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" 1. The Loweswater's Jubilee Tree "

Date & start time:                Thursday 2nd June 2022.   11.30 am start.

Location of Event :              The Grange Hotel, Loweswater, Cumbria, Uk. ( NY 115 227 ).

Places visited :                     The Grange Hotel and grounds.

Master of Ceremonies:       Dave Robinson, Chairman of the Parish Council.

Guest Appearances :          Chris Todd (local farmer) and Jonathon Edwards CBE.

With extra thanks to :         Mark Astley, National Trust.

Weather :                               Sunshine and blue skies.


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Just when you were expecting a Bank Holiday, two come along together.

But this is a special and an unique occasion, as the long weekend is here to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, 70 years of the Queen as Head of State.

She's the longest serving British Monarch ever and has provided the country with a sense of continuity and pride for all those years.

People all around the country are gathering together to celebrate the event . . . and the people of Loweswater are no exception.

Time to dust off the Coronation Portrait . . .
. . . and to pin bunting by the Royal Picture in the main hall.

- - - o o o - - -

Yesterday the folk of the village prepared the Village Hall for the forthcoming Loweswater Jubilee Party.

The tables were laid and the decorations displayed.

The window sills were a great places to display Royal Memorabilia.

Likewise the wall space . . .
. . .   enabled the display
. . . of many Royal tea towels.

Sets of stamps that have been kept safe in books, or at the back of a drawers, see the light of day once again.

Coronation and celebratory mugs collected over the many years are gathered together to make a fine array.

The hall is hopefully ready for tomorrow's main event.

- - - o o o- - -

Thursday dawns fine and bright . . . as befits the occasion.

Folk are gathering at The Grange Hotel at the western end of Loweswater, for today's tree planting.

The Grange has been chosen as the spot to "Plant a Tree for Jubilee".

The location is more towards the centre of the parish of Loweswater and Mockerkin

and provides an additional attraction at this end of the lake, the other end having the Millennium Plaque at the Village Hall.

Carol and Rachel Nicholson and Alison Edwards are enjoying the occasion.

Doug and Ann Beebee lived here in the valley for many years.
Margie Mawson and Judy Hudson discussing events of the day.
Matt Hamilton and Jonathon Edwards, two athletic looking guys.
John Hudson talks to (Rev) Bob Watkins and his daughter Rowena.

A local line up, Richard Clarke and Penny Leck (from Waterend), Vicky Meadley, Jonathon Meadly, plus Martin Pinfold and Katherine.

All partaking in the 'Toast of Celebration' this morning.

Folk have been asked to gather on the lawn at the hotel for the start of today's ceremony.

The preparation for the Jubilee Cherry Tree planting has been done by Mark Astley of Watergate.

In view of slightly windy weather in recent days, the young tree has been partially dug in and secured ready for today's "official planting".

Dave Robinson, Chairman of the Parish Council, says a few words of welcome.

- - - o o o - - -



The official planting is such hard work

that it needed two people to operate the spade.


Chris Todd on the right farms Kirkgate Farm in Loweswater.

He was born and raised on the farm

which he now looks after since his father Chris died in 2016.


Jonathon Edwards also has a house in the village.

He is recognisable to most as an Olympic Athlete

and television presenter.


- - - o o o - - -

Chris turns his hand at some hard work.
Jonathon completes the job with the final spade of soil.

Both gave a short speech afterwards, Jonathon remarking on the life of the Queen and for that matter, the many other Royals

who have taken part on the Olympic Games over the years.

As an Olympic tripple-jumper he recalls the Queen famously making quite an entry to the London Olympics herself

as she " high-jumped with a parachute" into the arena of the London 2012 Games

The tree planted, it was time for photographs.

[ In the background in the burgundy red top is Mark who did the hard work prior to this morning.]

Lorna Meadly of The Grange recalls her family's involvement in the valley, where she has lived for the whole of her life.

The planting of the Jubilee Tree here, recognises the roll played by this end of the valley in the life of the community.

Her family was brought up in Corn How and Jenkin Hill (Grasmoor House) and in the early days before private cars and improved personal transport

her dad didn't really know that this end of the lake really existed . . . or has she told us that already ?

Time for an official photo for the day.

Hold your cursor over the picture to raise a glass or a flag . . . to Her Majesty.

- - - o o o - - -

Time was not pressing so there's opportunity for everyone to stay a while longer and chat.

Ross and Sue are enjoying the event, as was Malcolm and Liz Spoor and Keith Meadly.

One person was being a little camera shy . . .

But on such a nice occasion you can't escape the camera for long !
John and Doug are also enjoying their morning.

Time for personal photos by the tree for Loes.
Someone else held the camera so even I couldn't hide from view.

The wooden oak stand and post were made by Mark Astley, from Loweswater Oak from the Loweswater's Holme Woods.

The tree and plaque can be seen from the road by all the visitors choosing to "walk round the lake".

It was finished with a commemorative brass plaque to recall the day.

- - - o o o - - -


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