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31st Dec 2023 - New Year - Here and There

Christmas at Harewood with Loes's family and friends, then a flying visit to Sheffield to meet mine before returning home. We managed to see both families at or around Christmas this year and crowned the year in fine fashion with an evening at The Kirkstile Inn.


26th Dec 2023 - Harewood & Fountains Abbey

Loes and I were off to her house in Harewood for a very sociable family Christmas, which included a first visit (for me) to Fountains Abbey. We only managed a walk around the lake and old Abbey ruins but that leaves the majority of Studley Royal Park yet to explore.


22nd Dec 2023 - The Results are In . . .

With additional contributions from many of you I managed to donate £1,080 to our four good causes this year.  [ I was able to find match funding for the air ambulances which is included in the total.]  A huge thank you to you all.


20th Dec 2023 - The Days Before Christmas

A gathering together of the last few days and weeks leading up to what has been quite a busy festive period.  The theme that draws them all together is 'Christmas Lights' and the result for myself and Loes has been a very sociable run up to this festive time of year.


5th December 2023 - Sale Fell Walk

Two days after the Cumbrian snow the weather took a turn for the better and it almost demanded that we went out for a walk somewhere with a great view.  In the time available we drove to a local top that sits at the top of Bassenthwaite and would give us those views.


1st Dec week 2023 - Longlands & Winter Days

The start of December has brought colder weather and with it more disturbed weather patterns. There's some fine winter weather when we venture out on busy days before Christmas.  A surprise was in store for the Southern Lakes area, sadly not for here.


29th Nov 2023 - Dale Head and a Coffee

The weather has turned and a few days before the start of December we entered a cold spell with overnight frosts.  The 29th was forecasted as cold, sunny and dry, perfect weather for getting up high and enjoying the views from a summit.  Dale Head is always a good one.


26th Nov 2023 - Mob Walk - Heughscar hill

The Mob are out again, not in great force but today's crew "make a happy bunch of Brothers".   Four of us head out for Pooley Bridge to walk on the moorlands of Askham Fell, visit the antiquities there and scale the summit of Heughscar Hill at a gentle 276 ft a.s.l.


25th Nov 2023 - Siddick Ponds Murmuration

We had a message last evening to say that the Starlings have been gathering as dusk in large numbers down at Siddick Ponds Nature Reserve at Workington.  With similar weather the following day, our guess was that the same would happen tonight, so we drove over to see.


12th Nov 2023 - Mockerkin Mob - Tower Ridge

The Mob are out again, this time for an "A" walk which takes us high, up through the crags to a classic high fell.  An early start was an advantage as the forecast turned out to be less accurate than expected, especially on the fells where the location can emphasise any changes.


11th Nov 2023 - Honister Vintage Car Event

The "Lakeland Trial" is an event for vintage cars and is based around this corner of The Lakes. There's a day of driving through forestry and public roads but the main spectator event is at Honister, to watch the cars tackle the hill climb to the top of the Honister Mines.


We join long time friends from the Online Fellwalking Club days and go in search of an easy walk up to the summit of High Hows, a Birkett fell adjacent to Cogra Moss.  Should we fail to find a way to the top then a walk around the lake would make a fine alternative.


5th Nov 2023 - Mockerkin Mob King's How

The Mob were out again . . . not the biggest of walks but not a simple one by any means.  We were heading out to climb King's How, the fell that overlooks the Jaws of Borrowdale. A round trip from the Bowder Stone car park would give us a strenuous climb to the top and then a walk back via the old Victorian landmark.


Loes and I are still at her house in Yorkshire and I arranged to meet up with my brothers.  The day before we all met up we tried two different locations close to Collingham to find somewhere suitable to take them for a walk, both failed but for different reasons.


1st Nov 2023 - Jenna and Family

Staying in Harewood has the advantage that it is a much shorter journey down to Sheffield to see my daughter Jenna and her partner Matt.  We took the opportunity soon after Emily's first birthday, to drive down to see them all now they have settled into their new home.


27th Oct 2023 - Wood House Buttermere

After the poor weather of the last few weeks it was time for a bit of sunshine.  With the nice weather I combined a trip to see friends in Buttermere with a local walk at the head of Crummock Water. For a change today I extended it slightly and headed off down the road from the car park back towards Wood House.


This time Loes and I climb two fells on the west coast of Cumbria, the former being the first climb on the Coast to Coast route.  Dent and Flat Fell are not quite Wainwright Fells, but nevertheless they provide good walking and some hard work if you chose.


This was a Mob Walk . . . an walk organised by our informal local walking group, the Mockerkin Mob.  Our leader for the day was Peter and his good lady Karen, but unfortunately they have been struck down by the lurgy, so I ended up at the front when those not wanting to lead the walk all took a step backwards !  No problem, lets go.


13th Oct 2023 - Buttermere Round The Lake

Storm Babbet was threatening heavy rain and high winds to the east coast of the UK and especially Scotland. We head out for an extended afternoon walk the day before it was due to reach its peak, while we have the potential for a dry walk round the lake.


12th Oct 2023 - Ravenglass and Muncaster

A fine mid-week day gave Loes and I the opportunity to venture west, to walk at the coast at Ravenglass. We took a stroll along the Cumbrian Coast path, then turned inland and visited Newtown Knott and Muncaster Castle (for lunch) before returning to the car.


2nd Oct 2023 - Lingholm and Local

Playing catchup with village life now we're back, but also making the effort to meet friends and go on longer walks where the better weather and spare time allows. On Sunday my friend Barbara, Pete Burgess's mum, announced that she would be in Keswick so Loes and I invited her to join us for lunch and a small walk over at Lingholm Gardens.


28th Sept 2023 - Rannerdale with Paula & Tom

I'm back in Loweswater and no sooner that I say goodbye to Hilton, my dog sitter whilst I was away, than a planed visit from my daughter is marked as imminent on my Loweswatercam Calendar. Tom will be here with Paula for the weekend too. 


11th - 23rd Sept 2023 - Holland and Germany

Loes was born in Amsterdam and travelled over to England many years ago as an Au Pair. All her family still live on the continent, so this was the chance to meet some for the first time, and to greet others again on a holiday that would include both Holland and Germany.


5. Purmerend and home

7th Sept 2023 - Derwent Riverside & Castle

I was in town with the dogs today so took the opportunity to have a riverside walk alongside that area of the River Derwent that I looked down on from Cockermouth Castle recently. It seemed that this was a popular walk for towns folk who were also out walking their dogs.


3rd Sept 2023 - The Loweswater Show 2023

It's that time of year again, when folk in the valley and beyond look forward to a day on the Show Field here in Loweswater.Some come for the competitions and prizes, some come for a day out in the countryside and some, especially the locals, look forward to a day out with friends and neighbours.


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31st Aug 2023 - Hen Comb and Artists

Three "events" from late August / early September. Loes and I enjoyed an extended dog walk up Hen Comb.  Perhaps we didn't mean to go to the top, but it was good to reach it.   Ian was over for a similar low level walk that ended up longer than expected and then the biggest surprise of all . . . read on.


26th Aug 2023 - Skinburness & Grune Point

The weather in the fells on this day was less than perfect,  so Loes and I decided to head the other way . . . to the coast.  In the days of good rail and poor road transport, the town of Silloth on the coast north of Workington became popular as a seaside resort.


24/30th Aug 2023 - Walla Crag plus Scawgill

A month ago I called over to Castlerigg Stone circle for a Museum Talk about the history of the area, only to find the talk had already happened and everyone was packing up ! Walla Crag was hidden in mist, but four weeks later, when Loes fancied a gentle walk in the Keswick area, my mind turned to thoughts of a return visit to the crag.


18/19th August 2023 - Alla's visit to Cumbria

We are entertaining Ukrainian guests this weekend. Volodymyr is a refugee lodger at Loes's daughter's house and his daughter Alla and her two 5yrs olds escaped the war last year and now live in Leeds, so we invited them all to Cumbria for the weekend.


8th August 2023 - St Bees Coastal Walk

Loes had been invited to visit her ex-neighbours in St Bees, so I took the opportunity to walk the dogs while she drunk tea and no doubt chatted the afternoon away.  On our way over to St Bees she diverted via Tarn Flats to drop me off for a linear walk back along the cliffs.


25th July 2023 - Solar Power for the Cottage

There was such interest in the house renovation pictures when we first came to live in the cottage that I thought that I'd document the arrival of solar power to my world.  We went from naught to full speed in eight hours . . . and life has just become a little bit greener.


23rd July 2023 - Watching from Low Fell

An out-and-back to Low Fell summit this time with one eye on the weather and another on the petrol gauge.  Loes and I drove to Thackthwaite, admittedly only a short way, but decided to return to the car rather than make a special journey to fetch it later.


20th July 2023 - Rannerdale with John & Lisa

Following the gathering of over 400 dogs in Scotland we just have a small gathering of four 'Gunnerdale' retrievers when we got back.  Friends are staying in the village and we join them on several walks. They own Dylan's two sisters (same parents, different litters).


8th / 14th July - Scottish Holiday 2023

We're off to Scotland.  This time last year we didn't plan to go but Loes had a combined Christmas and Birthday present of a five night, paid for Air B&B visit, based around a "Golden Retriever Gathering" in Glen Affric. This time last year Loes hardly appreciated dogs . . . this year her daughter is sending her to a dog show !!


4th / 5th July - Skiddaw with Sam & Family

My nephew Sam and his wife Lucy are over in the UK from Singapore with their family. They've been offered accommodation in Keswick for the week so invited me to join them on a walk or two, first in Whinlatter and the next day to Skiddaw from Gale Road.


22nd June 2023 - Loweswater 77 Club Trip

The weather has come up trumps for our local Village Social Club Sumner outing.  The Loweswater 77 Club (started in 1977 ... not our average ages) have hired a coach to take us to two venues across the Lakes for a day out to remember.


16th June 2023 - Cockermouth Castle Visit

The first castle was built on this site in 1134, made from stone taken from the Roman Fort at Papcastle. The castle played a significant role in the War of the Roses in the Civil Wars of the 1640's.  It is still privately owned but is open to the public a few days a year.


14th June 2023 - Borrowdale Hydro

I was alerted to a National Trust walk taking place locally that really appealed to my interest.  Roy, the local NT ranger and Gary, the National Hydro Officer, were offering a guided walk around the Trust's hydro power system within the Borrowdale valley.


10th June 2023 - A Hayeswater Round

Hayeswater is an upland lake that is often seen from the fells,  occasionally visited if you have time when passing, but seldom circumnavigated. This day I fancied an upland walk in an area I hadn't been to for ages, somewhere for the dogs (and me possibly) to get a swim this hot day, yet have a specific reason to make this walk desirable over any other.


2nd June 2023 - Castles and Birthdays

Were back in Yorkshire. The reason for the visit was to meet Loes's family and share the occasion of a certain person's "Big-0" birthday.  As well as the Food Festival and our walk alongside The Strid, we enjoyed three other local walks in and around Harewood.


1st June 2023 - The Strid and Bolton Abbey

I've heard a lot about The Strid in Wharfedale and seen many photos from fell-walking friends over the years. Today was my chance to visit Bolton Abbey and The Strid with my local guide . . . Loes of course !  We start at the smaller car park at Strid Cottage.


28th - 30th May - Harewood Food Festival

With Loes having a house in Harewood near Leeds we have the opportunity to enjoy two quite separate social scenes. We often compare local events and decide which to attend and that will set the trend for a weekend for instance. This time, the last weekend in May, was the date for the Harewood Food Festival . . . not to be missed it seems.


12th - 17th May - Wales 2023 - 1 - Swansea

A visit to Wales starts with two nights in Swansea and a trip to the theatre.  Combine that with seeing family, catching up with friends, local walks and sightseeing and our short holiday starts at a pace that continues in similar vein for the best part of a week.

12th - 13th May 2023

Wales - 1 - Swansea

14th May 2023

Wales - 2 - Pembrokeshire

15th - 16th May 2023

Wales - 3 - Snowdonia

5/6th and 23rd May - Rannerdale Bluebell visits

We  managed three bluebell walks this year, one locally to Brackenthwaite How, one to Rannerdale via Cinderdale and one over the top of Rannerdale Knotts, visiting the bluebells on the way back down.  I've combined all three 2023 walks into one page here.

The Village of Loweswater joins the country in celebrating the Coronation of King Charles and Queen Camilla. The plan is simple everyone bring a dish, savoury or sweet, to share with friends. Everyone was welcome, but please let us know so we can set you a place.


1st May 2023 - Wetherby Round, Yorkshire

This extensive but gentle walk incorporated the abandoned railway line that passes through Wetherby.  About half was road walking on a route that we found about from a pub leaflet at our starting point, The Scotts Arms in Sicklinghall.


30th April 2023 - Sale and Ling with The Mob

Walks planned in advance often get poorer weather and today was no exception. The Mob walk had been planned with a route up Ling and then across to Sale Fell.  Rain at the start removed Ling from the equation but it was added back as the weather cleared

25th April 2023 - Skiddaw's Dodd Fell

Plans to walk in Borrowdale fell through so I changed my sights slightly once I realised that I hadn't climbed Dodd Fell for many years.  An afternoon start, so if I didn't spend to much time along the way the cafe might still be open at the end !


14th to 24th April 2023 - Post Easter Walks

The month of April whizzed by with loads of activities, visitors and things to do in the fine weather.  May seems to be going the same way (which would explain the delay in posting photos). Join me on my local adventures and see a few familiar sights along the way.


10th / 12th April - Easter with Cathy and Mark

Two walks over Easter, both with my daughter Cathy and her partner Mark, plus on Easter Monday, two of her Med School friends.  On the Wednesday we decided to go out to lunch at Buttermere the hard way . . . by walking there and back circumnavigating Crummock.


The three things a dog needs is food, a walk each day and somewhere to sleep, so as the weather has swung back to sunshine after two dull days, today's walk is as bright as it gets. The phone camera sometimes over emphasises colour, but today it was true to life.


5th/6th April 2023 - Abi & Em's Final two walks

The weather's turned, making the high fells rather unsuitable for pleasure, so we stay local and climb Mellbreak (and end up in the pub!) and on their final day, a morning walk to another landmark and viewpoint before they had to leave to catch the train home.


4th April 2023 - Whinlatter to Home with Abi

The weather forecast was excellent, with sunshine and a gentle breeze for this linear walk from Whinlatter over Grisedale Pike, Hopegill and home via Whiteside.  Loes dropped us off at the start before she left for Yorkshire as we set off on this high level classic.


3rd April 2023 - Abi and Emilia, Gowbarrow

It's the run up top Easter and my granddaughter Abi has asked to come and visit and bring a friend Emilia.  They arrived on Sunday, delayed a day by the train strikes, but the weather has greeted them with bright sunshine and the prospect of a few days nice walking.


1st April 2023 - The arrival of The Bond Team

My local painter and decorator is also a Bond Bug enthusiast and whilst at my house recently he told me of a Lakeland Drive being undertaken by friends of his. I suggested they might like to stop by if and when they were passing.


26th March 2023 - Causey Pike with the Mob

What seemed like an early start for six of us, as the clocks went forward last night, but that didn't stop us getting out for this Mob walkup onto Causey Pike, led by Chris and Pip. A cheerful start photo as we wonder if the camera would balance on the bonnet of the car ! 


25th March 2023 - An Afternoon Buttermere

After the excitement of the recent winter snow the weather has turned milder and that for us usually means WET !  After a few local days dog walking in the vicinity of Loweswater, I take advantage of a clearing in the weather to head up the valley to Buttermere.


14th March 2023 - Snowy Coffin Route

The rain that arrived during the last walk turned to snow overnight, to point out to us that winter wasn't over yet.   Today Loes wanted to call over to the Grange Hotel to see Lorna and Keith, so I was able to cadge a lift to enable this linear walk back to the cottage.


12th March 2023 - River Derwent - by the Sea

The snows of the 10th March melted quickly due to the mild air moving north, following the warm front across the country.   Next day I had a local walk up onto Scale Hill with the dogs and the valley was looking very different. For Sunday's walk Loes and I chose to go to the coast as the prospect for the Workington area suggested it might be clear of rain.


10th March 2023 - Snowy Holme Wood Walk

Paula's brief visit was coming to an end.  Was it snowy enough to stay, was it sunny enough to enjoy a walk, would it be clear enough for a drive back home over the Pennines? The first two had come true, so we donned our boots and headed out for a walk.


The Wintery blast that was bringing snow to Scotland and the North East failed to bring more than just snow on our highest peaks.  However the weather patterns changed and a warm front moved in from the Atlantic bringing snow up from the south as the precipitation met the cold air. It reached us on the Thursday evening.


7th March 2023 - Dale Head for the View

Cold weather has been forecasted with snow for Scotland and the north east cost of England, so when I saw beautiful sunshine and snow on our tops I headed up the valley to find the most accessible summit with the best views . . . Dale Head


I had an invitation from neighbours, John and Rosamund, to a walk in Holme Wood. Despite promises on timing, the National Trust have had to fell the larch trees in the wood in February becasue of tree disease. We walked over to see the aftermath.


28th February - Hedge Laying Course

I had the opportunity to join a Cumbrian Wildlife Trust two day hedge laying course here in Loweswater, something I had always secretly wanted to do.  A couldn't promise myself as a future commercial partner for the Trust but I did learn a lot about hedges and wildlife.


20th February 2023 - In Search of Snowdrops

Today's walk was Loes's idea . . . She remembered lovely snowdrops in the valley near Calder Abbey that she used to love to go and see.  The same valley was the location of a walk she did several times in years past and she said it would be nice to repeat it again.


19th February - Mellbreak with The Mob

Another walk up Mellbreak with my local walking group. The weather was not good so pictures are few but the spirit was willing and the dogs and I had another good day out with The Mob, however low cloud on this occasion meant few pictures from the tops.


14th February - Harewood and Roundhay Park

Harewood Village is just a few miles north of Leeds, so it was only a short trip towards the city for today's walk. Roundhay Park is one of many green spaces within the city and it's also famous as a outdoor music venue for Pop and classic concerts.


13th February - Harewood to see The Birds

After visiting Sheffield I drove about an hour north, by-passing most of Leeds and heading over to Harewood. Harewood House was famous for its Bird Garden and work with not only endangered species but also with the re-introduction of the Red Kite to the area.


12th February - Sheffield to see Family

February found me travelling across to Sheffield to see my daughter and grand daughter again. Matt's parents were in town, having travelled up from North London, so it was chance to meet , enjoy a walk and also go out for a evening meal together.


11th February - Honister Yew Crags side

I called by the Mine shop today to clear up any unsolds of the calendar and decided to give the dogs their daily walk at the head of the valley instead of down on the flat, so I headed up and back on a few of the old mine tracks opposite the Honister Centre.


6th February - Binsey with Lill and Loes

A shorter walk today but a nice one nevertheless.  Binsey can be walked from several directions but I introduce Loes and friend Lill to the shorter south eastern climb from Binsey Cottage. Welcome to the most northerly and westerly Wainwright fell.


Another Mob Walk, this time a walk up Latrigg near Keswick.   We drive to Spooney Green Lane via Whinlatter on a cool morning before the sun really starts to add colour to the day.  A group of seven of us head up to one of the classic viewpoints of the Lakes.


24th January - Talkin about Burns Night

Loes and I were in Carlisle this day to complete the repair of the car, so while the work was done, we borrowed a courtesy car and headed out to Brampton along the A69 to Talkin Tarn. It's been a busy few days back home too, but more of that shortly.


As my day had to include a visit to Keswick and the weather was superb, I phoned Gill who met me at Ashness for a late-morning walk, across from Ashness Bridge car park to Walla Crag.  It had been a cold night and there's still ice on the paths in places.


I needed to visit a neighbour today and also give the dogs a reasonable walk.  This found me heading towards Holme Wood, and afterwards I continued on all the way around the lake.  Before I that, a few pictures from a brief visit to the adjacent valley of Ennerdale.


17th January 2023 - Pottergill & The Pine

With the cold temperatures the snow has held on and the roads are still icy.  The best thing to do is to have another local walk but in a different direction, to get a different perspective of the views today.  A walk on the side of Low Fell would be good.


16th January 2023 - Snow in the Valley

The forecast was for cold northwesterly winds with possible snow showers on the fells.The morning broke with a beautiful sunrise over a snowy Rannerdale Knotts, light which spread across the valley and lit the fells all around with an orange glow.


15th January 2023 - Whinlatter's Seldom Seen

After a fine lunch at the Orient Express Cafe we drove the short distance down the side of Bassenthwaite Lake to Thornthwaite, for a walk up into the Whinlatter Forest.  The weather is dry at last, but it is getting cooler with appreciable snow on the high fells today.


8th January 2023 - Mob Walk to Hopegill Head

The Mockerkin Mob, a local group of fell walking friends, are starting the New Year with a high level walk of the North Western Fells.  The plan was to walk Whiteside, Hopegill Head, Sand Hill and then go on via Coledale Hause to Whiteless Pike and Rannerdale.


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