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" Rannerdale Knotts and Low Fell "

Date & start time: Saturday / Sunday, 16/17th March 2013.

Location of Start : The red phone box, Loweswater , Cumbria, Uk ( NY 143 211 )

Places visited : Rannerdale Beck Falls and Rannerdale Saturday, Low Fell on Sunday.

Walk one          : 3.4 mls, 1250 ft of ascent, 3 hours.

Walk Two         : 4.25 mls. 1400 ft of ascent, 3 hours. 

Highest point : Rannerdale 1,160ft  - 355m, Low Fell 1,387ft - 423m

Walked with : Jo, Ann and the dogs, Jodie, Amber, Harry and Bethan.

Weather : Contrasting  to say the least !

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Jo is over for the weekend again but the weather isn't quite as kind as it has been recently.

The sunshine and blue skies have gone in favour of overcast conditions but with a damp sort of penetrating cold.

Saturday started wet but promised fine weather so we took the weatherman at his word

and delayed our walk till after lunch.

A rather deserted Cinderdale car park on the side of Crummock Water.

It is not prime holiday time but there should be more visitors about than this.

Intrigued by our photos last month of Rannerdale Beck Falls, we set off to repeat the walk for Jo's benefit

and to extend it if the weather held true to the forecast with a climb up Rannerdale Knotts.

From green grass (albeit rather yellowish in the winter conditions) to the ruddiness of the residual bracken on the higher slopes of Lad Hows.

We kept to a lower path instead of heading for the high fells.

The Rannerdale Holly.

There isn't a specific holly tree on the map here and it is certainly not as famous as the Mosedale Holly in the neighbouring valley

but hey . . . why not give it some moral support.

Round the corner we gain our first sight of the lower falls.
A close up of the plunge pools and water slide.

Yes . . . it is not raining so we'll carry on around this side of the valley to the head of Squat Beck

and then climb Rannerdale's steep side and make our way back this direction to the summit.

Walking up with sunny Crummock Water in the background.

Sunshine encourages us to look around at the ever improving views.

Passing showers hide the summits.

Snow showers were coming and going, across the summit of Grasmoor.

Hold your cursor over the picture to see them come and go !

Up on the ridge of Low Bank now and heading for the summit

after chatting with those three nice folk from Cockermouth.

Time for a small hand out of dog-treats.

Jo saves her's for the summit . . . and instead looks around at the view.

The small islands of Crummock on one side and Buttermere Village on the other.

Ann climbs the easy scramble to the minor summit . . .
. . . now with a mega-cairn . . . all of five inches high.

The Canteliver Stone ... Rannerdale

Rannerdale's Cantilever Stone . . . similar to the Glyder's in North Wales . . . only smaller.

Time to magic a treat for us out of thin air.

Hold your cursor over the picture to gain a summit reward.

Big Dog and Little Ann . . .
. . . starting the steep descent to the hause.

Afternoon sunshine beams out from behind Mellbreak and Great Borne.

The gentle breeze also forms nice patterns on the water, which entertain us we descend to the lake side.

No car here today . . . we parked at the other car park so have a short road walk before we finish.

Whiteless Pike, living up to its name.

Third Gill Man Head behind has a touch of snow but it is higher and doesn't catch the late afternoon sunshine.

Grasmoor's snow is still hidden in the cloud as we pass Rannerdale Farm.

Rannerdale Close Cottage here is available for holiday lets if anyone is interested.

Rannerdale Beck now exhibiting a wide stream bed after the 2009 floods.

- - - o o o - - -

In the early evening, half an hour or so later the sun gave one final last burst of yellow on the fells around.

This is Whiteside . . . seen over the rather under-used greenhouse at this time of year.

The western crags of Grasmoor also catching the sun

was our final parting memory of a reasonable afternoon walk and somewhere new for Jo to visit.

Next morning . . . no, not a black and white image of the previous photo . . . nor a computer scan of an old Wainwright picture.

The snow had returned and all the colour has been drained from the valley in favour of a return to winter.

Loweswater Church across the fields . . . with Black Crag behind.

The northern climb of Mellbreak looks dramatic this morning.

Another view from a little further down the garden.

I had to work this morning but Ann and Jo must have seen this view of Low Fell

and decided it would be a suitable place for a walk before Jo had to leave for home later in the day.

- - - o o o - - -

A couple hours have passed and the temperature has suddenly risen once again,

melting the snow on the lower slopes.

This is the top of the garden of Thackthwaite House as the path leads out across the fields to Low Fell.

The old track leading up in a semi-circle up onto Low Fell.

Behind the Hopegill Fells are still experiencing a little adverse weather.

Higher now and the snow on the northern slopes of Low Fell has not melted anywhere near as much.

Looking across to Fellbarrow . . . it looks cold and damp today.

Over the top near Watching Crag and Jo catches her first glimpse of Crummock Water from Low Fell.

The start of the steeper climb leading to the summit.

A wider view from the more level top near the central summit of the fell.

The overnight snow has left a new layer of snow on all the high fells.

Harry pronounces that we have arrived at the summit cairn.

Amber is not fussed and sits to admire the view.

Walking to the southern viewpoint to admire the outlook

but the weather is not too kind and the view leaves a little to be desired.

Looking down on our part of the world.

Walking back the same way and the weather improves slightly.

Back down in the village of Thackthwaite and to the car waiting to take us home.

All aboard . . . hang on there's one missing !

All sorted . . . let's shut the door on that walk and head back for a cup of tea.

Any scones on offer today ?

- - - o o o - - -


Technical note: Pictures taken with either Ann's Canon Sureshot SX220, my Canon G10 or 1100D SLR digital cameras.

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