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Day 7 of our Pembrokeshire / Swansea Holiday.

Date : Saturday May 16th 2009.

Places visited : Swansea and The Gower Coast.

Walk details : LLanmadoc and Whitford Sands, North Gower, then over to Mumbles.

Distance travelled : 3 miles, 200 ft of ascent.

Walked with : Sandra and Jackie, Nicky, Gill, Gareth, Ann and the dogs, Harry, Bethan and Sally.

Weather : Very windy on the beach with sunshine and clouds of various shades of white and grey.

A beach walk and a few bi-lingual notices.


Saturday dawned bright and clear though there were a few blustery showers rattling across the bay at times.

A lazy morning was followed by a lunchtime walk. After much discussion we decided on Whitford Sands.

First . . . a few photos of Swansea.

Swansea's newest and highest residential tower block as viewed from Sandra and Jackie's house.

It certainly looks nice, but a slight financial hiccup has delayed it's completion.

The view to Mumbles is clearer today.
The old Swansea City football ground in the town centre.
The new Black Rock Stadium in it's new out of town location.
Just down the road from our son's shared house . . . convenient for him !

After a drive round to see the old sights

and to see our son's house,

we gathered everyone together

to go for a Gower walk at Whitford Sands.

Ann having difficulty to get everyone to stop for a group photo !

Llanmadoc Village . . . the end of the road . . . with somebody else's group of walkers.

The track leads down onto the burrows and Whitford Beach.

The headland to the right is a sand spit with marram grass dunes and a large section of planted coniferous trees.

Out to sea there are a line of breakers where the strong wind is forming large waves on the outer estuary.

Down at the back of the beach we pause for a moment to watch the flying display . . .

The Lapwings flying over the dunes . . .
. . . with their distinctive broad wings.
Where did he come from ?

Natural flotsam at the top of the beach, carried in by some previous storm tide.

Just visible in the previous photo, a close up of the Victorian lighthouse on Whitford point.

This is a beautiful cast iron and riveted tower, unfortunately no longer working, but still surviving as a landmark for the occasional boat.

Backs to the wind, we set off down the length of the beach.

Did I mention there was a strong breeze ?

The brisk wind is drying the top layer and then blowing it across rapidly the beach . . . wind erosion in action.

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- - - o o o - - -

The lighthouse, closer now as we walk along the beach.

Curlews in flight along the water's edge.

Leaving the beach, we cross into the sand dunes to make our way back.

Sandra and Gill deep in conversation as they near the trees.

With the beach, the estuary and the woodland, this whole area is an important sanctuary for bird life.

The Yellow Iris, common to marshes and fresh water areas.
Hawthorn in flower on the back of the headland.

On the landward side of the headland is an extensive area of salt marsh.

stretching from here at Llandimore, on past Llanrhidian and all the way up the Loughor Estuary to the north of Swansea.

The Gower Ponies, well accustomed to grazing on the poor grass of the tidal marsh.

A raised dyke, part of an old reclamation project, has provided extra farmland at the back of the marsh.

The path back took us to the village again.
Beautiful variegated Rhododendron in the garden.

Roger . . . The variegated Rhodos were, in fact, variegated Weigela – Weigela florida Variegata

Keep up the good work on a superb web site. Kind regards Mick Kellett (Leeds)

At the top of the lane, the Britannia Inn . . . time for a beer and perhaps something to eat.

Gill - with her "oops I poured that Becks a bit quick" moment.
Jackie - " Is that a short measure or have I already drunk some ?"

Nick . . . " Me and my Mum".

- - - o o o - - -

Back in town, Ann and I ventured out to Mumbles, to catch up on the sights and to try for a little birthday present shopping.

Oystermouth Castle, with the Welsh Flag flying.

Mumbles Head and the lighthouse.

There's a strong tide running in the bay as the waves are being driven by the strong breeze.

The Big Apple . . . Mumble Head . . . not New York.

Looking back this time . . . from Mumbles Head across the bay towards town.

The Pier Pavilion is looking good and the Mumbles Lifeboat house stands proudly alongside the pier, ready for action.

- - - o o o - - -


Technical note: Pictures taken with with my Cannon G7 or Ann's Ixus 75 Digital camera.

Resized in Photoshop, and built up on a Dreamweaver web builder.

This site best viewed with . . . big views and bracing winds.

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