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A big thanks all who bought a copy, to Lee and Arwen of Lorton Village Shop and to the local hotels and guest houses who also kindly stocked the calendars on the run up to Christmas this year.  The results are in for our 2020 Edition.


The big day has arrived, the presents are opened, both for Christmas and birthday. As there are only two of us this Christmas we have a leisurely morning and head out for a local walk in the afternoon.


The final run up to Christmas which sees the completion of our pre-Christmas revelry as we (try to) serenade the valley with Christmas Carols.  The pre-Christmas weather is not pointing at a white Christmas if today's walk is anything to go by.


Today we needed to call into the shop in Lorton to say thanks to Lee and Arwen for displaying and selling our calendars, so we chose a walk in their area, a little further from home than on we manage on a normal busy day.


A more urban collections of photos from recent days leading towards Christmas.  Like most folk I guess, you have local events and traditions that make Christmas the event that it is. A time of year to be with friends and celebrate the good will you find in the world.


15th December - Lanthwaite High Wood

A early start this morning as we opened the curtains to a blanket of snow and I sneaked that extra walk up to the pine tree.  In the afternoon Ann was free for a walk too so we headed out by car to Lanthwaite Green for a second walk down by Crummock Water.


15th December - Snow fell on Low Fell

After breakfast I took the opportunity for a quick local walk up to the pine tree on Low Fell. The cold morning had given way to sunshine and blue skies and the valley was looking pristine in its covering of snow.


15th December - Pre-Christmas Snow

Cold and wet all day yesterday . . . turning to snow last thing in the evening. Brilliant meal out at the Overwater Hotel (near Binsey) with friends Dee and John, to celebrate the festive season then a snowy drive home as we returned to Loweswater.


7th December - Long How, Buttermere

Some days the weather is superb and the Lakes is the best place to be.  Other days leave a lot to be desired.  Saturday was one such day when a drive to Buttermere was necessary and the dogs also needed a walk.  I combined the two and added a light raincoat.


1st December - Low, lower and High Rigg

Another late autumn day, perhaps we should now say a winter's day as it is December and the temperatures are even colder than yesterday.  The sun is up, there's no breeze and we haven't climbed High Rigg for over two years so today's a good day to do it. 


30th November - Low Fell on an Autumn Day

We awoke to a fine morning and the bright light of a cloudless dawn streaming in through the windows.  Time to get up . . . it was 9 o'clock after all !  Low Fell looked so inviting this morning. It didn't disappoint us on this linear walk from Thackthwaite back to home


29th November - Askill Knott from Waterend

Today it was cold and beautifully sunny and after lunch we drove the short distance down to the far end of Loweswater.  As we were late in the day starting we opted for the Askill Knott and the Mosser Track area to catch the best of the afternoon sunshine on offer.


18th November - Crummock Morning Glory

The forecast was for a lovely Monday morning.  I wasn't up at sunrise, but the sun was !   With he sun was streaming through the windows, it wasn't long before I was up and surprising the dogs with a morning walk on this lovely morning in the Lakes .


10th November - Castle Crag Remembrance

A Beautiful morning greets us as we set off for Castle Crag and the annual Service of Remembrance on the summit of this delightful Borrowdale crag.  We join with Jo, Trevor and Gill for the climb to the top and enjoy lunch in Grange afterwards.


29th October - Middle fell with Jenna

A second grand day out with excellent weather, blue skies and a cool breeze to keep you cool, but one to escape from when needed. Wasdale calls us to see similar fells as yesterday, but from the other side.   Our second daughter, Paula and family make an appearance as they visited us a few days later.


28th October - Hard Knott with Jenna

What started as a desire to walk on the high fells developed into a full day out for Jenna and ourselves. She wanted classic fellwalking views but not necessarily the classic summits. Our walk up Hard Knott would suit the bill nicely.


26/27th October - Jenna's Visit - First Walks

Our youngest daughter arrived in Loweswater at the start of her Sheffield school's half term holiday. She's here for a few days depending on the weather . . . I think she'll be here a while as the forecast seems to be excellent.


21st October - Back Home in Loweswater

On our return home from West Wales we get back into the swing of everyday life.  It seems that Cumbria has been fortunate in its weather of late and the first few days back were a delight.  Time to check out both the valley and the garden.


12 - 19th October - West Wales - Abercastle

Chance to return to a delightful holiday cottage on the cliffs of West Wales. We travel down through mid Wales and settled in helped by a local wheelbarrow to transport our bags across the long garden. The cottage has been updated but is still as unique as ever.


5. Abercastle with Gill

3rd October - High Nook - Holme Force

Thursday was as grey as yesterday was blue, but no matter, the overcast skies are holding back their precipitation in honour of Trevor, Gill and Finlay of Borrowdale's visit to Loweswater. Grey skies but bright conversation and a nice meal to round off the day.


It was a beautiful day, one of the best of the last month or so.  Rannerdale which was one of the climbs our late Harry did most  times, was calling again.  We ascended in wall to wall sunshine and enjoyed the day, pausing to think of our departed friend on the top.


A walk with a difference as we drive to see a friend's new house and they invite us to walk on a footpath they've found that follows the River Derwent for part of its way between Bassenthwaite Lake and Cockermouth.


28th Sept - Sale fell from Wythop

It is Saturday and the weather today is a good, but the forecast for tomorrow is not. We take advantage of the weather and drive a short way around to Wythop in order to walk up Sale Fell, the exact route to the top be decided when we get there.


Surprisingly it has been eighteen months since we last walked this delightful fell and it was even longer since Ian's footsteps graced the summit.  It was raining as Ian arrived in Loweswater, let's hope the weather is better on the edge of the northern fells.


What links together as one walk was actually a combination of two that were two days apart.  The pictures reflect the changing weather as the sunny high pressure changes to a low and a mild but windy, ultimately wet weather system blows in from the south west.


20th Sept - Knock Murton Direct

The beautiful weather continues and we drive the short distance round to the west coast to climb Knock Murton, on the more gentle moorland ascent from the road near Kirkland. Hazy views out to sea but excellent visibility inland makes for fine views once again.


It is a beautiful day, brought on by a late summer high pressure keeping the clouds at bay  and bringing warmer air from the continent.   We head up to Whinlatter by car to walk through the forest to the summit that gives the pass its name.


It is going to be a sociable weekend with Hilton staying with us for a few days.   Catherine and Margaret are staying in Keswick for their busy weekend but still found time to called over. They're here for an afternoon walk and no doubt a full evening's chat.


For the first time in eighteen months we have the option of a delightful shorter walk in Buttermere, up till now denied by the absence of one of the bridges.  That was put right today as the new structure is in place and open for use . . . Dubs Bridge is back.


Loweswatercam viewer Simon Smith has sponsored the new bridge at Buttermere Dubbs, the main bridge on the 'Round the Lake' walk in memory of his late wife Lynn.  He has kindly offered me the use of his photos and I have added some of my own from recent visits.  The bridge should be open to the public very soon.


7th Sept - Cogra Moss Ramble

Last time we went to Cogra Moss they were renovating the overflow system for the reservoir. The place was a mess, there were contractor's equipment churning up the track and there was mud everywhere. Time for a re-visit as it was a nice day for a walk.


Our friend Peter and his mum came over to Loweswater for the Show, which was sadly cancelled due to poor weather in the last two days.  Barbara brought two friends up with her and so we had a sociable afternoon in the garden instead.


1st Sept - Loweswater Show 2019

= =  Sadly cancelled due to stormy weather = =


For this 12th superb edition we have been looking back at the year  to bring you twelve months of Loweswater pictures and Lakeland scenes. Brilliant for decorating your home, planning your year ahead or to give as presents . . . and it is ready to be ordered now.

The amalgamation of a few days pictures following a recent spell of fine weather.  Very warmth with lots of gardening and suncream encouraged me out for an early walk with the dogs next day but it was down hill all the way weather wise after that, so disappointing.



18th August  -  Helen's Visit - Loweswater Walk

19th Aug - Buttermere Walk
20th Aug - Ennerdale Walk

5th - 15th August - Sun and Rain and Sun

August seems to be taking on a wet look in recent years with summer storms ploughing in off the Atlantic.  Nothing too windy for us but a lot of rain has fallen in recent days. It's not all gloom as our visitors enjoy a really sunny walk down to the Crummock Water.


1. Family - Weekend & Swim 


2 - 29th July - Trains and Lakes
  3 - 30th July - Boating at Keswick

26th July - The Moon and Garden

A few "other pictures" that reflect Loweswater life in between all the comings and goings, the events and the visitors.  Fine weather and a few showers have helped the garden to its summer maturity and after jobs have been done, there's time to relax.


Two walks, the first with the dogs on possibly the hottest day of the year and one the following day when Dee and John travelled over from Keswick to see us.  It's been far too long since we've met with them. The weather the 2nd day was cooler for their walk.


20th - 23rd July - Hilton in Loweswater

Our friend Hilton is up from Thringstone for a long weekend in Loweswater.   Having lost his dog to old age a while back, he's normally dog-less nowadays but this weekend he's mobile dog sitting for a friend so our two dogs have a visitor to stay too.


9th July - Pin Mill with Cathy 2019

A trip south to see Cathy and the family.

12th July - Sheffield with Jenna and Paula 2019

Time in Sheffield and the Peak District on the way home.


The forecast was for a lovely day so Ann and I set off for a walk in the southern Lakes.  The west coast road is not the fastest and we pick the mountain routes where possible so the views even before we took to the fells were lovely.


Brackenthwaite is one of our small local fells and one from which I have take many a photo. Imagine the consternation when it was reported that it had been sold and that the new owners were to encourage more public to visit one of "Turner’s Lost Views”.


After a busy morning, Jo and Neil arrive for supper and a walk beforehand.  It is gloriously sunny with summer clouds in the deep blue sky.  We set off to climb the northern end of Mellbreak but extend the walk to conquer the true summit.


A nationally organised event where over 175 people are raising money for the Railway Children Charity through a Three Peaks Sponsored Walk.  As in previous years their walk involves three days, a train, lots of hard work and whatever the weather offers.


Our friend Margaret is here to stay for a few days on a mini holiday break. On her arrival we enjoy a local walk in the sunshine, she requested a specific walk for day two and on day three we visit Keswick for Ann and Dylan's PAT visit plus some retail therapy.


Even though we drove home from Scotland in the rain and we got slightly damp on the Farmer's Trip, the weather was not set to autumnal mode yet.  The sun came out, the skies cleared and the temperature rose. There's plenty to do and plenty of dog walks as well.


It's June this year instead of May but no matter. We meet up at Mitchells car park and head out for a classic farm visit, a more technical, farm-related visit and finally throw in a few beers, lunch somewhere and supper at The Sportsman on the way home. Sorted !


10 - 25th May - Outer Hebrides 2019

The weather forecast is good for our trip north to re-explore the delights of the Outer Hebridean islands. Two weeks away, self catering at two different locations will allow us to re-visit places we have not seen since our caravan holiday there 30 years ago.


After walk to the lake with Sandra and Jackie and a visit from Pete, we are home alone once more.  However the dogs still need a daily walk so we try to think of an unusual route we haven't done for a while ... and find ourselves submersed in purple once again.


A visit to the famous Rannerdale Bluebells is on the cards every year.  It is not that they are the most spectacular in the county, or the country for that matter, it's just that they are in such an unique environment surrounded by the magnificence of the Lakeland fells.


A visit to Borrowdale and an afternoon with Trevor, Gill and Dylan's best mate, Finlay of Borrowdale.  Always a challenge to find a new local walk, but they came up trumps for us by walking a valley they knew well but one which was totally new to us ... Troutdale.


29th April - Bowscale Tarn with Jo

Fine weather over Easter has held nicely for our walk with Jo. Looking back at the records, we last walked this seven years ago and also ten years ago almost to the day. This is such a classic walk that everything was familiar and the map was hardly used.


28th April - Holme Wood Bluebells

Our own Holme Woods here in Loweswater have a reputation for fine bluebells at this time of year, so in need of a walk for all concerned and not wanting to drive far, we headed over for a walk starting at Maggie's Bridge, to see how Spring is progressing.


Our visit to Jo at her new caravan at Watermillock was in doubt due to the southwesterly Storm Hannah which was battering the south coast of UK.  This far north however the storm effect was much less and the wind was just bringing blustery northern showers.


After a suggestion to meet up, we travel down to Coniston to Richard and Hilary's caravan for a change. They have a pitch on a site in Coniston and offer to take us on a walk in one of their favourite places. Nice to be in a different area and to see pastures new.


17th April - Paddock and Garden

The cold easterly winds did blow and then the sun came out and chased it all away. Easter in the Lakes was kind to the visitors, and there were many more of them as a result. We took the opportunity to stay off the roads and I personally spent time planting up the garden for the new season ahead.


The cool, easterly breeze is still with us, in fact it was considerably stronger at altitude as we found out today on our walk along Low Fell.  John and his son Richard suggested the walk earlier in the week so we took an extra layer in case we had to wrap up warm.

14th April - St Bees Head with Pat

A keen easterly wind makes the prospect of exposed walking on the fells less attractive. Pat was born in Workington on the coast but as she now lives away she hasn't walked the coast path for a long time. . . today she can reacquaint herself with the area.


9/12th April - The Rest of the Week

Rounding off the photos from the week where Cathy and the boys have taken full advantage of the weather and the fells.  Several celebrations fall in this week and a meal at the Kirkstile in Loweswater end their holiday here very nicely.


A two part walk today.  The younger element wanted to walk around Crummock Water and the older contingent was quite happy with a walk around Rannerdale Knotts.  The plans were combine the two walks with lunch at Buttermere in the following way.


8/9th April - Cathy and the Boys

Our daughter and two of our grandsons are up on holiday for five days.  The weather is sunny but there's a cool wind, but that doesn't stop them having a great week. Here are our mainly family pictures from the first couple of days.


6th April - Cinderdale to Home

A lovely afternoon, warm after the cold and damp of the snow earlier in the week. We set off to walk an out and back route to the boathouse, but end up walking on and going back later with Ann's car to collect the one we left at the start.


Yesterday we experienced a mild blast of what winter could bring.  Today we awoke to a full cover of snow, not only on the fells but right down to valley level. The morning was cold and turning damp so by the time the nicer weather arrived it was afternoon.


2nd April - Knott Rigg Ard Crags

After our brief holiday to South Wales and a busy few days on our return, the calendar has flipped a page and we're into April.   Today the weather is true to form with "Sunshine and April Showers", but those showers were sometimes more wintery than expected.


28/29th March - Local with Jo, Dee & John

Technically an amalgamation of two local walks on subsequent days. The majority of the photos are from our walk to Crummock Water with Jo, Dee and John who were all over in Loweswater for Friday afternoon and stayed on for an evening meal.


22nd March - Our Swansea Visit

We're off for a brief visit to Swansea, to our son and Daughter-in-law and their new house. We'll be away five nights giving three full days in the area to spend time with grandson Luke, the Owen family and the many friends we have in the area.


A walk with waterproofs and gloves, due to the cold weather, just got better as it went on and by the end the gloves were packed away and the coats were redundant.  The weather didn't stop there as there were more surprises in store for us on the way home.


Storm Gareth has blown through and  just as Storm Freyer moved more south than forecast I think Storm Gareth tracked slightly further north than expected. We did however get some strong winds and plenty of rain which has fallen on the already wet ground.


10th March - Pining after the Snow

The snow fell "deep and soggy and even" but was followed by rain and a warm breeze which cleared the fields by midday. The dogs needed a walk so I waited till the weather is drier and head up to what's left of the snow line.

5th to 10th March - Under Mellbreak

Photos of the last few days as the weather changes and changes back several times, no two days the same.  For the walk this time I climb towards Mellbreak but cut down to the right into Mosedale for a view of the holly tree and then home to a surprise next morning.

27th Feb - 4th March The Flass Woods Round

Photos of two local walks and of the last seven days here in Loweswater.  We've had a variety of weather starting with the last of the summer like hazy days and ending with a small blast of snow from the back end of Storm Freya as it crossed the country.

26th Feb - Hazy Sale Fell

With the fine weather continuing we venture a little further afield but avoid steep, strenuous paths for the moment.  Sale Fell will fit the bill and is close enough to give an interesting walk this afternoon. Weather wise, a high pressure hazy is building badly.

With a turn or two of the Jet Stream our weather fluctuates between days of wet weather and stormy winds to those of beautiful sunshine.  I leave the rough weather un-recorded as the sunshine offers better walks and better photos to remember.

I am not able to do big walks at present so Ann takes the dogs on longer daily walks. I join her for a few fields today but double back, leaving her to take Dylan and Dougal the rest of the way down to the lake.  Pottering in the garden I enjoy the colour of the new blooms that are springing up by the day, so I return inside to get the camera . . .


A real miscellany of photos this time, taken this week. The winter weather has gone and Storm Eric melted most of the snow away, the rest is thawing with the mild south westerlies. Here are a few interesting views as the weather changed.


Jo is over for the weekend, with a wine tasting event at the Hall Friday night (sorry no samples) and she's staying over to enjoy a walk on Saturday.  After Storm Eric the fells and fields are wet through but the weather today has improved though the wind is still strong.


Saturday and the third day of fine winter weather. Whinlatter Pass is been open from the Lorton side and so Ann and I drive up to enjoy the winter views while they last. Too shaded or to icy to walk on many of the forest tracks so the dogs enjoy two shorter walks on the way back.


The fine weather at the start of February was what all good winter weather should be, a covering of good mountain snow combined with a sunny, blue sky days. To make life easier all round, the valleys roads are clear, the best combination of all.


A trip into Cockermouth for an appointment is no excuse to miss a lovely day.  With the camera bag on the passenger seat I can enjoy the frosty valley in its wintry mantle. Heavy overnight frost has chilled the valley and compliments the snowy Lakeland peaks above.


After a busy morning Ann and I get out for a more purposeful walk and chose Ennerdale as somewhere local but out of the valley.  By walking from Bleach Green around the western lake shore we'd hopefully be in the sun on this lovely afternoon as it is a more open aspect.


21- 23rd Jan - Moons, Birthdays and Snow

Dull weather suddenly gives way to one of those beautiful winter days that just drive you outside to take pictures. It also coincides with Dylan's 5th birthday and a morning trip to Keswick for him and Ann, so Dougal and I go for a local walk and a short morning drive.


7th - 11th January - Open and Closed

An unusual name for this page but that will become clear when you see the Whinlatter pictures.  Before that, a few photos of our Fangs Brow walk and afterwards a celebration of 30 years in the business for friends of ours in Quince and Medlar, Cockermouth.


Starting at the Red Phone Box implies that we started these walk from home of course.  In the midst of all the high pressure gloom of 2018/19 there have been fine days and last Tuesday was one of those as Ann and I walk the dogs locally to enjoy the fine weather.


2nd-6th January - Our Pin Mill Visit 2019

The start of a new year and after a quiet Christmas at home we venture south to see family.  The rather overcast Christmas weather improved as we enjoy a few days down by the River Orwell. "There 's a list of jobs to do, don't forget to bring your tool kit Dad" Cathy said !


1.   2nd January - Chelmondiston Round
2.   3rd January - Pin Mill Woods Walk
3.   4th January - Pin Mill - Woolverstone Walk

January 2019 - The 2019 Calendar Results

You had your chance to have your favourite web site pictures hanging on your wall all year round . . . and thereby support a good cause . . . and support it you did !   A big "thank you" from Ann and myself for buying our 2019 sell-out edition.


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