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7th December 2020 - Ann's   Final   Walk

A tribute to Ann.


24/28th November 2020 - Good Morning Loweswater

November hasn't been the best month for weather, with the seasonal amount of rainfall making everything wet underfoot.  However there have been some weather highlights including mist, low cloud effects and sunny mornings.


14th November 2020 - Wood House Meadows Walk

Rush hour on the Buttermere Road on a dull day during Lock-Down-2. Today is not so sunny, there's less traffic and the sheep can wander freely without the worry of being chased from the carriageway. We visit Wood House for a walk.


9 - 11th November 2020 - Misty Morning and a Birthday

Imagine . . . the scenery has been constructed and places strategically about the stage. The house lights have been dimmed and the smoke machine started up, so that when the lighting manager turns the blue fader the world starts to come alive.


6th November 2020 - Autumn Mists and Sunshine

There had been mist in the valley, formed overnight by the cold air re-condensing the moisture that had been trying to disperse after the rains. By lunchtime the sun finally broke through and a new season emerged, bringing autumnal colours back to the valley


29th October 2020 - A  little Light Water Music

It is still the extended half term and after spotting a slight break in the day-long wet weather, Gareth, Cathy and I headed down to Lanthwaite Woods to stretch our legs and to allow our four dogs to do the same.


16th October 2020 - Round Buttermere with Tom

We needed to go to Buttermere to deliver a few calendars to friends in the village, so we took the opportunity to have a Buttermere walk at the same time. What started as a damp day improved as we watched the rain clear the valley.


15th October 2020 - Paula and Tom's Mellbreak

Just a month after her last visit, our daughter Paula was over again (can't keep her away !) and this time her son Tom has also joined her.  She's offered to take the dogs on a repeat of my walk from ten days ago . . . the Mellbreak direct ascent.


11th October 2020 - Pottergill and Pine with Hilton

Hilton has travelled over from Thringstone to see us and is camping out in our garden pod for a few days.  Technically he's homeless, having sold his house and not yet bought another but before he returned to family and friends in Leicestershire he and I ventured out for a late morning walk.


4th October 2020 - Mellbreak and the Kestrels

Sunday 4th October was another lovely day, we seem to have had quite a few this year, so I took the opportunity to give the dogs a slightly longer walk with added vertical challenge, climbing Mellbreak for just the second time this year.


27th September 2020 - An afternoon Ennerdale Ramble

It was a fine day and after lunch Jenna suggested a drive and a walk in the adjacent valley of Ennerdale.  Our drive took us to Bowness Knott car park where we enjoyed a gentle stroll down to and along the lakeside path.


27th September 2020 - Morning Glory for Jenna

Our daughter Jenna is up for a visit and is staying in the Pod.  On the Sunday and it was a sunny morning after a frosty, clear-sky night, the first noticeable frost of the season.  Autumn is upon us for sure and it arrives in a blaze of glory.


19th September 2020 - A Later Lad Hows Ascent

The weather was brilliant today and  our daughter decided to climb Whiteside and Grasmoor. I had planned to meet her on her descent of Lad Hows but we already had a guest calling to see us so I delayed my walk till later.


19th September 2020 - Paula's Grasmoor High Level

Our daughter Paula has been over for the weekend and as a keen Peak District fellwalker she wanted to take the opportunity of the fine weather to climb our local big fell, Grasmoor.   These pictures are her's, taken on the day.


14th Sept 2020 - Crummock Water with Mac

John and Lisa are over in Loweswater with their dog Mac, who is brother to our Dylan.  We meet for lunch and a walk where the dogs can enjoy their play together, especially if it can involve swimming in the water.


A trip out in the car for all four of us as we head over to Borrowdale to meet up with friends.  Trevor and Gill invited us over for a chat and a walk but first a drive over Whinlatter to call in for essential supplies in Keswick.


6th September 2020 - Low Fell's Matterhorn Rock

A chance meeting with 'Dave the retriever' on a wet walk in the woods then the next day the weather changed and the sun came out, so I thought the dogs and I would go and climb the Matterhorn for a change.


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30th August 2020 - Jon's Seat and Darling Fell

House sorted, fruit picked, (some) weeds cleared to the non-compost pile in the corner of the paddock and so it was time for a walk with the dogs.  I head off towards the Mosser track and see where time allows me to wander.


12th August 2020 - Lorton and Spout Force

A drive to the shop gave me scope to walk the dogs somewhere different this day. With the hot weather the popular car parks are full so I headed for a lesser known spot. Even here I met people but my route meant I had the majority of the walk to myself.


31st July 2020 - Sandy Yat and Keswick

With the car MOT delayed due to Covid, it was time to get the car checked out, so a trip to keswick was on the cards. On the way back I took the scenic route via Honister Pass. Too complicated to take the dogs out while I was doing that so before I set off I took them on a walk to the lake.


26th July 2020 - Garden and Wildlife

Time for a quick catch up of the various photos I've taken recently in order to reflect the comings and goings around our lovely location.   Our gardening is reaping rewards but it is the wildlife that adds the cherry on the cake.


21st July 2020 - Scale Hill Walk

During lockdown we were all told to stay local and walk local. With lockdown easing we have personally had another restriction placed on us, one which doesn't allow me to wander far from home for long.  It has also meant that there's a backlog of photos to catch up.


20th July 2020 - Return to Mellbreak

After a 52 week gap I finally set off to walk to the top of Mellbreak from our home here in Loweswater.  Looking at my Fells Page it was 23rd July last year when I last ascended the front of our local fell, my most climbed mountain.


14th July 2020 - Long How - Buttermere

I have the opportunity to drive to Buttermere for a walk today, to do the round from Long How to Buttermere Village and back. Although the village was busy with visitors the walk itself was quiet and I only met a few people along the way.


A walk late in the afternoon on what finally turned out to be a fine day. As I was out with the car I chose to drive a short way up the Buttermere Road to Lanthwaite to visit the shores of Crummock, further up the lake than normal.


Keats poem 'Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness' alludes to autumn and it seems a bit like autumn as we head out for a walk.  Gone is the heavy rain in favour of a fine drizzle that makes sure everything stays wet, including fruit ready for picking.


Nine days and a total change of weather starting with a heat wave and ending in floods.  I've gathered pictures from a series of outings, which reveal the volatility of the weather, as we progress from the 'longest day' to the end of June.


20th June 2020 - Loweswater and Holme Wood

A walk over to Loweswater itself and a stroll through the woods on a lovely day. Gone are the purples of the bluebells and we are now into the greens and blues of summer.  It it was a great day to be out.


A two part report this time, one half in the garden with wildlife visitors and then on a trip to Carlisle I find myself at the other end of the old railway / canal system at Port Carlisle, the historical point of access for sea going vessels to the city.


Gasgale Gill, as well as being a good local walk, has sufficient geography and geomorphology to keep a classroom of students busy for weeks.  It also offers a nice walk to stretch the legs and keep the dogs happy for another day.


9th June 2020 - In Hadrian's Footsteps

I find myself in Carlisle for a few hours and decide to explore the map to see where we can walk the dogs.  Carlisle is famous as a border town and there's no better border than Hadrian's Wall.  An urban signpost directs me to the route.


It seems from listening and reading people's news that the nation's gardens have been important this year.  Likewise for me it has been a time consuming hobby which has been at times a frustrating but mostly a great delight.


After a weekend when the Corvid lock down was relaxed the Lakes we were inundated by a type of person who we rarely see outside bank holidays !Where were the sensible people who parked nicely and enjoyed the Lakes for the beauty they offer . . . they were not out this weekend !


2nd June 2020 - Around Mellbreak

Chance to take the dogs for a longer walk around Mellbreak.  It was still warm so a shorts and t-shirt walk and lunch before I left meant carrying the camera, the lightest of windproofs and a biscuit.  With all the recent fine weather the moss of Mosedale should be firm and dry today too . . . an easy walk in prospect.


25th May 2020 - Harry's Pool and up a bit

I took the dogs out for an  afternoon walk up to Harry's Pool, uncertain as to where to go this nice afternoon.  After dipping our feet in Harry's Pool and climbing the bank opposite, we head towards the Hen Comb ridge.


21 - 24th May 2020 - Embleton and Lorton

With the lock-down easing slightly there's more traffic about and more people walking down by the lakes.  A quick trip to the local Cash-and-Carry for supplies found me driving through Lorton on a fine sunny day.


20th May 2020 - Wildlife and The Pine

A noteable return of the red squirrel this week was a real delight. He only stopped a short while, passing through to check out the food supply. Today my walk took me to the pine tree . . . well the weather today was superb again !


With all the fine weather during the last two months the lake levels continue to fall.  With the fish ladder dry and the old jetty showing it must be one of the lowest lake levels in 20 years.  Added to this set are more of your "lock-down" pictures from around the UK.


At this time of local walks we must all try to ring the changes to keep the walks interesting.  Today I venture out with the dogs on a walk that would normally involve the car, so for the first time ever ... "Round Loweswater from home".


Another local walk but a different perspective as the seasons move on and the flowers change. After some spiky gardening and a necessary trip to town Ann and I head up to our local viewpoint. Often these lowly fells have better views than they are given credit for.


It was anticipation that we headed out to Rannerdale to see the local spectacle of the massed bluebells in the open Rannerdale Valley environment.  The dry, hot weather this year will have produced its own variation on this annual treat.


Ann and I enjoyed a walk from home, down the road to Scale Hill car park and then following the river upstream to the lake.  The low water levels in Crummock are now approaching those of a noteable hot summer several years back.


2nd May 2020 - Crummock in the Sunshine

Time in the garden and the stock of log is cut into to log-length pieces.  After lunch all Ann and I have to do is decide where to walk the dogs. Let's face it, they don't mind as long as they get chance for a run out and possibly a swim.


A short walk repeating some of our local views gives me chance to go on and highlight some of your photos that you have sent to Ann and I in the last few days.  Journey from Cumbria to Leeds, Captain Tom's home to London and overseas.


29th April 2020 - Rain Stopped Play

With the high pressure system moving away there's a change in the air as the constant sunshine gives way to more changeable weather.   Hopefully if it does take a turn for the worse it might include a bit of welcome rain for the garden and the fields.


25th April 2020 - Sunrise to Sunset and Crummock

April 24th was a glorious day from start to finish . . . and I saw most of it !  The bright sunshine and the dawn chorus woke me early and I let the dogs out into the garden at 7am, catching these early pictures to start.


20th April 2020 - Mosser Road and Back

Normally for this walk we park at the start of the Mosser Road and, if doing a linear walk, go back and fetch the car later. In the spirit of non-driving then I walked with the dogs the mile and a bit to the junction thus allowing me to take a closer look at the scenery as I walked along.


18th - 19th April 2020 - Latterhead and Whinny Ridding

A brief and very sociable chat with a local Police Support Office outside our house made the cartoon particularly apt. He had to wait anyway as our grocery delivery van was blocking the road. Veg unpacked and away, time for our dog walk.  A second set of photos reflects a second walk the next day.


15th - 16th April 2020 - The Pine and Sheepfold

Three weeks of self-isolation completed, mostly sane and coping due to the fine weather. We've got the food cupboards sorted more or less, with a cash and carry collection from Caterite and a first time van delivery from Sainsburys this week.


13th - 14th April 2020 - The Boathouse and the Cutter

Another glorious sunny day but there's an edge on the temperature as a cool easterly blows through the valley.  After a leisurely day we head out for a walk late in the afternoon, time being confused by the sunshine and the hour going back.

9th - 12th April 2020 - Squirrels and Raised Bed

The weather here has been better than for friends "up North" but not as good as for family "down south", some lovely sunny weather but often tinged with either high cloud or a cool breeze.   Still, it's dry and I've had lots of chance to get out into the garden in addition to daily dog walks.


6th - 8th April 2020 - Local and the Millennium Plaque

This self-isolation is hard work as everyone in the media is saying "find things to do" instead of going out. As a result I'm busier than ever, as I feel I feel I aught to be doing all those jobs that have been put to one side over winter.  Hang on, we're retired and we don't have to work that hard ... but then the weather is nice.


5th April 2020 - A Walk to the Beach

Well it's "day twelve in the Big Brother household" and the pace of life in the world outside our immediate household certainly seems to be quieter. Being retired we are well used to filling our day, but even so there's less cars, less people, less shopping and no appointments to fill the calendar.


4th April 2020 - Local to Harry's Pool

Time for a walk and we head out to give the dogs and ourselves a little exercise. Ann was sorry to have missed the peregrines (on 22nd March) so she joins me on more or less the same route, hoping for a sighting during this great local walk.


1st April 2020 - Foraging for Food

Social distancing has led to queues at supermarkets but the older fraternity are not supposed to go shopping at all so as to avoid "the bug". We are allowed out so it is time to think outside the box, or should we say, outside the shopping bag.


31st March 2020 - Foulsyke and the Lonesome Pine

A lovely start to the morning here in Loweswater on Tuesday. Jobs around the house and garden are keeping us busy, though perhaps we are doing them a little slower than normal !   Photos from our afternoon walk to the tree.


29th March 2020 - Scale Hill and the Hows

Brackenthwaite Hows is always in view from the house, over the top of our greenhouse and hedge.  When the sun is out the yellow moorland grass on the top shines to invite us to walk there and to enjoy the views.


28th March 2020 - Foulsyke and the Quarry Field

Garden and greenhouse are calling, but only the action of chopping logs or being in the greenhouse with the door shut are at warm activities outdoors.  The wind has changed to north easterly and the temperature has noticeably dropped.


26th March 2020 - Early Morning Crummock

Self- isolation day four, or is it five so far . . . time has a different meaning in these strange times.  The other strange feeling after the cold and damp winter is the bright sunshine and warmth of Spring. Did someone suggest lunch al-fresco?


On a beautiful Spring day I set off for a local walk with the specific aim of meeting no-one . . . self-isolation is the key from now on.   Between the walk and the time I posted the web page the national picture changed once again as the serious nature of  the Covid-19 epidemic has become even more apparent.


Life still needs to go on and the dogs still need a walk, so with the concept of minimum contact in our heads we drive to the side of Loweswater lake and set off up the old track above Myresyke. It is a favourite local walk and will be quite suitable for the time available and the weather we have today.


Hi All . . . what unexpected and rather scary times ! The Corona Virus Corvid-19 has spread worldwide and we must all change our ways for the present in order for the nation to cope. Older folk who have been running a website for 20 years have been asked to self-isolate. I guess that means us !


13th March 2020 - A Day Out to Brockhole

After a wet February we were hoping for a better March but the weather has not been brilliant. However a lull was forecasted between two weather systems, so after being in touch with friends we headed for South Lakes and to the National Park Visitor Centre at Brockhole on Windermere.


6th March 2020 - Anglers Crag and a Gather

With the realisation of several fine days in a row we head over to Ennerdale for a walk to ring the changes.  The forecast was actually for fine weather earlier rather than later so a midday start was going to be best.


Weather reports suggest that Honister, at the head of the Borrowdale received over 3 feet of rain (0.954m) during February. Some of what fell on Loweswater is still standing on the fields locally, as the dogs and I set off for a walk today.


26th February - A Day of Two Halves

In the morning I have a drive over to Keswick which was a delight in the fine weather. After a late lunch the dogs needed their walk so we headed up the valley towards Buttermere. The second outing of the day was like chalk is to cheese.


23rd February - High Nook and Holme Force

To ring the changes, Dougal and I park at Maggie's Bridge and set off for High Nook Tarn.  The weather is not brilliant but hold sufficiently to extend the walk to Holme Woods and I follow the beck down to the lake before returning home.


Dougal and I take a local walk up to Harry's Pool and see how the recent heavy rains have caused the river levels to rise as the fields and fells are already heavily saturated with rain from recent weeks.


Storm Ciara has left us with a covering of snow on the high fells. Today was forecasted as the best for a few days so we head out for a local walk as Dylan is still on "light duties". I take Dougal on for an extra walk to try and tire him  out.


10th February 2020 - Loweswater Tree Planting

There's been a lot of activity in the village in the last ten days as the owners of two local fields start on a mammoth task of planting up to 3000 young trees. It is all hands to the deck for them with the sound of mallets and spades hard at work.


9th February 2020 - Storm Ciara Flood Waters

Last night it was a real belter . . . high winds and horizontal rain . . . as Storm Ciara blew through. After a blustery morning in and around the house and garden, I take Dougal out to check out the state of the river after the night of rain.


29th January 2020 - Dylan's Birthday and a local walk

This selection starts with the snowdrops of Spring, records Dylan's birthday and finds us in a wet and windy walk down to the side of Crummock Water.  I stick to the forest for the walk as this provides better weather protection than open fields.


18th January 2020 - Askill Knott then Darling

This could be a statement of fact or a question depending on the punctuation.  As it happens we reached Askill Knott and did ask the question about going higher on this nice afternoon . . . the answer was yes with no regrets.


12th January 2020 - Cogra Moss New Path

The area around Cogra Moss reservoir has changed over the years and after a muddy couple of walks after the contractors were on site we return to find a newly re-surfaced path alongside the lake.


11th January 2020 - The train Now Standing . . .

The train Now Standing at Bassenthwaite Lake Station is the . . . start of a whole new project for the Lake District.  The old station, closed in 1965, has been cleared and being rebuilt for the arrival of the Orient Express.


8th to 14th January - Ling Fell and local walks

Back home and back to local walks this last week.  The weather has been very changeable, Shakespearian you could say (bard to verse) so a series of pictures to show that the weather does not always behaving itself, even in The Lakes.


28th Dec - 4th January - New Year with the Family

We spent Christmas at home then enjoyed time with the family over New Year.  First we drove to Pin Mill to see Cathy and Gareth, then across to Sheffield and Tickhill to meet up with Jenna and Paula.  This holiday we saw all the children and all the grandchildren in one week, a rare treat.



A big thanks all who bought a copy from us, to Lee and Arwen of Lorton Village Shop and to the local hotels and guest houses who also kindly stocked the calendars on the run up to Christmas this year.  The results are now in for our 2020 Edition.


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