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" The Loweswater Matterhorn Rock Walk  "

Date & start time:      15th September 2021.   11 am start.

Location of Start :     The old Mosser Road, Loweswater, Cumbria, Uk. ( NY 127 218).

Places visited :           Loweswater, Joh's Seat, Matterhorn Rock, The Pine, Foulsyke Project.

Walk details :              3.6 mls, 825 ft of ascent, 1 hours 50 mins.

Highest point :           The Matterhorn Rock below Low Fell, 975ft - 300m.

Walked with :              Loes and the dogs, Dylan and Dougal.

Weather :                     Sunshine and blue skies.


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A local walk, an occasional one for me but a first for Loes, my walking partner today.

Rather than walk the road between here and the Mosser Track we took advantage of having two cars today, using one to drive to the start of the walk,

and the second one to fetch the first later in the day.

- - - o o o - - -

First let me introduce you to the red squirrel that my friend and cottage cleaner Sharon met at Rose Cottage, across the road from here.

Being behind the glass of the kitchen window the squirrel didn't notice her at first . . . until the obvious happened !

- - - o o o - - -

Enough of that delightful nature watching, on with the walk.

We started at the old signpost . . . unfit for reading.

After heading a few yards up the Mosser Track, we changed our mind and headed back across the road and then down to the shore of Loweswater.

The reason . . . the beautiful reflections across the lake, mirroring today's blue skies, Hen Comb and the Loweswater fells.

Zooming in on Watergate farm and the ascent to Dodd and then onward to the summit of Hen Comb.

Looking directly across the lake to The Bothy

though only the beach and rope swing in front of it can be seen due to the heavy leaf cover on the trees.

A small group of four walkers across the way, where Holme Beck flows out into the lake.

Looking west to the head of the lake and the white buildings of Hudson Place Farm.

Closer at hand the reflections were being disturbed by the actions of our fellow walkers.

Dylan . . .
. . . and Dougal.

I say our fellow walkers because today I'm also walking with Loes from St Bees.

Back on the Mosser track now . . . and making our way through the woodland between the Loweswater road and Darling Fell.

Walking slowly up the old track we leave the forest and gain height.

We can now look down on Loweswater and across to Burnbank Fell.

Hudson Place Farm once more, but now with the other 'Places' higher up towards the far end of the valley.

- - - o o o - - -



We continue up the track to Jon's Seat.


Loes sits briefly for the photo.


No need for a rest this early in the walk.


From the seat we'll turn right through a fell gate


and head up the old quarry track.



- - - o o o - - -

The green track cuts back across the lower slopes, past an old quarry on the side of Darling Fell.

The quarry stones that make up the heart shaped artwork are almost lost in the late summer grass.

Looking down on the clouds reflected in the still waters of the lake.

I'm giving you the heads up on the bigger picture.

Rock Hoppers.

The path climbs then levels out as it traverses around Darling Fell.

The view now subtly changes and we find Crummock Water central to our line of sight.

Ahead the southern end of Low Fell comes into view.

The path continues by the fence, crosses Crabtree Beck and starts to rise once again behind the trees.

What seems quite a good size stream by the road is still relatively small here.
Loes emerges from behind the trees and high ferns.

Looking across to the White Oak and High Nook valleys.

The highest of the backdrop of fells is Great Borne, more usually associated with Ennerdale.

Just a tad short of the 1000ft contour, the Matterhorn Rock has a slight ledge

that the dogs if encouraged, can be pursuaded to sit upon . . . the top is just too pointed for them to climb.

The path, unidentifiable to the O.S. map makers beyond the first quarry, re-appears on paper once more as we reached the rock.  

It leads us on towards the Lonesome Pine.

In practice the path on the ground is clear all the way, so fear not for navigation should you pass this along this route.

The photographer "branching out" with his photos.

The old hotel at Scale Hill.
The four-square shape of the old Vicarage.

The Vicarage was until recently the rental home of my walking mate Martin and his wife Sheila but they have now moved north to Crieff in Scotland.

Presumably it is available once again to rent . . . any takers ?

- - - o o o - - -


From the Pine, Loes and I head down to the track towards Foulsyke.

As we exit Whinny Ridding Woods we come across the wetland pools.


These were dug out three months ago

but the photographs I took that day have laid dormant,

like the seeds of the bog that became exposed,

until they've see the light of day once again

and spring into life at last.


These next few pictures are from earlier in the summer

and are shown as a contrast to those that follow.

They highlight the situation today.



 - - - o o o - - -


Engineering work and fence creation at the pools.

Several pools have been 'scraped out of the peat and the drainage channel next to them has been partially blocked

to encourage the water to flood back onto the land and fill the ponds and thereby create a new water habitat.

The work looked a right mess back in the summer.

The project is contained within the boundary of the track to Whinny Ridding Woods.

Today, several months later the vegetation has grown back and the peaty scars are almost hidden.

The pools are now full of ground water and should provide new habitat for plants, insects and birds.

Loes and the dogs wait by the gate that leads to the last two fields we need to cross to get back to the cottage.

We pass a flock of silent sheep !

There's no "baaa" to us now reaching the cottage for a late lunch and a relaxing afternoon cup of tea.

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Resized in Photoshop, and built up on a Dreamweaver web builder.

This site best viewed with . . . a climb to an exotic sounding place . . . the Matterhorn Rock !

[ Special thanks to Sharon Banks for the squirrel photos today.]

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