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" Pin Mill Holiday 2016 - Woolverstone Walk "

Date & start time:   Mon / Tues  22 / 23rd August 2016.          ( Map Ref: TM 206 380 )

Location of Start : Pin Mill Village, on the River Orwell near Ipswich, Uk.

Places visited :      Pin Mill and Woolverstone Marina.

Walk details :         2 mls, negligible feet of ascent, an hour or so.

Highest point :      It has to be the weather ... and the ice cream at the marina.

Walked with :        Cathy, Alexander, Ann and our dogs, Boris, Bilbo, Harry and Dylan.

Weather :                Extreme summer . . . dry and temperatures reaching into the 30's..

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We drive south for a few days in Suffolk with our daughter and grandson.

As it happens, our visit to our Cathy's house in Suffolk coincides with the two hottest days of the year.

A very sociable time all round, which started with a refreshment stop half the way down the country near Stamford. 

We broke the journey for a very welcome afternoon tea at Angie's home, just a few miles off the busy A1 route south.

Awaiting our arrival we find other friends, Jill, Sherran and Bill . . . a very pleasant surprise.

Moss just makes the photo call with Harry . . . he's been busy racing with Dylan (at speed) around the garden.

Cathy wasn't due to arrive at Pin Mill until late so we planned our arrival to match.

We made it in good time as the journey was straight forward . . . so we dined at the Butt and Oyster and enjoyed the sunset from the seashore.

- - - o o o - - -

In the morning it was time to relax and then walk the dogs before it got too hot.

We ventured  out through the gateway and had a quick look at the boats in this morning's daylight.


- - - o o o - - -


The tide is out each morning this week

so plenty of greenery and brown mud beyond.


We chose a walk up river to Woolverstone Marina

which involves more farm fields

than muddy creeks

but that's no guarantee the dogs will be clean

by the time we get back.


- - - o o o - - -


I don't know whether the leopard was there to chase away the birds

or because some passing child has dropped his or her favourite toy.


- - - o o o - - -

- - - o o o - - -

We've passed this lovely old barge many times

and it usually advertises itself as a desirable

holiday destination, available to rent by the week.


Sadly it has sprung a leak and been flooded internally

so its long term future is in doubt

while the owners decide what to do with it.

- - - o o o - - -

That's our return path across the middle of the field

but on our outward journey we go left and head slightly inland.

Lovely views of the River Orwell through the gaps in the trees.

Blue corn flower I believe . . . but I may be wrong . . . yes it seems I was . . .


Hello Ann and Roger,

Regarding the Blue Flower - it is Chicory or Cichorium intybus (how's that for a name ?).

It is also a very common roadside plant in the country over here - a lovely blue.

Cornflower is a much more complex flower though almost the same Blue!

Incidentally we lived for a while at Iken, near Snape and The Maltings of Britten fame. I was the gardener/gamekeeper there these many years ago, next to Iken Church which is not that far from your stamping ground where we occasionally went for a day out. Small world indeed !
Keep up the Super Photography. By the way - you are both far too young to be 'retired' - and Harry there, in the wee bath - what a character! (His 'brother' is coming along in the same mould too)

Thanks again for everything, keep it coming. Blessings. Bill S. Canada.



I recognise these . . . red poppies growing on the margins of the arable field.

A re-growth of sprouting broccoli from a previous year.
Sadly not everything is growing . . . but it had a good innings.

Sunshine and sunflowers . . . beautiful.

The path takes us on, around the woodland

and offers us a view of the Ipswich High School for Girls Woolverstone.

It is a hot day already and the sheep are sheltering in the shade of the large avenue of trees.

Close to the school is Saint Michael's Church Woolverstone.

The Queen's birthday or a summer fete has brought out the bunting.

The church is 'open' for passing visitors according to the sign.

The path becomes a track . . . becomes a road . . . down to the Royal Harwich Yacht Club.

Alexander holds back to have his picture taken with a well maintained MGB roadster.

Back at the river and the yacht club has an extensive marina for local and visiting boats here at Woolverstone.

The weather board was not exactly up-to-date but one look at the blue sky will tell you the current weather

and a wet finger held aloft will inform you of the wind temperature, speed and direction today !

Plenty of modern boats about but also some lovely classic ones too.

This one is motoring down channel against the wind and the rising tide . . . perhaps we'll excuse him not raising the sails.

- - - o o o - - -


There has to be one politically correct notice

that nut-rissoles may contain nuts

or fish cakes may contain fish !


- - - o o o - - -

For those who are "tyred" of walking any further.
The hedgerow is not yet full of blackberries due to the dry conditions.
I'll have a stab at "purple loosestrife" (confidence low)
The view from the old stager's perspective.

Well . . . it's been a hot morning  and we deserve a few luxuries . . . any dog treats left ?

- - - o o o - - -



Technical note: Pictures taken with either Ann's Canon Sureshot SX220, or my Canon 1100D Digital SLR.

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