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" Carlisle, the Orient Express, Eycott Hill and Dacre Castle."

Date & start time:      25th June to 20th July 2022. 

Location of Walk :     The Horse and Farrier, Dacre, Cumbria, Uk. ( NY 459 267)

Places visited :          Carlisle, Dubwath, Eycott Hill and Dacre.

Walk details :              4 separate outings culminating in a nice marmalade walk.

Highest point :           Finding marmalade on sale on the day.

Walked with :              Rev. Barbara Robinson, the Loweswater 77 Club, Loes and the dogs

Weather :                     Basically fine and dry as befits the 2022 summer.


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A combination of outings, all rather different, brings a selection of photos from the weeks after our return from holiday.

Time near Penrith buying a new car meant we find ourselves in areas that we don't normally venture to. 

Add two Loweswater Village events and the set is complete.

Carlisle Cathedral . . . at the invitation of our neighbour.

It is a beautiful building and we are here . . .
. . . to celebrate the Ordination of Barbara and five of her colleagues.

Post event, Barbara with certificate in hand and her family around her. 

She is now officially recognised as an officiate of the churches of the valley and those of the Cockermouth Diocese.

- - - o o o - - -

Another event worthy of mention was the 77 Club, the social club of the valley, who had their summer outing recently.

Due to covid it was tricky planning a long distance trip, and anyway someone came up with a great local idea.

The Alhambra Cinema in Keswick entertained us with a private showing of the 2017 Kenneth Branagh film, "Murder on the Orient Express".

They opened their new "Screen 2" 28-seater cinema to us and we watched the film in real comfort.

Afterwards we drove the short distance to Dubwath, at the head of Bassenthwaite, to continue the illusion.

The actual train used in the film set now resides at Bassenthwaite Station

and the cafe there serves excellent breakfasts, lunches and afternoon teas.

They offered the Saloon Carriage for the remainder of the afternoon and entertained us royally . . . almost like film stars !!

A photo of those who were paying attention when we suggested going outside for a group photo.

- - - o o o - - -

Recently I had two journeys to Penrith to check out and then buy

a new (okay second hand) Subaru from Braithwaite's Garage in Newbiggin.

While we were driving back the first time we stopped off to explore Berrier Hill and Eycott Hill.

Eycott Hill is more accessible as it is a nature reserve, maintained by the Cumbria Wildlife Trust

This area was saved from becoming a wind turbine site and is now open to the public.

It is also an interesting area geologically with undulating topography shaped by volcanic activity around 460 million years ago.

The nature reserve sits to the east of the Skiddaw Fells and here we look over to Souther Fell, Bowscale and Carrock Fell.

Click here or on the photo above for a wider annotated panorama.

- - - o o o - - -

On our second visit, Loes also accompanied me when I picked up the "new motor".

I have to get used to a new colour for my trusty Subaru.
The walk . . . started with a pub lunch in Dacre, not far from the garage.

Recommended for meals and a beer . . . we enjoyed lunch in the dog-friendly beer garden.

Time for a walk through the village to exercise the dogs and work off the rather nice lunch.

Beautiful blue hollyhocks in a local garden . . .
. . . as we walked around to the old Church.
We called in to see St Andrew's Church, Dacre.
The church dates from the 12th century (with later additions and renovations).

The church is also famous for the four carved bears standing upright in different postures in the grounds (sorry, only photos of three).

They are thought to stand in the four original corners of the churchyard, but little more is known of their history.

Our walk really started as we exited the eastern side of the churchyard and headed out across the fields.

The public footpath took us up and over Loudon Hill, passing a field or so away from this beautiful old barn.

Looking back at a small stepped stone stile, a wooden gated stile and a normal farm gate,

all of which gave access to this next field, on the way to Park House Farm.

The path continues on  towards Stainton, which wasn't quite the right direction,

so we cut through the farmyard and down the driveway towards Dalemain.

Dalemain House, famous for its "World Marmalade Competition" entertains visitors from Sunday to Friday.

Unfortunately this was a Saturday and they weren't open for tea or coffees today.

Still, we walked round the outer grounds to view the historic house.

Dalemain has a history reaching back to the 12th century

but the present facade was added to the Elizabethan part of the house in the middle of the 18th century.

A tall copper beach on the front lawn.
Our route back to Dacre stayed down in the Dacre Beck valley.

This brought us back towards the lower part of the village and to Dacre Castle.

Strangely out of place, a clock adorns what looks like an ordinary farm barn.

However it turns out to be the workshop of the Cumbrian Clock Company

The castle is a 14th century, moated Tower House, built as protection against the Scots and the Border Reivers.

Renovated during the 1670s and 1960s after periods of disrepair, the castle is now used as a private home.

The track brought us back out into the village . . .

. . . so it was just a short walk back up the hill to our transport waiting outside the pub.

Time to drive the new car home.

- - - o o o - - -

Technical note: Pictures taken with my Panasonic Lumix Gx8 camera or iPhone 11pro.

Resized in Photoshop, and built up on a Dreamweaver web builder.

This site best viewed with . . . several pots of marmalade on sale in the church.

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