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" Make it a Million competition "


Were you our 1 millionth

Loweswatercam viewer

Did you win a super prize ?


See the results below . . .


Okay, Okay you all beat me.

Ann and I were out this evening as you, the viewers, were hunched over your computers waiting for the chimes of Big Ben when the number changed for the millionth time.

(the closest I saw was 999899 !)

Twenty one of you hit the button, took the photo or copied the link at the correct moment . . . we couldn't find another eighteen pubs to give vouchers so we've put you all in a prize draw and asked each of our sponsors to pick a lucky number.

The successful entrants were (numbered 1 - 23)

Simon Miers

Phill Colls

Hans Jurgen Pietsch

Malcolm Jackson

Charles Coleman

Jeremy Underwood

Stephen Mottram

Jane Lilly

John Parr

Martin Coats

Steve Perrow

Mike Richards

Steve Copeland

Tony Coates

Jeff and Rachel Bastow

Steve Roberts

Ann-Marie Fallon

Helmut Hudler

Brenda and John Larkin

Angela Clarke

Mark Venis

Joe Dodd

Patrick Malone


All of you managed a screen print of that magic 1 million figure.

- - - o o o - - -

So who won ?

The two lucky winners were drawn by Fishers and the Kirkstile as numbers 3 and 18

so congratulations to Steve Copeland and Steve Perrow

Your vouchers will be on the way shortly once I have your postal address.

Thanks to everyone else who took part . . .

Janet Marsh, Fiona Clarke, Ian Fisher, Gill Longhurst, Julie Wilsher, Mark Senior,

Patrick Howarth, Brett Logan, Nigel Ellerton, Carol Priestly, Crazydolphins, Fred the Yank and Denis Webb.

- - - o o o - - -

The Kirkstile Inn, Loweswater.
George Fishers outdoor pursuits, Keswick.

- - - o o o - - -

The Kirkstile Inn has offered a £20 gift voucher

redeemable against accommodation, food or drink

at their award winning Hotel and Pub

here in Loweswater.

George Fishers has offered a £20 gift voucher

redeemable against any purchase in their store

or food and drink at Abraham's Cafe

on the top floor of the shop in Keswick.


Should you be unable to visit personally

then arrangements can be made to  offer value in

kind from their Cumbrian Classic Ales site.


Should you be unable to visit personally

then arrangements can be made to offer value in kind

from the George Fishers web site.

- - - o o o - - -


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