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"  The Loweswater Ladies Summer Outing 2017  "


Date & start time:    Wednesday 14th June 2017.

Location of Start :   Mitchell's Auction Mart, Cockermouth, Cumbria, Uk ( NY 113 297 ).

Places visited :         Grasmere Garden Centre, Holehird Gardens and Miller Howe Hotel

Walk details :             Local walks around the village and the gardens.

Walked with :      .      24 fellow members of The Loweswater Ladies.

Weather :                   Lightly overcast but dry and warm.

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The Loweswater Ladies social group, who meet monthly here in Loweswater,

have planned their Summer Outing for June 14th.

It is now June, the day is upon us and the bus awaits . . .

We boarded our coach at Mitchell's Auction Mart on the outskirts of Cockermouth.

Our first stop was a welcome cup of coffee at Grasmere Garden Centre

Cherie and Yvette enjoying a fine piece of cake with their coffee.

Four of us set off around the village, passing the parish church

where repairs and renovations are underway on its tower.

Our object of desire was Sara Nelson's Grasmere Gingerbread shop.

Yvette, Lorna and Cherie are seen here with their purchases. Cherie is holding onto mine too, destined for Roger when I arrive home.

He is a great fan of this famous local delicacy !

- - - o o o - - -


Our next stop was Holehird Gardens

overlooking Windermere.

It is one of the Lake Districts most prestigious gardens

and as such is a famous tourist attraction.


- - - o o o - - -

We started our exploration in the Walled Garden.

The place was busy with many volunteer gardeners, all beavering away.

I rarely visit formal gardens, in part because dogs are usually not allowed,

but they are at home today so I can enjoy seeing the lovely plant displays all round the garden.

Pretty flowers . . . don't ask me their name . . .
. . . but they were a favourite with the bees.  

Cherie was asking this volunteer lady information about the displays.

All the volunteers were very helpful and readily offered advice.

Inside the glass house we found more lovely flowers.

Marjorie, Ann and Pam taking a few minutes to sit and enjoy the view.

I was intrigued by this colourfully striped Prunus tree trunk.
The fine Medeiran Orchid.

They were so big they looked like lupines, reminding me of the hundreds of those that we walked amongst in Iceland.

More volunteers at work . . . one even looked like Roger !

Lovely Veronica.

We left the walled enclosure and walked our onto the field beyond for a view back.

Pretty colours . . .
 . . . and heaps of bees busy pollinating the flowers.

Black elderflower at the back of this display.

Black grass bordering a bed.
A Saxifrage - Rodgerseria by the label.

I can't understand why I remember wild flowers but not garden ones !

Below the Walled Garden now and views of familiar fells in the distance.

Irene, Cath, Loes and Yvette set off across the slate bridge.

The attractive water feature runs through the garden.

Large greenery . . . a wild rhubarb of some sort
 . . . the flowers reminiscent of the Australian bottle brush plants.

Looking towards the main house.

A slate seat listing the fells seen in the distance,  Bowfell and the Langdales to mention just a few.

Doreen, Lorna, Pauline, Ann and Alison in deep discussion.

" It was this big"  . . . " No, surely not that big !"

Yvette and Loes join in the chat.

- - - o o o - - -

Our final port of call was Miller Howe Hotel for lunch.

We gather to have drinks served here in the conservatory . . . with a backdrop of Windermere outside.

The day was brightening but there was a general haze over the distant fells.

We move to our lunch table, Ann and Nancy enjoy some banter . . .
. . . Doreen in this photo, Ann has spotted something.

My choice for dessert, a fruit salad.

Cherie looks pleased with her coffee, served to us back in the conservatory.

Back to collect our cars after the return journey to Cockermouth.

Lorna, Alison and Loes modelling some of the items they bought at the Grasmere Garden centre.

A grand day out, thanks to Marjorie and Pauline who organised it for us.

- - - o o o - - -


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