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" Wood House - Buttermere "

Date & start time:       27th October 2023. 3.30 pm start.

Location of Start :      National Trust car park, Buttermere, Cumbria, Uk. ( NY 172 172 ).

Places visited :           Wood House Bay, Nether How, Buttermere Village.

Walk details :              1.75 miles, 263 ft of ascent, 1 hour.

Highest point :           The nice sunny weather after the recent bouts of rain.

Walked with :              Myself and the dogs, Dylan and Dougal.

Weather :                     Sunshine and blue skies.



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After the poor weather of the last few weeks

it was time for a bit of sunshine.


With the nice weather I combined a trip to see friends in Buttermere

with a local walk at the head of Crummock Water.


For a change today I extended it slightly

and headed off down the road from the car park

back towards Wood House.



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Beautiful autumnal colours are starting to develop, as the trees swap their summer green for autumnal yellows and orange.

Rather than walk the road past Wood House I took the old track to the right.

It looks like the local farmer or contractor has been re-making fences, with his post-bashing attachment still on the digger.

The old track keeps us away from the road so the dogs can enjoy a more relaxed walk.

This short, rough track is normally part of the Vintage Car Club off-road trial which is due to take place this Saturday (11th November).

The participants continue on up the valley and have a real hill-climb up from Honister to the top of the mine track later on in the day.

Lovely glimpses of Mellbreak as we leave the wood and re-join the road.

Wood House Island to the fore, Gale Fell and Great Borne in the distance.

The Crummock Pines are a popular place to park as there's a gate to get down to the lakeside.

Looking across to Red Pike and Lingcomb Edge from the beach.

. . . and north up the lake (or should that be down), towards Mellbreak

where the low sun highlighting the crags beautifully.

Walking on, round to the old Wood House boat landing.

The rope crossing the picture has been used this year to hold up a tarpaulin to protect the rowing boat underneath from filling with rain and leaves.

The old fence post supports a footpath sign . . . most strange when the base of it is standing a few feet into the lake.

A tree-mendous shot . . . even though I say it myself . . . the nice weather helps.

From the beach I climb the wooded knoll of Nether How which stands alone in the middle of the valley.

It is an extension of Long How but separated by the actions of the Mill beck, or more likely the Buttermere Glacier of old.

The footbridge would take me over to Long How Woods,

but I'll pass today in favour of a walk up alongside the beck.

The swing fence that stops the sheep walking between the fields using the river bed.

A fine oak tree stands clear of the woodland

and frames the view up the valley towards Fleetwith Pike, Brandreth Fell and Haystacks.

The river is prone to flooding as the gravel fills the bed and raises the water level, more and more over time.

The Syke Farm campsite Yurts are still up but there's not a lot of campers using the site over the half term holiday

presumably due to the recent poor weather.

The campsite bridge over Mill Beck at the lower end of the National Park car park.

Holiday cottages associated with The Bridge Hotel add an almost Alpine feeling to the scene.

The Buttermere Court Hotel . . . still The Fish to me !

The Croft Cafe is doing good business however and it is fine enough to sit outside.

The Honister Rambler bus arrives and drops more people off for walking . . . or even lunch at the cafe ?

After visiting friends I return to the Trust car park and in so doing complete this rather nice hour's walk.

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Post script:    Crag Farm has new residents, a young couple who are enthusiastically approaching their new role as Buttermere farmers.

I noticed work being done on the house and the field next to the car park now boasts goats and these fine looking brown spotted pigs.

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Technical note: Pictures taken with my iPhone 11pro mobile phone camera.

Resized in Photoshop, and built up on a Dreamweaver web builder.

This site best viewed with . . . the spontaneity to get out when the weather is fine.

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