly the last bus, car, motorcycle and runners had gone . . .

but we were left with the feeling that something special had happened to cheer up Cockermouth town

and perhaps the country in general, on this rather grey day.

- - - o o o - - -

Click here for full details of the Cockermouth Torch Bearers today.

[ Andrew Elliot was an unfortunate omission from the official list of Torch bearers so hopefully he will be included shortly.]

( Thanks to Mr Elliot for the additional information ... Rmh)

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