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" A Damp Buttermere Round "

Date & start time: Saturday 28th February 2015, 12.30 pm start.

Location of Start : Roadside above Buttermere Church, Cumbria, Uk ( NY 177 170 )

Places visited : Buttermere, then anticlockwise round the lake.

Walk details :   4.9 mls,  600 feet of ascent (incl up to the Church), 2 hour 30 mins.

Highest point : The start and end at the Church.

Walked with : Jo, Ian, Ann and our dogs, Amber, Harry and Dylan.

Weather : Low cloud, 10% chance of rain to start, heavy winds and rain later.

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The weather report matched the view out of our window

so, according to the same forecast, the chance was that it would only go downhill as the day progressed.

We chose somewhere suitable for a walk that was protected from the forthcoming westerly gale

and also short enough to be be back before we got soaked !

- - - o o o - - -

A slight rural diversion before we left, as our local farmer, Gordon, was having his sheep scanned in the field opposite.

He gathered his flock and persuaded them, one by one, through the 'crush'.

While they we stopped in the enclosed pen his colleague placed the ultrasound scanner on the belly of each sheep . . .

Don't ask me to interpret the scan but it was a bit like anti-natal clinic but with added mud !

Reading the top line . . . that would be 7 barren ewes, 35 with one lamb, 40 with twins and 10 believed to be carrying triplets,

If my maths is correct that's 180, an average of two lambs per ewe.   Gordon seems happy with that.

- - - o o o - - -

Diversion over it was time for a walk.

We've decided on Buttermere and a walk around the lake.

We parked up from the Church and set off for an anti-clockwise walk.

All the years we've been to Buttermere we've never noticed these old signposts.

They seem to have broken off from a finger post at some time and have subsequently been bolted to the wall opposite the Bridge Hotel.

This then is the way to Scale Force and Crummock Water.

Today the more popular walk is to cross over to the opposite side of the valley and turn left for the walk around Buttermere Lake.

Too late for breakfast . . . too early for lunch.

The dogs will have top wait till next time to be allowed into the Walker's Bar for their crisps.

On past the Croft Cafe for the same reason.

Large in this photo, but tucked nicely by the side gate, is the new Public AED (automated external defibrillator)

bought by the cafe owners and installed by the First Responders here in the valley.  With ambulance time being so extended,

any member of the public can use this equipment should someone (local or visitor) needs help as a result of a sudden heart attack.

- - - o o o - - -

With the cloud slightly higher than earlier we make our way down the lane towards the lake.

It is dry at present and reasonable walking weather.

Three stout Herdwicks and a Swaledale (to the right).

The results of their 'labours' will likewise be known in a month or two.

Sour Milk Gill running well after recent rains . . .
. . . which have also left reflective puddles by the lake.

On this somber looking day I thought the old tree better reflected the mood.

On a sunny summer's day one with leaves would be more in keeping.

The river level is up slightly but within the banks and certainly well clear of Jo, Ann and Ian on the bridge.

Beyond it, it has flooded across the edge of one of the fields.

The river level was swollen by the large amount of water flowing down from Sour Milk Gill.

Following the lakeside path . . . looking over to Hassness House on the other side.

A slightly elevated seat would be a nice place to sit . . . but there's a little rain in the air now.

Leaving via the gate of Old Burtness Woods . . . in the distance is the head of the lake and Fleetwith Pike.

Comb Beck cascading out of Burtness Comb . . .
. . . and flowing down to the lake.

" People Watching "

They were taking more interest in above rather than me . . . perhaps they were 'dog' watching rather than 'people' watching.

On past the Burtness trees . . . the hoods are up and the lens becomes rain-splashed as we head into increasingly damp weather.

From Peggy's Bridge at the head of the lake . . . Warnscale Beck flows down from the waterfall under Green Crag.

It flows under the bridge and out into Buttermere Lake . . . beyond is the watery outline of Rannerdale Knotts.

The bothy at the lakeside has a boat parked behind it today . . . this time the view has Mellbreak as a backdrop.

Across the head of the lake and looking back at the crinkled outline of Haystacks.

There's a hint of brightness as the rain and wind ease slightly.

Gatesgarth farm house, set back from the road and away from the main farm buildings.

There's no lakeside path here . . .
. . . so we walk the road down to the Buttermere Pines.

A cold looking High Crag and the path we walked earlier . . . on the other side of the lake.

Back on the path and away from the road as we head across the meadows alongside Hassness House.

The wide view back to the head of the lake . . . clearer but there's still rain in the air.

Framed by the tree . . . Fleetwith Pike, Green Crag and Haystacks.

We pause at the beach just before the tunnel.

Amber insists on chasing sticks in the water despite wearing her fleece coat . . . we need to squeeze and shake it dry before we move on.

No such need for Jo as she had more sense than to go chasing sticks . . . she was one of the people throwing them.

The elevated path to the tunnel . . .
Amber waiting for the Express to pass before continuing !
Two studies . . .
. . . almost black and white.

The tunnel seems smaller than we remember as kids.

The oak woodlands of Pike Rigg, a name never mentioned except on  the map.

High Stile, High Crag and Haystacks . . . almost clear of the cloud again.

Looking forward . . . to a visit to the cafe in  Buttermere . . . as a late lunch will be much appreciated.

The path brings us out conveniently at Syke Farm Cafe (the one that advertises the local ice cream).

We pass on the pleasures of summer in favour of a warming soup and a large pot of tea.

As an added extra, we ordered delicious homemade carrot cake to finish !

You could say . . ." the walk ended on a bit of a roll ". . . Cheers !

- - - o o o - - -


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