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" Dean Arts and Scarecrow Festival 2022 "

Date & start time:      5th March 2022.  2.30 pm start.

Location of Event :   The Village of Dean, Cumbria, Uk. ( NY 143 211)

Places visited :          Dean, Deanscales, Ullock and Braithwaite villages.

Walk details :              Various walks and drives between the villages.

Highest point :           Searching for the exhibits spread over the villages.

Walked with :              Loes, Lill, plus the dogs, Dylan and Dougal.

Weather :                     Overcast with sunny periods.


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There's a tradition in many parts of the UK to have Scarecrow festivals

where a village gets together to decorate their homes and gardens with scarecrows and make-believe models.

Dean Village led the way and organised a weekend of events covering the four neighbouring hamlets.

The subject of the display is up to the individual families, so the exhibits cover everything from classic to post modern, from humour to politics.

We went over to view the scarecrows on May 1st, the third day of the event.
Our starting point was Ullock, the closest village to us.

We called in the village Hall and purchased a map and voting slip to chose our favourite scarecrow of the day.

Whilst looking round for scarecrows I saw this topiary hedge . . . the first time I've noticed it in all the years of driving through Ullock.

If nothing else, we should learn a lot more about the area because we're exploring on foot and have time to stop and look !

My fellow walkers today, Loes and Lill, with a fine stationary exhibit.
Not the best view, lets turn them round . . . first Loes
Lill is Loes's friend from Cockermouth.
I don't know who this guy was, but he's not wearing much !

We parked the car and set off to walk around the exhibits . . . first in the direction of Dean.

Within Ullock this house chose the 25th birthday of the Teletubbies as a theme for their scarecrows.

Bank Barn has goner for a more classic design with great effect.

We'd just fly over to Dean but The Red Barron wasn't going anywhere. . .
. . . so we decided to walk.

As part of the "Art Festival" we were entertained by the "Sing Owt" players on their way between villages.

'The Green Lady' who you'd miss if you weren't paying attention.
A Roadman sits at the entrance to Dean Village.

Dylan was intrigued by the collie beneath his chair . . . which turned out to be a soft toy, much to his disappointment.

I don't think I've been to Dean Village in the daylight.   It was an interesting place.

Usually my visits to the area are under the cloak of darkness, during pub opening hours !

The workmen are repairing the water supply to the village well . . . or are they ?

Washing day on the Green . . .
. . . and the pub has travelled back in time for the weekend.

Worzel Gummidge and Aunt Sally in residence, as well as a colourful selection of puppets by the tree.

" Where's Wally ? "

For those who know the books, you have to search for Wally, who is classically depicted with a bright red and white jumper.

A bathroom exhibit . . . he looks surprised at the exposure the event has brought.
A simple but effective Spiderman display.

Boris's non-party . . . this one has a much more political stance.

It was an animated scarecrow who's arm raised and lowered the bottle of wine and glass . . . repeatedly.

What was great was that every now and again a loudspeaker repeated his claim that "there never was a party and no rules were knowingly broken."

The top end of the village also produced a super Gruffalo montage called "Room on the Broom".

An alternative viewpoint - The Dean People Watching Festival 2022 -
Topical Wordle - a great model and cutting words.

At the top end of the village was the marquee where the art events and circus skills displays were held.

Other events included a Friday night concert, with Maypole dancing, Alpacas, a climbing wall and a disco during the rest of the weekend.

Exhibit 2 of 75 was next to the Kirkstile Hall and Church in Dean.

Refreshments were being served in all the village halls.

The blossom was out to compliment this couple's lovely smiles.

Dean Church also advertised a display inside the church.

The building was decorated in red, white and blue . . .

. . . to celebrate the platinum (70th) anniversary of Queen Elizabeth's rein

. . . which will be formally celebrated on June 2nd to 5th this year.

- - - o o o - - -

We left Dean Village and headed over to Branthwaite.

The ladies walked direct but I retraced my steps to Ullock and collected the car to avoid excessive walking later on.

This old Pullman Coach sits on the remains of the local branch line that served the local stone and iron quarries of the area.

These two youngsters were fishing on the wall.
The dogs went up to greet Mr McGregor . . . but he wasn't real.
Beaky Blinders, a brilliantly dressed scarecrow.
Across the road by Scenery Hill House, an artist was busy painting.

Sometimes you have to stop and do other things . . . instead of always walking the fells.

The Low Leys Postman Pat in Branthwaite . . .
. . . and a very likeable Mary Poppins and Dick Van Dyke.

Another animated scarecrow on the road back to Dean . . . Harry Potter on his flying broom.

Don't forget  the owl to the left.

Another fine, political masterpiece about the 'Cummings and goings' during the Covid pandemic.

On te road back to Dean there's a three part display
. . . a montage of the Wizard of Oz,
complete with rainbow and Emerald City.


This exhibit was almost missed because it looked so real.

(it was the house design that first caught the eye)

whereas Batman opposite was small but perfectly formed.


- - - o o o - - -

In Deanscales these two caught my eye . . .
Mother Nature and the Lady of Loweswater.

Holey Moley . . . there was a tremendous variety and number of scarecrows spread over the four villages.

Full marks should go to the Festival committee and all the exhibitors, slightly too many to include everyone here.

My apologies if I've not included yours here but there were at least 75 official entries.

Which was the winner with the most popular votes ?

Head over to their Facebook Site for more pictures and the answer to your question.

- - - o o o - - -



Thank you so much for the link to the lovely photos that you sent us.

We had a great weekend, which was enjoyed by everyone. 

Kind regards, Sybil Worsley (Dean Committee)


Hi Roger
Thank you very much for this compilation of scarecrow pictures.

I very much enjoyed reading through your comments as you traveled around the villages.
We had a very successful weekend with thousands of visitors.
See you again in 2024!
Best wishes
Thalia Sparke (committee member)

- - - o o o - - -

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