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" A Summer of Sunshine and Family "

Date & start time:      July / August 2022. 

Location of Start :     By the red phone box, Loweswater, Cumbria, Uk. ( NY 143 211)

Places visited :           Coniston (South Lakes), Bradford and Ilkely (Yorks), Cheshire and local.

Walk details :              Just a sample of my busy summer and why I'm behind with photos.

Highest point :           They were all high points.

Walked with :              Family and friends, plus the dogs, Dylan and Dougal, on most occasions.

Weather :                     Sunny and dry, but not the extremes of southern England.


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More of a family album this one, so that I can have a record of the many and varied events this summer.

However, there's some nice scenery in there and a variety of locations, as well as people.

Hopefully it will be of general interest to both family and friends.

My elder brother's family were self-catering in Coniston and invited me over for the day.

The meeting point was the Bluebird Cafe down by the lake, but I think the world and his wife had also arranged the same destination.

'Twas like Blackpool on a rather busy day !

Melissa and her two boys, Nesta (standing) and Guy (in arms).

My brother Peter and his wife Mary decided on a little deep water swimming, much to the consternation of a passing family of swans.

They had arranges a trip on the Coniston Launch so sun hats and glasses to the fore, we boarded the boat.

Right to left is Melissa, Guy, Mary, Daisey and Loes, with Sam sitting on this side.

Peter and his two other grandsons Joshua and Nesta.

They were not used to dogs at all, but warmed to our two and ended up having a great time with them.

The launch took is on a local cruise out onto the lake and across to Brantwood

The summit in the background is Coniston Old Man of course.

Loes and Daisey, a real live wire.

Check out the glasses  . . . they were to fall overboard later  :o(

The artist and environmentalist John Ruskin's Brantwood House on the far side of the lake.

Tom and Sam . . . brothers in law.

Brantwood House has a rather nice cafe in the grounds . . . so place your orders at the counter please.

We thought about sitting outside, but the tables were sheltered from the breeze and extremely hot, so we stayed indoors. 

The National Trust steam yacht The Gondola calling in at Brantwood pier.

Ours would be the next boat in, so we made our way down to the jetty

ready for the boat trip back across the lake to the car.

- - - o o o - - -


Don't be sarcastic . . .

I can brush up quite nicely when I try,

here with a new outfit that Loes helped me select.

We're heading over to Bradford

to celebrate the wedding of my niece,

my younger brother's daughter.


Their wedding was put off several times due to covid

so they had a small ceremony with only six people instead.

Today, now that restrictions have been freed up

Rachel and Jay invited us to a

"Confirmation of Vows"

and a full-blown wedding reception

along the lines of what they had originally intended


- - - o o o - - -

The wedding party with parents and Jay's son.

The ceremony followed the normal order of service but everything was in the past tense. "I did promise to . . . "

but it was just as meaningful as a normal church wedding, and they even managed to have the same minister,

even though he was no longer involved in their particular church.

The reception was at the Midland Hotel, one of the classic Railway Hotels, in the centre of Bradford.

The evening reception would go on till late so we had booked to stay at the same place . . . a real treat.

The classic railway style wooden flooring and luggage on display.
A famous guest must have left their old case behind !
While guests were arriving the photographer was busy.
Rachel and Jay on the grand staircase.

The reception and meal was in the main ballroom.

There was a spectacular 9 piece band who played 1980's rock music into the night.

Think Tina Turner, Stevie Wonder and the like, all great dance music.  The only problem was the heat of the day.

[ I suggested turning the hotel temperature down next morning to save power and make it more comfortable for guests

only to be told that the hotel hadn't had the heating on for the last five weeks !]

The following morning Loes and I had a walk around Bradford town centre where she used to work.

This was the cathedral where they were getting ready for a service.

A quick look around at the beautiful windows,
. . . the ancient stone walls,
. . . and some of the memorials.
We left by the southern stairway . . .
. . . opposite which there was a piece of fine street art.

Loes fondly turning her back on her old place of work,

one of the two Law Courts in Bradford where she worked as a Clerk to the Court.

Bradford Town Hall . . . there is certainly some fine architecture to see here.

The front view with the modernised, paved square . . . the water feature was probably very enjoyable during the recent hot weather.

On the way home we called over to my brother's house in Ilkely, and met him first on a short walk to the Cow and Calf Rocks.

[ I took a picture of the new car so that I could recognise it again amongst all the mass of visitors' transport.]

There was a charity event on and they had set up a zip-wire from the top rock

down to an anchor point attached to a parked HGV vehicle near the hotel.

The Cancer Charity was offering free rides to those that had raised money for the cause.

We were planning lunch at Steve's house but due to the nice weather, the venue had changed

to the Craven Sailing Club, where Steve is commodore.

The line up includes my other niece, Nicola from Bristol, Elaine and Loes, Meile from Columbia, Jay and Rachel.

Meile was partner of Steve's son Tim, who lives in Columbia normally.
Steve and I got the old family boat ready for a sail on the reservoir.

Without a suitably garish outfit to wear I passed on a sail today.

Steve and Tim enjoying a fine potter around the pond on a boat my dad bought the family back when we were teenagers.

You wouldn't think to look at it, but that the boat is around 55 years old . . . full marks to Steve for keeping it in such good condition.

- - - o o o - - -

Some weeks later, a friends invitation to Cheshire for Loes was complimented with an overnight stay at friends of mine.

Nigel and Jill have featured on many of my fell walks over the years.

This was my chance to go down to Cheshire and stay with them.

The two on the left you know . . . but the others are Ziggy and Arwen . . . on a walk near Delalmere Manor.

We stayed at their house overnight and my dogs seemed to make themselves at home.

In fact Dylan really made himself at home.  Ziggy didn't get a look in !

In the morning, we enjoyed a second local walk to an old gravel pit area around Sandiway.

There was sufficient stones for four dogs to climb on and pose for a photo.

- - - o o o - - -

Early August my son and his family came for five days . . .

"Somewhere exciting" was needed to take a young five year old grandson.

We went off to see the Orient Express and cafe . . . that way we can get a light lunch as well !

The dogs could borrow a stick to pass the time.

Further down the platform the owners have been opening up the woodland and are making a nature reserve.

Along the way they have taken the advantage of a chain saw artist to add interest.

A muddy section has been deepened to form a wildlife pond, complete with a seating area to relax and watch what comes by.

Time for a spot of lunch, and Owen is just embarking on the lifelong skill of reading.

After lunch there was chance for a Jubilee (red white and blue) ice cream.

- - - o o o - - -

Adjacent to Bassenthwaite Lake Station is the Silver Meadows Nature Reserve.

Luke starting out on the walk along the elevated path over some very marshy ground.

There were several examples of old Celtic Huts, to give an idea as to the homes of the first inhabitants of the area.

- - - o o o - - -

Inside the shelter is space to sit down.

. . . with windows in the Wattle and Daub of the side walls.


- - - o o o - - -


In subsequent days we also visited Whinlatter.


Gareth also wanted to take the boys

on the Gruffalo Trail in the forest.


It climbs quite high up the fellside

so instead we opted for the Wiggly Worm Trail

which stayed low and had many more

instant attractions.


- - - o o o - - -

This was a water feature with artisan screw to lift water from the stream and it channel to pretend to pan for gold. 

The dogs tried without any gold success but did manage a nice drink on this hot day.

It was so hot even the baby Gruffalo was asleep in the woods.

Two foxy guys . . .
. . . four if you count Luke.

Home for supper and a fine Loweswater Beetroot Pie (recipe here)

a pie that gets a big sign of approval.

- - - o o o - - -


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Resized in Photoshop, and built up on a Dreamweaver web builder.

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