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A forecasted break in the poor weather just before New Year allowed us to plan a day out on one of the higher fells. "Clearer in the Eastern Fells" sent us over to Patterdale.

25th December 2007 Barrow Fell with Gareth

We made the best of the weather with a Christmas Morning walk up Barrow Fell. A very suitable walk for the day, for the company and the for weather conditions.

25th December 2007 Christmas Wishes

May we thank all of you that have viewed the site, with an extra mention to all those that have taken the effort to write and send such encouraging messages. Take care in your year ahead. We dedicate this page you all.


The glorious winter weather continues but there's a change on the way. A warm front is threatening and there's a slight breeze that's been missing over this last ten days. Time to enjoy a high level walk before the weather breaks.

19th December 2007 Mellbreak Direct
The dogs needed a walk and I had a couple of hours spare on what was another brilliant winter's day. Time just to nip up and down Mellbreak on a route I hadn't done before - up and down Mellbreak Direct.
17th December 2007 Frost Rannerdale and more
A busy day started with a heavy overnight frost, continued with a shorter but superb walk at Rannerdale and so the day continued . . .
11th December 2007 Binsey and Frosty Loweswater
A combination of two days , a short walk up Binsey and the start of a series of wonderful morning sunrises from Loweswater
Last night's poor weather and the cooler temperatures have left the first real snow of the winter on the fell tops. A cool breeze encouraged the winter warm trousers out of their summer hiding place as we make for Dale Head.
After yesterday's poor weather, today dawned with just a hint of sunshine about half eight. We drove over to Borrowdale and climbed Castle Crag from Rosthwaite. Everything is damp and just that little bit colder.
8th December 2007 A Damp Scale Hill Walk
We spent the best part of the day indoors watching the poor weather forecast come true. It also predicted an improvement towards the end of the afternoon so we delayed our walk and kept it local.
7th December 2007 A Wet Day and a Waterfall
Jill and Jo were up for the weekend and so a short walk was called for once they had arrived Friday afternoon. It's been a bit damp here over the last few days so a walk in Holme Woods to see the waterfall would seem a good idea.
Cathy too will be spending Christmas down south so a visit to her to exchange gifts was in order too. Jack and Matthew are away at school so it's just Sam and Alexander at home this weekend.
Chance to visit Paula and Al before Christmas. They will be spending the holiday with their own young family in Tickhill, so we helped Santa Claus by exchanging presents with them this weekend.
Jo's choice this one as the last time she walked Fellbarrow and Low Fell it was on a very wet day, after which we just about dried out in time for the Hunter Davies Evening at the Kirkstile 15 months ago. Hopefully today would be drier.

23rd Nov 2007 Sale Fell

and a Jennings Brewery Visit

After a great walk on a lovely day there's nothing nicer than a beer to refresh the soul. Today's walk does all these things to the extreme. A two hour local walk grows into an all day extravaganza courtesy of Fishers and Jennings.
A flying visit to see family at Ilkley and chance of a short walk towards the end of the afternoon. We left it rather late for good photography, but the lights of Ilkley were interesting to watch as the afternoon faded into evening.
A frosty morning meant we were able to enjoy a cool, bright, autumnal start to our walk. We climb Maiden Moor by a different and more "unfrequented" Wainwright route from Little Town. ( Picture: 'Cool Donkeys' at Swinside.)
A morning walk up Great Gable in time for the eleven o'clock Act of Remembrance on the summit. Eleven of us join hundreds more on the top to remember those who have died in active service both in the Great war and since.
Friends are up for the walk tomorrow but there are other fells that can be walked today. Jill is counting down on her 214 target and today we are off to the delightful hamlet of Watendlath to collect another fell or two.
We've been meaning to climb these outliers for ages and today was the opportunity to walk Flat Fell and Dent. We've combined the photos with sunset from Cold Fell the other evening to complete this trio of local outlying fells.
Simon and Beth are over in the Lakes, staying at their family home near the coast. They came over to Loweswater to join us on a walk over Mellbreak and to see Scale Force Waterfall.
We got to know John and Dee through mutual acquaintances - our dogs. Harry and Bethan are related to Amber their dog. This is the second walk we've done with them. The last one was wet and slippery. Lets hope this one is better.
When I downloaded the photos, the first one I saw was last night's moon. The last photo I downloaded was the moon again, some twenty hours later. In between we walked Gavel Fell in search of another sunset.
Sale and Ling Fells are adjacent to each other at the top end of the north western fells, just as the road turns at the top of Bassenthwaite Lake. Climbing both turns a sunday stroll into a great little Sunday walk.
Six of us decided on a lower level walk in order to be back in time for the Wainwright Lecture in Rheged that evening. An excellent choice as the haze was spoiling the long distance views, plus this route had had a tearoom near the end.
18th Oct 2007 Causey Pike and Sail
After a morning in Keswick, we stopped off in Newlands Valley to enjoy a longer walk in this fine weather. It's two years since we were up here and everything seemed a bit steeper than we remember.
The chance for us to see round the backstage areas of the theatre on the eighth anniversary of their opening. Gone is the Blue Box ....Open is the Grand Circle. This is the inside out of Theatre by the Lake.

Following yesterdays rather damp walk, today had been a lazy day, and it was mid afternoon by the time that we felt like a little exercise. Dodd Woods on the side of Skiddaw seemed like a suitable place and it was a new fell for Angie too.


Nine members of the OFC join forces to accompany Jo Hall on her ascent of Raise, her final Wainwright Fell but the damp day on the Helvellyn Dodds ended very successfully. As many pictures of people as fells, due to the weather !


David and family were down from Scotland for a weeks holiday in the Lakes, so this was a chance to climb a local Fell and to check out that red phone box where lots of walks start.


Chance of a week away so we planned a return trip to Swansea, Gower and Pembrokeshire to catch up with family, friends and scenery. Click here for the full story or pick a day from the pages below.


A midweek invitation from Sean for devotees of his Striding Edge web site to join him on a walk up onto Helvellyn via, you guessed it, Striding Edge. Will the dismal morning forecast and weather spoil the day ?


A shorter dog walk but a more adventurous location in which to get a couple of hours walking. The rain wasn't due till the end of the day, but these's no guarantees up here !

15th Sept 2007 Robinson to Dale Head

A poor start to the day led us to anticipate a short walk, but the weather had secret plans and we were drawn further and further along the ridge, reveling in the sunshine and great visibility.


Dave and Josie are up in the Lakes and invited us to join them for a walk on the last day of their stay. Somewhere local to Patterdale and somewhere unusual was required. Hopefully this walk might fit the bill.


Jo is nearing the end of her first Wainwright Round and needed two fells in this central region before setting up her final walk. Traditionally fairly damp, conditions underfoot today were good after a recent spell of fine weather.


The dogs need a walk each day and we are fortunate to have quite a choice of shorter walks that will give them an hour or so's exercise at the end of a busy day

4th Sept 2007 Dale Head with Helen

Helen was able to stay for a few days, so Ann took the chance to show her some of the higher fells at the top of the Buttermere Valley by walking up to Dale Head from Honister . . . but who was also sampling the view today ?

3rd Sept 2007 Mellbreak with Helen

Helen, a long term friend of Ann's emigrated to Australia in the 1980's but has returned on an extended holiday to visit family and friends. Before she returned, she was able to make the journey north and spend a few days with us.


Paula chose a Bank Holiday Sunday to walk one of the favourite fells in the Lakes - Haystacks. The crowds disappeared however, once we moved away from the main path and followed a less frequented route over to Honister.

24th August 2007 Two Loweswater Walks

A week at home as family and friends were due to visit. David and Daniel hadn't walked our two local fells, and our grandchildren hadn't been to High Nook Tarn.


Following our Honister Meet, Liz offered to organise a Yorkshire get together to climb Ingleborough Fell. The date was to coincide with an opportunity to descend Gaping Gill Pot arranged by the Craven Pothole Club.


A chance for Jill, Nigel and Matthew to venture into more easterly areas as Jo collected two more of the distant Wainwright Fells. On the edge of Lakeland, and with predominantly moorland grass, these two take on a more Pennine feel.

15th August 2007 Dock Tarn and Great Crag

Jill, Nigel and Matthew were up in the Lakes for a holiday so we took the opportunity for a walk together. Jo also wanted to climb Great Crag in Borrowdale so an afternoon meet at Rosthwaite was arranged for today.

12th August 2007 Webmasters on Gavel

Sounds like something out of Harry Potter, but it was more of a potter round High Nook, Gavel and Mosedale with Andrew Leaney and David Hall.


Saturday evening it was time to cast aside the fellwalking gear in favour of something a little more casual, as the OFC Dining Section meet at Seatoller.

11th August 2007 The Honister Via Ferrata

Saturday afternoon, and we return to Honister for the second visit of the weekend. This time we climb the crags using the old Victorian roadway route.


The opening of the Honister Via Ferrata prompted us to organise an OFC weekend visit to the Lakes, which started with the Big Mine Tour on Friday.


After or recent visit to Cathedral Cave we were informed that we had only scratched the surface of what was there. At the request of an overseas visitor, we return to Little Langdale with a better map and renewed enthusiasm.


Summer has finally arrived as the dogs drag us out for a local walk. All the essential jobs done, we set off up the Mosedale Valley to enjoy the rest of the day.


A classic Three Peaks Events avoids the headlines if it is well organised and safely supervised. We help out on this Red Cross Fundraiser event.


John and I took advantage of an 'Open Day' and joined a National Trust guided visit to the old mine workings and processing mill near Keswick.


Returning to the Torver Fells for the first time in ten years, we chose to walk some of the fells we used to visit when we stayed in the area with the caravan.


A walk up the ridge of The Screes starting from the other side, that is the delightful valley of Miterdale. Jo, John and ourselves met near Eskdale Green to complete this different ascent of the Wasdale Fells.


We arranged to meet at 10.30, just as the rain started, so we ate our sandwiches in the kitchen and started out at 3 o'clock instead, once the sun had returned.


We've often wondered what the reason the bridle way along the side of Gavel comes to a sudden stop on the map before Floutern Pass. Today we aimed to find out why on a local walk this sunny afternoon.


A local walk but still qualifying for a Wainwright point, Rannerdale makes an enjoyable two hour walk an a late afternoon in July. Summer green colours complimented by sun and shadows and family chat.

Occasionally I get asked to assist on mountain events, so today we found ourselves between the mountains and the sky, on the side of Great End on the border line between visibility and the mountain mist, clipboard in hand !!
The original plan was to climb Carrock Fell on the way to High Pike but due to the poor weather forecast we decided to shorten the walk and do a direct ascent instead.
Long summer evening combined with sunny weather give us the chance to walk Rannerdale Knotts after a busy day completing the more mundane tasks of life.
Paul and Tamsin suggested a walk up the fell we could see through the window whilst enjoying a late breakfast today. That's a great idea - saves having to think up an alternative for young legs, and it will give us views we missed last time !
Paul and Tamsin were staying for a few days and they suggested a visit to Honister Mines. We had been looking for an excuse to go for some time . . .
A work day today as members of George Fisher's staff are offered a day out on Helm Crag to test and talk about North Face equipment. A walk, a talk and chance to try out some new gear.
John and Dee join us, and their dog Amber joined her younger brother and sister as we take on the winter like weather in the middle of June. This was a blustery round of Gasgale Gill, Hopegill and Whiteside from Lanthwaite Green. (v)
Andrew Mason and his Dad visited the cottage but didn't let the prospect of poor weather stop their exploration of Low Fell and Fellbarrow. Unfortunately the weather got the better of them, but we still enjoyed this fine local walk.
A walk from the car park at Ennerdale Lake, across to Caw and Haycock on the southern side of the Valley. Good weather and the company of Jo, Jill and John. These were Jill's last two Wainwrights to finish her Western Book.




8th June 2007 Illgill Head and the Railway Children

6th June 2007 Slater's Bridge and Cathedral Cave

6th June 2007 Side Pike and Lingmoor, and it's hot again

3rd June 2007 Whinfell Beacon and the Borrowdale Valley

2nd June 2007 Cross Fell and Wild Boar Scar on the Pennines

30th May 2007 Grey Friar, Swirls and Great Carrs for Jill

26th May 2007 Great Cockup, Meal and Calva with Jo and John

22nd May 2007 Loweswater Farmers Group Day Out

20th May 2007 A walk on the flat lands of Yorkshire

20th May 2007 Visit to Paula at Tickhill

16th May 2007 Skiddaw with Nick before Supper

16th May 2007 Mellbreak with Nick at lunchtime

12th May 2007 Tarn Crag with Chris, Jo and Terry

11th May 2007 A short Allerdale Ramble to Watch Hill

4th May 2007 Two Fells but Four Cairns in Wasdale

3rd to 10th May 2007 Keswick to Rannerdale and Home

2nd May 2007 A catbells Litter Pick with George Fisher's Staff

30th April 2007 A circuit of Devoke Water

29th April 2007 Lank Rigg and Whoap on John's birthday

28th April 2007 Two Tales on One Day in April

27th April 2007 A local Loweswater Day

21st April 2007 Sheffield and Hart Side with Anne and Andrew

18th April 2007 Sale Fell from Wythop Church

13th April 2007 Crag Fell and Grike with Jo

12th April 2007 Haystacks with Gavin Bell

10th April 2007 Catstycam on Polly's 214

8th April 2007 Grasmoor via Dove Crag Arête

4th April 2007 Hen Comb with Jayne, Ian and David

4th April 2007 A Rannerdale Scramble with the boys

2nd April 2007 Last one to the tree is a sissy

1st April 2007 Adventures of (the) Blake Seven

28th March 2007 From the Sublime to the Ridiculous - A March Medley

24th March 2007 Seven go to Esk Pike in the sun

21st March 2007 Grey Knotts and Brandreth with Zoro

20th March 2007 Catbells, and another visit to the Vet

14th March 2007 Hen Comb and Melbreak for Polly's 200th

12th March 2007 Barf and Lords Seat through the trees

9th/10th March 2007 Two local walks with Bethan and 'Scar-face' Harry

7th March 2007 Barrow from Braithwaite

2nd March 2007 High Spy from Seatoller before the rain

1st March 2007 A local Scale Hill walk on our return

1st February to the 23rd February 2007 Our Alaskan and Canadian Adventure

Part 1, the flight out. Part 2, Dog Mushing to Golsovia. Part 3, the return to St Michael.

Part 4, Nome to Vancouver. Part 5, Banff and the Rockies. Part 6, Toronto and Niagara.

29th January 2007 Knott Rigg on a Misty Day

27th January 2007 Back to earth with a local walk

22nd January 2007 A Wainwright Fell for a late walk

20th January 2007 A Wainwright Celebration Weekend

16th January 2007 Stickle Pike and Caw with Sean

15th January 2007 Crummock Water and a Broken Gate

10th January 2007 Sun and a view of the snow from Whinlatter

9th January 2007 Cogra Woods but Not-Murton

5th January 2007 Low Fell with Ann on a Changeover Day

New Year's Day 2007 Haystacks, more wintery than wonderland

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