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" Sunshine brightens Pin Mill "

Date & start time:    Thursday, 3rd January, 2019.  9.20 am.

Location :                  Pin Mill near Ipswich, Suffolk, UK.   ( TM 205 380 )

Places visited :         A morning stroll across to Pin Mill Woods and back.

Walk details :             1.3 miles, 100 feet of ascent, approx 40 minutes.

High point :                Visiting family and walking in a different area.

Walked with :             Just myself this time, but with Dylan and Dougal.

Weather :                    A sunny morning and too good to miss out on a quick walk.

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After a rather grey period of weather which has affected the whole country over Christmas,

to wake up and look outside and see strong sunshine was a too good an opportunity to miss.

A quick breakfast and the dogs and I were out for a walk . . . over to the houseboats and Pin Mill woods will be fine.

Dylan and Dougal were as eager to be out as I was . . .
There's no road here so they can run free.

Just try and keep them out of the mud so they don't get too dirty would be nice though.

Immediately after breakfast the tide was high so fortunately that wasn't too difficult.

Harry King's Boatyard one of two in the village.
Plenty of boats laid up for the winter season.

The tide hasn't reached the foot of the pub so we'll be able to walk round to the houseboats.

A small dinghy is motoring into the slipway, keeping to the deeper channel between the pontoons and the slip.

Webb's cheerful mobile crane in their boatyard.
Arthur Ransome's East Coast Path is the one to follow.

Often thought of as a Lakeland author due to his "Swallows and Amazons" books.

Actually Ransome spent many of his important writing years here in Pin Mill

and the East coast features in many of his books.

Working rigging and technology . . .
. . . time has not dealt this boat a good hand.

On the downstream side of the pub are many well maintained houseboats . . . but also many old abandoned hulks left at their moorings to rot.

The path through the woods then climbs up to the higher ground behind.

Twisted branches and a couple more abandoned "homes".

I circle round and headed back on the top path, looking down through the trees at the moorings.

A nice two masted cruiser sits alongside an old barge.

Closer to the waterfront and the pub where most of the houseboats are found.

A view up river to the Orwell Bridge, situated on the southern outskirts of the town of Ipswich.

Dark in the woods but there's bright sunshine ahead . . .

An old tree on the edge of the woodland catches the light.
What's this . . . ripening blackberries in January ?

In the meadows beyond the woodland a local lady is tending to the needs of her horses.

They stop for a moment to show their appreciation.

The path drops down to the road back into the village

alongside which are the allotments, one of which is tended by my daughter and her boys.

The road takes me back to the waterfront and the Sailing Club pontoon.

Then back to Cathy's coffee machine once more before we get started on a few jobs !

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