" 3. Santorini, Greece ~ time to relax ~ "

Date & Time: Friday 5th - Saturday 6th October 2012.

Locations : The Greek island of Santorini.

Places visited : Amoudi Beach and the town of Oia.

Accommodation : Cheladonia Traditional Villas Oia, Santorini, Greece.

With : Ann and myself.

Weather : Sunshine all the way !


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Relaxing into the holiday we find that we are early to bed, early to rise . . .

So early we caught the first rays of the sun rising over the high ground of Mavro Vouno and Mouzaki Bay.

The sun rises above the distant mountains,

or as a more learned astronomer than I once pointed out . . . the earth rotates away to reveal the sun.

Life is one big merry-go-round it seems !

Let's not worry about technicalities at a time like this . . . just enjoy the moment.

Reflections in an adjacent villa . . .
. . . as the sun rises higher over the bay.

Now we're awake we might as well have a shower and consider breakfast.

(give or take an extra hour in bed)

- - - o o o - - -

Today we had no great plans except to relax and enjoy the holiday.

After breakfast and a couple of chapters of a book we take a walk around the streets.

These lovely puppets caught the eye . . .
. . . as well as all the other souvenir, clothes and jewellery shops.
Couldn't find a kiss-me-quick hat fortunately.
Time to read the words . . .

In an island context, the thoughts of mountain climbing seem strange, but particularly relevant to ourselves

as we live, work and play in the hills and fells of the English Lake District.

Great things are done when men and mountains meet . . .

This is not done by jostling in the street . . .

Anyone want to buy a book . . . better than a postcard it says !

Talking about jostling in the street . . . we join the crowds on the old castle ramparts.

It looks considerably less crowded than it did when we looked across at sunset the other evening.

There's me taking a picture of the windmill

and this curly headed girl walks right into the way.

It appears to be the thing to do to have your photo taken draped over a wall or balcony.

There was also a few examples of a recent French craze . . .

where love-struck sweethearts engrave their names on a lock and to secure it to the railings

(should really be a bridge over the Seine)  . . . then they throw away the key.

Not everything lasts forever though . . .

and it appears this canopy and Mini-Market have suffered the ravishes of time

Looking round the northern end of Oia.

This is the view looking north west, across the end of Thirasia Island and out across the blue Aegean Sea.

In this heat a swim seems like a good idea . . . first we must descend the steps to Amoudi Bay again.

[ The nearer harbour of Armeni Bay below our villa is out of bounds due to a landslide ]

A colourful local fishing boat rides at the moorings.

The small passenger ferry to Thirasia Island sits at the jetty we used for the boat trip the other day.

With an invitation like that  . . . how could you refuse a refreshment in this heat !

We find a table set back slightly from the bright sunlight.

People watching and cat watching.

I think everyone walked this way . . . despite the warnings in three languages.

Looking back at Amoudi Bay as we walk round to the headland.

High, unstable cliffs and sea-eroded walkways were the reason for the warnings . . .

. . . but the little harbour at the end was the place to swim.

From the rock at the end we managed a view of Armeni Bay with the isolated houses down at the foot of the cliff.

Time for me to venture into the water . . .

That looks a challenge !

On the island several folk had climbed the rock, onto the high landing stage alongside the little church

and then jumped into the sea . . . seemed like fun . . . let's give it a go.

Ready to go . . .
Swimming back
Contemplation . . .
Action . . .
Completion . . .

Hold your cursor over the picture to read the alternative narrative.

Safely back on dry land we make our way back to Amoudi Bay.

Amazing volcanic cliffs in various colours . . . and several tavernas on the water's edge.

Relaxation and re-hydration.

Ready now for the warm climb back up the 251 steps.

Yet another young lady posing as I catch a photo back towards our villa (out of sight below the tall, light blue building)

This was the reverse of one of the sunset shots in yesterday's report.

Sunset Windmill without the sunset
Looking down on yet another set of bells.
Just below the main street was a second walkway . . .
. . . with rather grander houses.

These are known as the "Sea Captain's Houses".

A few shots from the other end of Oia.

A grand open space with yet another Church . . . known as Aghios Georgios.

A mini-market, one of several used by the locals.
Narrow streets and remember, driving on the right.

Back home for lunch "al-fresco".

Sitting on our balcony we heard music drifting down from above.

There was yet another wedding  . . . but this time it was different . . . it was truly local.

The musicians, the bride and her father, were followed by the wedding party

as they made their way along to the main square and the Panagia Platsani Church.

Everyone was there . . . so we joined in with the crowd for a few photos of our own.

The wedding had just ended and the bridal group were doing what all bridal groups do . . . pausing for photos of the day.

A cheer for the "wedding kiss".

Family of the groom enjoying the music . . . and a little Greek dance perhaps.

So many Greek Churches are locked and dark that you can't normally appreciate the interior.

Whilst this Church was open we took the opportunity to go in and look around.

Vivid frescos covered the walls with grand furnishings and chandeliers.

The north window . . .
. . . and closer, some of the detail below.

The inside of the domed roof with the Messiah, the Saints and the Angels looking down.

Looking back out to the square through the main doorway with the wedding garland that hung over it.

All over . . . time for the priest to return home.
A lovely sunny day for the wedding of Olga and Fabrizio.

Just one last job for the caretaker lady to do . . . to sweep up the rice.


Click on the start button for a short video of the wedding, sound and all !

Returning to the villa . . . this chimney always caught the eye.

On the roof . . . another couple pose for wedding photos.

Me . . . I'm married already !

A change in colour of the sky now

as time has moved on.


Time for us to change

ready to go out for dinner.


Ann is wearing a rather nice

grey chiffon-style outfit that matches the temperature

and atmosphere of the island.

Dinner at Kaldouni Restaurant . . .
. . . by subtle table and alcove candlelight.

The evening scene from our balcony as the daylight fades.

And so to bed . . .


- - - o o o - - -

Technical note: Pictures taken with either Ann's Canon Sureshot SX220, my Canon G10 or 1100D Digital SLR.

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