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" Buttermere Round The Lake "

Date & start time: Monday 20th June 2011, 4 pm start.

Location of Start : The N. Trust car park, Buttermere, Cumbria, Uk ( NY 173 172 )

Places visited : Hassness foreshore, Gatesgarth, Peggy's Bridge, Burtness Woods & back.

Walk details : 4.5 mls, approx 300 ft of ascent, 2 hrs 45 mins.

Highest point : No significant ups and downs on this low level, lakeside walk.

Walked with : Ann and the dogs, Harry and Bethan.

Weather : Bright sunshine to start but clouding over slowly as forecast.


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Lets go back a few days . . . for a few photos of the changeable weather !

It has been cooler and wetter here recently, sometimes with both sunshine and black clouds in the same sky !

A large cloud heading for the central fells . . . the heavy rain fortunately avoiding us this time.

It cleared a short while later and we were back into full sun again.

Some areas of the country have been suffering a drought but not us here in the north west of England.

- - - o o o - - -

For several folk who have enquired, I better fill you in with another "story so far " . . .

The showery weather has not encouraged me to remove the tarpaulin which has been on the greenhouse for nearly a month now.

It has allowed me a little extra storage and working space on the few occasions I've made it into the garden to work on the structure.

I've just the last couple of dozen of slats left to clean up and paint.
The finials are also one of the last remaining timbers to be done.

This morning's fine weather allowed me to move ahead on these slats too.

This is turning out to be a real renovation job, not just a re-build, and is taking much longer than planned.

Still there's no rush and no point getting stressed about it.

- - - o o o - - -

The weather turned fine in the afternoon but didn't promise to stay that way for ever,

so we drove up to Buttermere to enjoy a walk around the lake while the summer sun was high in the sky.

On our way from the car we stop for a few photos of the local houses in this Buttermere hamlet.

Trevine, an interesting slate built house.
This one was previously the Vicarage.

On our way now after Roger had availed himself of an ice cream at Syke teashop.

I can recommend most of the flavours but the bright blue Curacao and Coconut one could be classed "an acquired taste".

A lovely view as we round the corner of the path at a small rocky outcrop.

A view through the toppled trees

of High Crag and the smaller Haystacks in the background.

The dogs cool down in the lake.

A closer view of Fleetwith Pike, Warnscale Bottom , Haystacks and High Crag across the water.

There are an abundance of foxgloves around at the moment.
A small stone outhouse in the grounds of Dalegarth House.

A lady and her dog enjoying the peace and quiet . . .

and the views from the lakeshore boat landing.

The shoreline becomes too steep at this point, so a tunnel was constructed to continue the lakeside path.

It was a job-creation project back in the 1930's I believe, to give local miners some extra work.

Looking down the length of the tunnel.
Harry rushing through . . . he's not too keen . . . too dark and scary !

Much happier faces !

Both dogs wait for us to continue along the next section of path.

The path opens out as the shoreline widens and flattens at this point.

A larger version to include the whole of the head of the Buttermere valley.

Fleetwith Pike is the pointed fell in the centre.

We are approaching the famed Buttermere Pines.

A tree clings on to life from its precarious position on the rock face.
A surveyors bench-mark often unnoticed by passing folk.

The sun starts to fade as we make our way passed the Pines towards the halfway point of our walk.

A welcome sight . . . the tea van is open !

Time for a welcome cuppa from Mr Richardson junior.

We walk along the head of the lake from Gatesgarth Farm towards Peggy's Bridge.

This is the back of the lakeside bothy, the High Stile ridge extends on behind it.

Meadow flowers set a lovely foreground for this photo of Haystacks.

Cloudier now

but the circle of fells at the head of the valley are still an impressive sight.

Warnscale Beck as it meanders the final hundred yards into Buttermere.

A close up of the bowl that comprises Warnscale Bottom.

The two paths of descent can be seen quite clearly, one on each side of the waterfall.

The old sheepfold has been engulfed by the stones washed out from the small beck just above it.

The front of the bothy, nicely painted in recent years.
A rarer white foxglove alongside the path.

Looking back to the head of the lake.

The new raised path was constructed in 2008.

[ The link here or at the bottom of the page will show its construction three years ago ]

Hassness across the water

behind the wider shoreline that we walked on earlier.

Roger on the lakeside path below the forestry

that hugs the fellside on this section of the circuit of Buttermere.

Ann walking along the forest track just a little further on.

A Common Sandpiper . . . thanks to Elaine Blackman.

I believe this ground nesting bird has a breeding colony on the opposite shore of Buttermere

which is the reason the final section of the "round the lake" footpath, at the Buttermere end of the lake, is closed during Spring.

Access at this time of year is via the Syke Farm path we used today.

Clouding over now as we reach the other end of the lake.

The classic view of Fleetwith Pike at the head of Buttermere.

There has been a great deal of erosion in Sour Milk Gill

and this has brought a large number of stones down from the fell side during recent winters.

Nearly back to the car as we pass the hotel . . .
. . . known as The Fish.

- - - o o o - - -


Technical note: Pictures taken with either Ann's Canon 75 or my Canon G10 digital camera.

Resized in Photoshop, and built up on a Dreamweaver web builder.

This site best viewed with . . . an unexpected tea-break half way round.

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