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" Make it the Two Million " competition in June 2022.


Can you be our 2 millionth

Loweswatercam viewer

and win a super prize ?


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Several folk have pointed out that our web-counter on the front of the Loweswatercam site is reaching a significant milestone . . .

It has been counting your daily visits to our site and over the years the total has been growing steadily.

The site has developed a real life of its own from which, over the years Ann and I derived much pleasure.

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The first time any of you log onto the site each day adds just one point to our total, so it really is the full 2 million "people visits".

That means I am totally humbled by the fantastic response you have all given to the site over the years.

Literally " I couldn't have done it without you "

You followed us over three rounds of the fells

including all those we have walked multiple times.

You  have followed us

summer and winter

for over 20 years.

You have commented on our

loveable dogs so many times,

and shared in our holidays

here and abroad.

Now it is our turn to say thank you . . . all you have to do is . . .

Send us a screen print of our front page, complete with our live web counter.

The person who get the closest to the magic 2,000,000 figure will win a prize.

Remember . . .

You can only add one point to the counter each day, but everyone else who views is doing the same.

If you think you are close, call back to see if others have boosted the total . . . then hit the "Print Screen" button on your keyboard.

Copy and paste into a blank page document (Word, Paint, Photoshop, or whatever you use) and save as a file.

Attach it and send it to me as an email.

If it helps, click here and your computer should open your email program with my email address already in.

If you have problems then email . . .


Best of luck . . . hope you are the lucky winner in our

Loweswatercam's " Make it the Two Million " competition.

Check out our Home Page Counter here

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