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" Tunnel vision with Gareth "

Date & start time: Friday 14th November 2014, 3.15 pm start.

Location of Start : Buttermere Village, Cumbria, Uk ( NY 143 211 )

Places visited : Syke Farm, Wilkinsyke Farm, Hassness Woods, the tunnel and back, via the lake side path.

Walk details :   3 mls, negligible feet of ascent, 1 hour 45 mins.

Highest point : A warm welcome indoors after a great little walk.

Walked with : Gareth, Ann and our dogs, Harry and Dylan.

Weather : A cool end to the afternoon but dry and clear.

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Gareth was a bit tunnel-visioned when deciding on this walk. 

He wanted to repeat an experience that he couldn't quite remember from years back,

that of walking through the rock cave on the Buttermere path . . . so we set off on an out-and-back local walk.

After a poor morning the weather cleared and we had chance to get out and enjoy a local walk.

This was the view from home just before we left to drive to Buttermere. 

The walk will be in shadow up there behind Rannerdale Knotts but the weather is set fair now till the end of the day.

Buttermere Village . . . our starting point.

The Syke Farm cafe is shut at this time on a mid-week, autumn afternoon

but we had not long finished lunch so for us it wasn't a problem.

A view of Buttermere Church from above the farmyard.

Wilkinsyke Farm, at the other end of the track past the cafe, is offering free range eggs if you want some.

Sorry . . . call and collect, not available mail-order !

A fine, stocky Herdwick in the first field . . . he looks almost as powerful as the tractor !

Ann, Gareth and our dogs.
Across the valley, Sour Milk Gill is in spate after the rain.

Our path is rather damp in places too.

At the end of the afternoon the light is poor and the cloud over the coast has prematurely hidden the sun.

Still there will be sufficient time to enjoy this walk in the daylight without rushing.

Getting ready for Christmas ?

Beyond the colourful holly is the waterfall on Warnscale Beck at the head of the Buttermere Valley.

The view through the woodland to High Crag.
A small stream, one of many crossing our lakeside path.

This one seems a little different.  That channel is so uniform and square, I reckon it was cut through the slab of rock on purpose.

This man is re-making a less formal channel to divert water from the path.

The autumnal leaves have blocked the spot where the water drained down to the lake.

High Crag again as we reach the level ground that fronts the Dalegarth and Hassness Houses.

Further up the valley we now have a clear view of Haystacks.

The path heads for a rock face with a sheer drop into the water . . . but there is a way through.

" The tunnel was cut by employees of George Benson, a 19th-century Manchester mill owner who then owned the Hassness Estate,

so that he could walk around the lake without straying too far from its shore" . . . Courtesy of AA Walks

[ It is also thought that it was a job creation programme, taking advantage of the local skills of out-of-work or part-time Honister Miners.]

The National Trust has picked up on an Adrian Mole idea of 50 things to do before you're 11 3/4

It seems we're over age . . . but what the heck . . . here we go !

Beware 'The Hound of the Baskervilles'.
Beware the unlit puddles too.

Out the other side, dry socked if not dry shoe-ed.

Time to look around and decide how far to walk . . . after all the light is starting to fade.

A fine collection of fungi at the base of the Scots Pine.

Now I know there's no age limit on these activities

but the ability to skim stones gets better as you grow older

. . . that's my contention.

Did you know :-

There's a World Stone Skimming Championship

held each year on Easedale Island near Oban in Scotland

Click here for details.

The only problem today is the lack of large skimming stones and an obstructed course.

Mind you . . . if you did bounce a stone across the water, should you shout "duck" as you do it ? 

Just a little further . . . to get that view of the head of the lake.

Lower Gatesgarth House and the Buttermere pines, with the nose of Fleetwith Pike behind.

The white bothy . . . still with what looks like a leather sofa outside.

One of the Scots pines closer at hand.
The cascade in Burtness Combe opposite.
Time to turn around and view the pines . . .
. . . silhouetted in the late afternoon light.
The reinforced roof beams are a recent addition . . .
Gareth heads back out . . . two of fifty things completed.

Where the path leaves the lakeside, we dropped down and walked on along the foreshore

to the lane where the National Trust landrover is often parked (if you know the lane I mean).

Does this make the list 51 activities long ?

It is mid-November and perhaps time to be thinking about Christmas decorations . . . Croft Farm certainly has.

The Fish has a warming light about it too.         (sorry about the focus ~ a hand-held long exposure shot)

The Croft House Farm Cafe is looking great . . . and open for business.

. . . but the primary destination today would be the Bridge Hotel now that they allows dogs into the bar.

Say no more . . .

Can't stay for too long as we're expecting Neil for diner tonight . . . . Mmm . . . what shall we have ?

- - - o o o - - -

Better just throw something quickly together and make it look nice.

Vegetarian Sushi . . . Loweswater style.

Sun dried Tomato, Red Pepper, Persimmon (fruit), Beetroot, Courgette and Carrot, surrounded by rice and wrapped in Nori seaweed.

Accompanied by Tempura vegetables and savoury rice . . .
. . . with a locally-grown, home-made apple and red currant dessert.

Suitably accompanied by a glass of something and an evening of gentle conversation between the four of us.

- - - o o o - - -


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This site best viewed with . . . a pre-prepared menu on our return.

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