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" Loweswater celebrates Burns Night "

Date & start time:            Tuesday 24th January 2017

Location :                          The Loweswater Village Hall, Cumbria, Uk, CA13 0RU.   (see map)

With :                                  Friends and neighbours from Loweswater and around.

Weather :                           Outside cold and dark, inside warm and cosy.

Master of Ceremonies   Mr John Hudson.

With speeches by           John Robertson, John Hudson and Marjorie Lowery

Organised by                   The Loweswater '77' Club.

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The Loweswater "77" Club has been in existence since 1977

but this is the first year this Cumbrian village has really celebrated Burns Night in style.

Tickets were sold, posh clothes and even a few kilts brought out. The tables were laid with tartan to celebrate the life of Scotland's famous poet.

To the officianodos of Scottish history, Burns night should be celebrated on the 25th of course

but as it happens, there was a real shortage of good bag-pipers in the village that night !

" The Immortal Bard"  of Scotland.
" The Haggis . . . the National Dish "
Master of Ceremonies tonight, John Hudson.

The Village Hall was full for this first Loweswater Burns Night celebration.

Chance for everyone to meet old friends and to greet new neighbours who have recently arrived to live in the village.

About eighty of us gathered in the hall tonight ready for the celebration meal and entertainment.

The room was full and conversation flowed before the start of proceedings.

Proceedings were started with the "Arrival of the Haggis"
. . . expertly piped in by Alastair Smeaton.

It was paraded in style up the hall . . . accompanied by the traditional slow hand clap.

The haggis was welcomed with Rabbie Burns poem "To the Haggis" recited by John Robertson

followed by the first of several toasts of the evening.


Click on the start button to watch the 3 minute video of the "Address to the Haggis".

The Menu Tonight :


Haggis, warm and reeking . . .

rich wi' Champit Tatties and Bashed Neeps

Cranachan for desert

Followed by a Tassie o'Coffee or tea


[ Vegetarian alternative served . . . sadly not vegetarian Haggis]

Round the tables while the guests enjoy their first course.

"Cheers" from Loweswater.

Top table . . . dressed to impress.

A good night was being had by all.

Following our dinner we were entertained by Mr John Robertson

who gave us a humorous and interesting insight into the life of " The Immortal Rabbie Burns".

John proposed a toast to the "Lassies of the Village" . . .
. . . with an excellent response "To the Laddies" by Marjorie.


Click on the start button above to watch the slightly longer 10 minute video of the evening speeches.

My apologies for having to shorten them slightly otherwise you'd be here all night !

If you were there on the night . . . then hopefully this will remind you of the full and excellent talks we heard this evening.

No peace for the wicked . . .
. . . as we had a Scottish Quiz to complete.

Competition completed . . . the joint winners are proclaimed . . .

. . . along with those on the adjacent table at the far end of the hall.

A suitably Scottish looking raffle with enough prizes for nearly everyone to take win something.

The ice cream box in use once again drawing. . .
. . . with the choice of some really nice prizes.
winning tickets for the classic Scottish drink . . .
. . . and the winner of an alternative Scottish beverage.

The best prize (?) was held till the end . . . yours . . . a tin of Baxter's Highland Broth.

The evening closed with a rendition of  Burns's famous " Auld Land Syne "

. . . and a rousing round of applause for all those that had organised the evening.

Aye . . . till we meet again.

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