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" Mosser Road and Finlay "

Date & start time: 3rd and 6th March 2014. Both were afternoon walks.

Location of Start : The Mosser Road end, Loweswater , Cumbria, Uk ( NY 127 218 )

Places visited : Mosser Road Loweswater and back via the road and lakeside path.

Walk details :  2 mls,  375 ft of ascent, 1 hours 20 mins.

Second walk : Holme Woods and the Bothy (no photos on the 2nd walk ... too wet)

Walked with : Ann and our dog, Harry.    Trevor, Gill and Finlay for the second walk.

Weather : Fine and sunny (lots of pics) . . . wet and windy (no pics).

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Two days of total contrast but we manage an outing on both. 

The first was too fine to stay in, the second was too wet to go out ! 

Still needs must and for the second walk we had the company of young "Finlay of Borrowdale" again.

Monday dawned fine and dry . . . but as usual we had things to do,

but we did manage to get out after lunch and enjoy a walk in the sunshine . . .

We parked next to the lake at the Mosser Road end, and walked up the track.

It is signed as 'unfit for motors' from this end (due to the erosion we've mentioned before) and they're not kidding.

Walking is no great problem as we make our way up the track which skirts Darling Fell.

It is a glorious afternoon as we pass the "Beatrix Potter " spot.

It was used for the title shots of the 2006 Renée Zellweger / Ewan McGregor film "Miss Potter"

As we walk on up the lane we pass above Askhill Farm.

William and Marion are one of the longer established farming families of the valley.

They do "farm stay accommodation" on a B&B or weekly basis if anyone wants to emulate the Renée Zellweger picture !

In one of their top fields is an old mowing machine.

It will never rust away . . . they built 'em solid in the old days !

Our short walk took us up the Mosser Road to a turn a short distance further on

and we double back down the Askhill bridleway and pass the mower a second time . . . only the background is nicer this time.

The grass track takes us back down the fell side . . . with a great view of Loweswater ahead.

There's still snow on the high fells.

In the background we could see Brandreth and Green Gable, with the High Stile Ridge and even Pillar directly ahead.

It must be one of the top ten views in the Lake District !

Askhill has lit a fire in advance of the cold evening ahead.

The gables of Loweswater Hall as seen from the tarmac road from Askhill and Myresyke down to the main road.

A lovely afternoon

and from this lower viewpoint we get a glimpse up the valley of Rannerdale Knotts and Fleetwith Pike away in the distance.

The afternoon light begins to fade as we leave the main road and join the lakeside path back to the car.

Mellbreak catching the last of the sun.

Behind it, Red Pike with the snow cornice is also shining in the deepening yellow sunlight.

- - - o o o - - -

Today (Thursday 6th) the weather has taken a turn for the worse !

Typical  . . . as we have guests arriving for lunch and a walk.

A heavy drizzle blows down the valley . . .
. . . but the birds on the table seem to cope.

We met Trevor and Gill last year when we travelled across to Borrowdale to meet their new puppy, Finlay.

Today we were able to reciprocate with lunch and a walk over here in our valley.

As the weather was so bad (the wind and rain increasing in strength before our eyes)

I decided not to take the camera on our walk so, sorry no pictures, You'll have to imagine them !

Suffice to say that men, women and dogs returned a little wetter than when we started out.

Time to light a roaring log fire and dry out.

Harry was enjoying the warmth . . .

Young Finlay, now nearing his 25th week of life, was exhausted with the walk and all the play with Harry,

and had crashed out for a sleep on the rug.

Give him a call !

Finlay has grown over the time since we saw him last and is now challenging Harry for size.

Harry is still bigger . . . it is just the perspective of the photo and the fact that puppies stretch more easily.

[ Give a call and hold your cursor over the picture to get Finlay to turn and pose for you.]

Gill and Ann call the dogs for another photo.

"Finlay of Borrowdale" is growing rapidly into a handsome young man.

- - - o o o - - -


Technical note: Pictures taken with my Nikon P520 digital camera.

Resized in Photoshop, and built up on a Dreamweaver web builder.

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