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" Jenna and Emily at 1 "

Date & start time:       1st November 2023. 

Location of Start :      Harewood Mews, Cumbria, Uk. ( SE 321 453).

Places visited :            Sheffield's Meadow Head Woods.

Walk details :               A local walk close to Jenna's home.

Highest point :           Seeing Emily growing up.

Walked with :              Jenna, Emily, Loes and the dogs, Dylan and Dougal.

Weather :                     Overcast but dry.



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Staying in Harewood has the advantage that it is a much shorter journey down to Sheffield to see my daughter Jenna and her partner Matt.

We took the opportunity soon after Emily's first birthday, to drive down to see them all now they have settled into their new home.

Here we were out for a short walk in Meadow Head Woods.

Close to their home, this should be a great place for kids to have adventures when they grow up.

In the mean time, let's learn to walk before trying to run.

Today was the first day that Emily has really met the dogs . . . she loved them but it seems Dylan was a little unsure.

Dylan has always been great with kids and Emily really enjoyed a cuddle.

If it works on your computer/phone or whatever, hold your cursor over the picture to see their reactions.

[ Those extra legs to the side belong to Dougal not Dylan by the way.]

Dylan's long hair is excellent to hold on to when you want to stand up.

She's still light enough to sit on Dylan's back . . . providing mum holds her upright.

This has become a family tradition . . . but don't worry, none of the kids have grown up to want ponies !

Emily's old enough now to pick her own picture books to read.
That's not one of my books . . . it's a photo !


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As you may have guessed, Jenn and Matt have formally announced

that Jen is expecting baby number two in April next year.

It was her 'twelve week' scan.


That will be another entry in Dad's birthday book

and will be grandchild number ten if everything goes to plan.



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Finally, all good magazines have a recipe section

to inspire and to inform,

so why should Loweswatercam not do the same ?


Whilst Loes and I were in Harewood we had a meal out with friends.

Loes's choice from the menu was a "Pizza Sophia Loren".


The chef had prepared an a fresh pizza and after covering it in the

appropriate topping, had made five radial cuts,

folding opposite edges together to produce a star shape, before baking.


That's two stars in the week . . . Emily and the pizza.


Both delightful.


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