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" 4. Kitchen Corner and Fall Bay with Gill "

Date & start time:    Wednesday 4th October 2017.       ( Map ref SS 417 881)

Location of Start :    Sunset View Cottage, Rhossili, Gower, South Wales, UK.

Stayed at :                 Sunset View Cottage (self-catering holiday house).

Places visited :         Kitchen Corner, Tears Point, Fall Bay, Middleton and back.

Walk details :            Two hours, 3.5 miles, 275 ft - 85 m of ascent.

With :                          Gill H, Ann and our dog Dylan.

Weather :                    A cool, breezy day, not as good as yesterday but still okay.

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Mid-week and Ann's ex-work colleague and close friend has driven over from Swansea to be with us.

The walk this afternoon gives us chance to reach what we know as one of the "remote bays of Gower"

remote only because it is a long way from town and you have to walk to reach it.

Staying in Rhossili of course, it is one of the closer and more accessible bays to visit and makes a good round walk from the village.

Gill and Ann as we pause at Rhossili Church at the start of the walk.

Striding out along the headland.

The weather today is not so sunny but the strong breeze is warm enough not to be a problem.

Out in the bay a sand dredger from Burry Port.  It has been anchored up for a while, perhaps sitting out the tide,

before returning to its job keeping the estuary clear and presumably collecting sand to sell to the building trade.

The Coastguard Lookout at the end of the headland.

The red sandstone soil has been exposed due to the number of summer visitors to the area.

While Ann and Gill walk on towards Fall Bay, I take time out for a closer view of Kitchen Corner.

Despite its run down look there has been quite a lot of remedial work to the building in recent years.

- - - o o o - - -

The nearly hundred year old boathouse

has an iconic location

and would make an interesting place to stay

but has never been practical living accommodation.

Despite its precarious location

the small bay at its feet is relatively sheltered.

A private set of steps leads down to the rocks below.

- - - o o o - - -

There must be a lot of local politics going on behind the quiet facade.

Recent owners had built an extended balcony below the house to improve safety and the potential enjoyment of the house as a place to stay.

In 2016 the local planning board thought differently

All I can say is that if they want the place to be looked after, they must also allow it to be loved.

- - - o o o - - -

Time to catch up with the girls . . . so I retrace my steps and turn my back on the incoming tide.

Time to up-the-pace to catch them up.

The local National Trust workers have been rebuilding the field walls in recent years.

They have an unusual curved overhang to discourage sheep from jumping onto the top of them.

Ann's picture of Gill on the headland . . . however, Dylan appears to be looking back in my direction.

Ahead is Tears Point, the origin of the name unknown but it has a spectacular view out to sea and along the coast in both directions.

Maybe the name comes from being a special place to unburden your soul . . . or grieve for friends or family lost due to an ancient ship wreck.

The panorama from Ann on Tears Point, around to Fall Bay and out on along the Gower headlands towards Port Einon Point.

Looking west past Gill to the distant cliffs of Worms Head's outer island.

A closer view of Fall Bay.

There are always a few boats pulled up on the grass above the rocks but they tend to be canoes nowadays instead of open fishing boats.

We retrace our steps slightly and cross the short grassy slopes in order to stay on the high ground . . . too cold to build sand castles today !

Toadstools and thistles on the protected, east facing grassy slopes.

Our path ahead is in use . . . we wait for the traffic to clear.

Is it significant that the one black sheep seems to be leading the flock ?

Looking back at Tears Point from above Fall Bay.

Looking along the limestone headlands of Mewslade and Thurba Head, Paviland and the Overton Cliffs.

- - - o o o - - -


On a nice day there's a fast boat trip

(April to Sept) along this coast

starting at Oxwich Bay.


They travel up and down this coastline

in order to appreciate the wildlife,

the birds and

this spectacular scenery from the sea.


- - - o o o - - -

Our path now leaves the coast and heads inland towards Middleton Village.

We're walking the public footpaths through more agricultural fields of improved grassland.

Rather than the road walk back from Middleton to Rhossili

we follow an alternative path through the fields.

These old trees remind me of  the 'Game of Thrones' graphics

not that I know what the Game of Thrones story is all about !

Over the fence . . . Holstein (maybe Freisen) cattle.

The path emerges in the village of Rhossili with its bold contrast of new and old housing.

The old Rhossili Farmhouse . . .
. . . the yard now full of plants not animals.

A short walk back past the church and we're back at Sunset View at the end of the walk.

Harry was there to greet us, he had been resting (as per vet's orders) and enjoyed just a short walk today.

Gill stayed for supper (and even more chat) before returning to Swansea.

- - - o o o - - -

Technical note: Pictures taken with either Ann's Panasonic Lumix TZ60, or my Panasonic Lumix Gx8 Camera.

Resized in Photoshop, and built up on a Dreamweaver web builder.

This site best viewed with . . . distant bays becoming local bays due to your starting point.

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