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The weather though cold, has clear blue skies and the strong sunshine adds just the right amount of warmth to make fell walking a real pleasure.  The visibility and the views are great so we head off up a "great" mountain to appreciate all there is on offer.


1st April - The High Stile Ridge

With Easter upon us and lock-down easing, my daughter and grand daughter are over as part of my family bubble, looking after my every need and also dragging me out for walks. I have to get the boots out of the cupboard for a return to the high fells today.


30th March - Route-66 to Sale Fell

Time out of the valley as I spread my wings and travel the Wythop Valley and Brumston Bridge. Sale Fell is one of the more northern of the Wainwright fells and nestles in the corner at the top of Bass Lake where the A66 roadway curves around the fell.


Such a lovely morning but a busy afternoon in prospect so the dogs are surprised when the leads and whistle are taken off the hook early in the day ! Chance for the three of us to enjoy a warm and local morning walk after the cold weather of recent days


Friday 26th was a mixed sort of day weather wise. Overnight rain had left snow on the tops but the sun was trying to show its face.   Spring has sprung but don't forget your raincoat as they say . . . however today you could get away with just a warm windproof.


The forecast was better than the last few days, higher cloud, lighter winds, warmer temperatures.  In the event, the altitude of the high fells reduced all the positives down but we still ended up with a good walk despite the wind, the cold and rain at the end !


It was a lovely afternoon and eminently suitable for a walk.  After a busy morning there was still time to give the dogs a couple of miles of exercise and for me, maybe them too, to enjoy the wider views that the valley has to offer.


When Martin first moved to the valley and talked about climbing the fells, Grasmoor was his first choice of something to climb.  It was winter then but today the weather promises to be kinder and more suited to our fellwalking capabilities.


27th February - Hen Comb - 'Dressed Crab'

It was a lovely sunny morning as I pottered around the house and garden, but I decided the day was too good to spend on routine jobs.  Domesticity was swapped for walking boots, dog beds for dog collars and camera in hand we were off up our local fell.


21st February - Haystacks via Moses Trod

The weather has turned full season as the Keswick sunshine gave way to a mini easterly freeze and then back to mild weather. Martin has read a lot about Haystacks so it seemed a good day to combine with him and explore the area and visit some of the sights.


12-14th February - 'Fire and Ice' in Loweswater

It has been an interesting couple of days here in Loweswater. We haven't had as much snow here on the west coast, compared to the Scotland, the Pennines and the eastern side of Britain.  It has been sub-zero however and that has brought its own delights.


Despite having retired from George Fishers five years ago (!) I still keep in touch with colleagues and recently Julie contacted me to see if I fancied a walk.  The forecast for the day was fine and a plan was put in place . . . for a full circuit of Derwent water.


10th February - Pure Whiteside with Martin

After his recent success of climbing Mellbreak, Martin ventured out onto Hen Comb and wanted to do Low Fell, the one he sees from his back door.  However I felt the weather and snow conditions were suitable for a slightly more adventurous outing together.


A second walk out with my daughter and Granddaughter this week. Abi's school had a "parents Evening" held through the medium of Zoom but as they found it generally slower, they started 'conversations' with parents during the afternoon.  Consequently Abi is having a "half day" off schooling . . . she's free from midday !


Mt daughter Paula is up for a few days.  She has been totally isolating at home and felt safe to reconvene the family bubble.  My granddaughter Abi has brought her laptop with her so that she continue 'home-schooling-with-a-view' from the pod in the garden.


I've been retired from George Fishers some time now but delightfully I'm still in touch with ex-colleagues.  Jane, who had been furloughed last year has also decided to retire. She contacted me recently and together we decided on an outing to Rannerdale Knotts,


It's Sunday and there's me having a quiet day after yesterday's walk, doing some outstanding paperwork. At 12.30 the dogs nudge me into making them lunch, well, fetching them a couple of Bonio biscuits from the tin. After my lunch they nudge me again, they didn't quite bring me their dog leads, but certainly hinted at a walk.


I have new neighbours who are long term renting the Vicarage here in Loweswater.  They have never lived in the Lakes before and are delighted with the area and the view from their door. Martin said he would love to climb the fells but didn't know where to start.


When it rains like it did last night two thoughts follow. " Will it ever stop and what will the ground be like."  Still, the dogs tell me they need their daily walk so we head off for the high ground along the tracks that hopefully will be less muddy than the fields.


Peter, a fellow online-walker fancied a walk up onto my local Low Fell, which is conveniently below the cloud base today.To avoid sharing a car to Thackthwaite we decide to walk today from the door of the house here in Loweswater.


Friday 15th January dawned bright and frosty.  I jumped out of bed and looked out of the window even before the sun rose, just as the colour started to fill the sky. Early? Not really, it was about eight o'clock . . . the dogs needed to go out into the garden !


12-14th January - Ling Fell and Shopping

The snow was spectacular while it lasted but the Latrigg walk hinted as the start of a change in the weather.  The last few days have been really gone downhill, turning to wet and soggy for the day I escaped the valley once more, but this time in search of food.


We're allowed to meet up with one other person for our daily exercise so as my grandson is up here on work we meet in Keswick and enjoy a classic walk in the snow.  Plenty of people about but lots of space so that's okay and the dogs can enjoy a good run too.


After the wonderland morning the dogs and I returned home for some lunch. Looking out of the window the sunshine was holding and the thermometer showed it was still freezing out there. Time for a second walk, perhaps up the hill to look at Loweswater itself ?


The overnight forecast was for snow sweeping down the country, coating the Pennines and the high fells with snow. There was a good chance of good snow in the valleys too but no guarantees so opening the window first thing was to be a real unknown . . .


6th January - Hen Comb in the Snow

Back home after a family Christmas and there's plenty to do unfortunately, but the weather takes a turn for the better and after an early lunch the dogs and I make a break for the snow.  There's a light covering and it is crisp due to the overnight freezing conditions.


A big thanks all who bought a copy from us, to Lee and Arwen of Lorton Village Shop and to the local hotels and guest houses who also kindly stocked the calendars on the run up to Christmas this year.  The record results are now confirmed for our 2021 Edition.


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