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" Crummock with Sherran and Bill "

Date & start time:    Friday 10th / Saturday 11th February 2017.

Location of Start :   The red phone box, Loweswater , Cumbria, Uk ( NY 143 211 )

Places visited :         Local and Crummock Water

Walk details :            2 miles, 150 feet of ascent, a leisurely stroll of an hour or so.

Highest point :          Peel Island next to the Lake.

Walked with :             Sherran and Bill, Ann and our dogs, Harry and Dylan.

Weather :                    Overcast and grey with rain in the air on Saturday.

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It has been a changeable week for weather including fresh snow on the high fells and sunshine in between the fast moving clouds.

However, a period of cooler weather arives just as we have visitors for the weekend.

Great Gable as seen from our garden this (Friday) morning . . . seen through the long lens !

The darker fell in front is Haystacks and we have a reasonable view of the lake when the trees aren't in full leaf.

Sherran and Bill arrive for a few days stay in Loweswater.

They normally holiday in their caravan near Keswick but are just changing over to a motor home in a few weeks time

so there's a chance for us to entertain them here at our home for a few days while they are without either.

Friday late afternoon and the weather is still fine.

There's time for a quick walk up the field to stretch legs and take in the views before the light goes.

Gordon's sheep enjoying a little extra winter feed as the cool weather isn't encouraging the grass to grow.

The large house at the back is known as Foulsyke and being on the top road it has possibly the best view in the valley.

We were just quietly walking by when the sheep decided that we might just have something more interesting for them to eat

as they always gather round the land rover when Gordon arrives to check them out and top up their feed each day.

( Please bear in mind that our dogs are regularly around the sheep and trained to ignore them.  Consequently they are not on the lead on this occasion)

Perhaps they just thought that there was a new sheep on the block and they'd come over and join him.

Hold your cursor over the picture to see their reaction . . . and for that matter Harry's reaction to them.

The majority of the flock are Texels, white with the occasional black version.

In there too are a few Beltex (a Belgian Texel cross) here in front . . . and a Swaledale or two over the back.

" I'm a Beltex and don't you forget it "

They are keeping an eye on our dogs but there's no panic

as the dogs are themselves regular visitors to the field and we often use the footpath that goes through it.

The two Swaledale ewes are a little more feisty and try to outflank us.

Still there's no spare bale of feed or 10kg bag of sheep nuts in our pockets . . . and they're not keen on small dog treats

so we soon have the top of the field to ourselves once again.

Time for tea I think then chance for an evening playing catch-up news with our guests.

- - - o o o - - -

After a reasonable morning, Saturday afternoon's weather took a bit of a dive, so a local walk was considered best.

It is dry at the moment but there's a rather cool breeze so we wrap up warmly.

Bill and I had spent the morning removing a tree in the lane that has grown too tall in recent years.

We all walked the footpaths down to Low Park . . .
. . . and over to a rocky outcrop in the field.

We learnt recently that the hollows in the rock are ancient "cup marks" formed by iron age residents of the valley.

No-one knows the reason for these indentations but they are usually considered a form of ceremonial marking.

The path continues on past the old medieval farmstead known as Peel, now very much a ruin.

Nothing changes . . . the dogs enjoy the crystal clear water even on this cold day.

Fresh snow on the high fells today but the lake level is low due to small amounts of rainfall in January.

A cold looking picture to end this set . . . and the weather didn't improve much on the way home either !

- - - o o o - - -


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