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" Paula and Abi's Flying Visit "

Date & start time:    Sat 1st December, 2018, plus other days.

Location of Start :    By the red phone box, Loweswater, Cumbria, Uk. ( NY 143 211 )

Places visited :         Green Wood, The Pump House and around for Paula's walk.

Walk details :             Various local walks of an hour or so.

Highest point :          Certainly wasn't the weather, though the mist was interesting at times.

Walked with :             Paula and Abi, Ann and our dogs Dylan and Dougal.

                                   (Cameo appearance by Richard and Sharon and the new Vicar's dog, Holly)

Weather :                    Not so good as last week !

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All good things come to an end, but this weekend's poor weather forecast was brightened

by the arrival of our second eldest daughter Paula and our one and only granddaughter Abi.

A few pictures from the week and then a Saturday stroll to the lake in rather inclement weather.

We'll start with a view from our garden earlier in the week

as the shafts of sunlight broke through the mist and high morning cloud and shone down on Crummock.

Dougal enjoyed using up some of his his energy this week by playing in the fallen autumn leaves of Green Wood.

Dylan joins in the fun . . .
. . . but doesn't get too carried away.

I manage to stop them for a moment for a seasonal photo in the leaves.

That evening . . . proof that young Dougal is growing apace.

We'll have to make the fireplace wider soon to accommodate his length !

- - - o o o - - -

During the week, Richard and Sharon called to collect their calendars.

Actually they called to see the puppy first . . . the calendars were probably a secondary objective.

While we were showing them around the paddock I took this photo of Dougal and Ann, having a go on the swing seat.

Ann's happy and the pup seemed to enjoy the movement too.

We also welcomed the new Vicar to the village this week.  She has become our second closest neighbour, moving in to the Vicarage.

Rather unfortunately she slipped and fell on her first morning in the new house and ended up in A&E, then hospital for a few days.

Her place in the photo album is taken by Holly, her Welsh springer spaniel, who stayed with us for a night while things got sorted out.

Fortunately she's back now and stating to get used to life in her new house.

- - - o o o - - -

Meanwhile the weather wasn't exactly improving.

There was a strong south easterly wind blowing down Crummock Water and crashing over the lakeside wall.

Passage to beach on the other side on this dog walk was only possible with wellies and full waterproof protection !

On Saturday the weather wasn't brilliant either, but we'd lost the strong winds.

Instead, we had gained people, as Paula and Abi had arrived for a whirlwind visit.

They requested a local afternoon walk with ourselves and the dogs, despite the damp and misty conditions.

Here Paula captures a photo of Abi and myself walking the same path by the lake as I approached the other day.

The waves have gone . . . and so has the three inches of water on the path,

but the marshland vegetation still shows signs of the recent storm winds.

Today the cloud swirls around the face of Mellbreak

and spread gently across the valley to obscure most of the Loweswater fells.

Paula's phone pictures of the slipway fence, the water is clear enough to see the stones beneath.

The ruffled surface is a result of the water flowing out from the wet marshland behind us.

No sign of Grasmoor or Hopegill Head, only the boathouse across the lake.

Around the Peel headland and a wellie walk out onto a potentially slippery stone just out from the beach.

Usually you could get out dry-shod, but not today . . . Paula and Abi try the flying "Titanic pose" for my phone camera.

Not to be outdone, Paula returns the favour . . .
. . . but the pose with Dylan isn't quite as realistic as the film.

Low Fell in the mist as we return across the fields.

Still . . . you can't have sunny pictures of the Lake District all the time . . . it has to rain sometimes to fill up all these lakes !

All damp things eventually pass . . . and the poor conditions gave way to a cold and frosty morning a few days later.

This was the sunrise 8.15 am on Tuesday 4th December . . . welcome to a new month.

Only 21 days to Christmas . . . . . 28 till New Year . . .

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