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" Loweswater Ladies Summer Outing 2014 "

Date & start time: Thursday 10th July 2014, 10 am start.

Location of Start : The Shepherd Hotel, Cockermouth, Cumbria, Uk ( NY 116 294 )

Places visited : The Museum of Costume, Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria.

Details :   An outing by coach with a day spent in Kirkby Stephen.

Walked with : Myself and twenty one other members of the Loweswater Ladies Group.

Weather : Sunshine and blue skies.


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The Loweswater Ladies social group, who meet monthly here in the village, enjoyed their 2014 Summer outing

to the Museum of Costume in Kirkby Stephen . . . visits by appointment . . . but you are cordially invited to join us today.

We left our cars at the Shepherd Hotel just outside Cockermouth and boarded a small coach.

This is the roundabout which turns onto the A66, taking us past Keswick and on towards Penrith, Appleby and Kirkby Stephen.

Our coach dropped us right outside our destination . . .
. . . The Museum of  Costume in Kirby Stephen.

We were warmly welcomed by Lynn Hopwood, curator and owner of  this fabulous small museum,

which houses Lynn's private  collection of costumes dating from 1806 plus  a wealth of other fascinating memorabilia.

Before the start of our talk we were treated to tea, coffee and biscuits.

My companions for the day at our table were Nancy, Lorna, Ann and Barbara.

Opposite us sat Maud, Betty and Mary.

Wynne, Alison, Loes and Margie were on the adjacent table.

Marjorie, Kath, Annie and Jackie enjoy their refreshments at the corner table.

. . . and me !

Better get back to my tea as Lynn's talk is about to get underway.

I shall have photos of the ladies seated at the window table later on.

- - - o o o - - -

Lynn's collection spans over 37 years and is a continuing "labour of love".

Her enthusiasm is infectious as she begins her talk.

She borrowed our Ladies as models for many of her garments, here Margie demonstrates a Victorian jacket.

Beautiful detail on both front and back.

Barbara was next in line for another jacket.

Then I managed to get roped in to display a third . . . and a very large hat !

A taller model was required for this one . . . Joan fitted the bill perfectly.
Detail of the back, a real work of art.

Margie models a different top.

Kath  was called upon for this beautiful flowing skirt.

This time she wears a stunning negligee . . .

. . . spinning round to show off the design.

Eyes peeled next time we pass her farm in Loweswater to see if she floats out in similar attire !

This gorgeous garment of pulled thread work on linen was worn when playing tennis.

Somewhat different to modern lady's attire seen recently on the Wimbledon courts !

Nancy examines the intricacies of the work . . . she is an exponent of similar work herself.

Close-up detail, all hand sewn of course.

Lynn shows us two beautiful children's outfits.
Another exhibit, once again the hand-sewing and detail was exquisite.

A small boy's outfit in black velvet.

Lynn's collection also included numerous shoes. We all marvelled at these tiny shoes, just a few inches wide.

Indeed many shoes and garments show us just how women in particular have increased in size over the past two centuries.

A lovely hand embroidered Chinese silk garment.

Pat now resplendent in an Opera cape . . .
. . . showing the fullness of the back of the garment.

A corset but was it was so tiny! We learnt with horror that women would have some ribs broken to enable them to fit into such corsets,

enabling them to have the 'pinched waist' that was so fashionable at the time.

However, a large bottom was also fashionable !
Lynn demonstrates two bustles. How times have changed !

Joan is called back to model this attractive shoulder wrap.

Closer detail of the front view.
A second top which included a high collar.
Nineteen twenties-style Charleston dress . . .
. . . this one of the same era was from France.

Some of Lynn's shoe and hatbox collection . . . including antique Singer sewing machines.

Doll's pram and assorted dolls and toys
I wonder how many of our readers remember similar radios !

Hats galore and more of Lynn's collection of garments, numbering more than 400 in total.

A nanny and her charges . . .
. . . a lovely pedal organ, duplicated in the wall mirror.

A gorgeous doll in her pram. Some lucky girl was very fortunate to have owned such a beautiful item.

Another fortunate girl would have been dressed in this stunning outfit.
Lace topped nineteenth century dress.
Another example of nineteenth century dress wear.
This liberty-print dress dates from the 2nd World War.

Every time Lynn opens a box, more delights emerge.

Accessories to adorn a fashionable lady . . .
 . . . this set includes a glass case and snuff boxes.

- - - o o o - - -

Time for a fabulous buffet lunch, prepared by Lynn and assisted by two lovely ladies, Kath and Shirley . . . Cheers !

It was a beautiful day so we set out to explore the nearby town during a short lunchtime break.

Kirby Stephen town centre.

Our group  enjoying the sunshine outside the Museum which is housed in the Old Temperance Hall.

Amazingly Lynn has restored this 1856 listed building, which was first used as a meeting room by the Temperance and Band of Hope movements formed to combat the evils of drink. It then had various uses as a boys’ school, knicker and stocking factories and more recently a furniture store.

We returned for an afternoon session. Lynn starts with a wedding dress . . .
 . . . followed by an exquisite and very valuable shawl.

A black lacy shawl . . .

 . . . and a more substantial one that was used to cover a coffin.

Annie models a post-war coat . . .
That liberty-print dress with a coat and accessories from the 1940's.

Alison's turn to try on a coat and hat.

Perhaps more 'period' shoes would be better before she goes "stepping out".

A final line-up as we say our thanks to Lynn for a simply wonderful day.

- - - o o o - - -

It wasn't quite over, Kath and Shirley popped out from behind the kitchen curtain again,

this time to serve us a cream tea with freshly made scones baked by Lynn herself earlier in the day.

Our fabulous day was over far too soon and after an hour or so in the coach we arrived back at the Shepherd's Hotel.

Time to make our short journeys back home

- - - o o o - - -

Many thanks to Lynn, Kath and Shirley at the Museum, our coach driver,

to Alison for arranging the trip and to Margie for the initial idea for this year's lovely outing.

- - - o o o - - -


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