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" Round Castle Crag - with Julie "

Date & start time:      11th January 2022.   11.15 am start.

Location of Start :     Rosthwaite Village car park, Rosthwaite, Cumbria, Uk. ( NY 257 149 )

Places visited :          Rosthwaite, New Bridge, Allerdale Ramble, back via the Derwent River path.

Walk details :              3.25 mls, 700 ft of ascent, 2 hours 5 mins, lunch afterwards.

Highest point :           The path behind Castle Crag, 740ft - 228m above sea level.

Walked with :              Julie and the dogs, Tilley, Dylan and Dougal.

Weather :                      Sunshine and blue skies.

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Another fine walk with my ex-colleague and friend Julie as we venture up the Borrowdale Valley and enjoy a circumnavigation of Castle Crag.

We pass on a summit climb in favour of a more gentle route today,

but it was still a good walk as it involves a steady climb up onto the back part of this classic fell.

Introducing a delightful new friend for my two, Tilley.

She's a cross Cavalier King Charles Spaniel/poodle (a Cavapoo ?).

Julie was on family dog-sitting duty today

so it was a good opportunity for Tilly to enjoy a longer walk.

It was a lovely day as we drove the Catbells road to Grange in Borrowdale, stopping to admire Derwent Water along the way.

Just the last vestige of winter snow on distant Blencathra and some high cloud, otherwise it was sunshine all the way today.

- - - o o o - - -

We parked at Rosthwaite NT car park on the edge of the village and set off for Castle Crag from this, its southern approach.

The wooded summit of the fell can be seen from the car park, nestling there in the Jaws of Borrowdale.

The path leads us past the Village Hall, the Yew Tree Farm and the Flock Inn.

A rather nice informative plaque on the wall of the cafe.

The track from the farm leads down to the River Derwent

where Dougal stands on the raised bank adjacent to the stepping stones.

The river is a little higher than normal so some stones are underwater.
Flood restoration work has given the track a new cobbled surface.

" New Bridge."

It looks quite old to me but presumably has been rebuilt back in the day so was newer than the old one !

Alternatively it may just be newer than the old route across the river which was presumably the ford and stepping stones ?

We'll take a clockwise route today, so turn off left after the first gate and then contemplate the climb ahead.

A larger than normal rock probably decided and now defines the old field boundary line.

We look up towards the crags of High Scawdel and the Rigghead Quarries to the right.

From the stile we look back at the houses of Rosthwaite, the fields of Upper Borrowdale

and the outline of Eagle Crag at the entrance of the Langstrath Valley.

Ahead now are the crags of Low Scawdel.

The dogs rush back to tell us we're nearing the high part of the old Honister to Grange packhorse track, just the other side of the wall.

January is always a quieter month in the Lakes, but the sunny weather has still brought people out for walks.

Over the summit of our  route, all the major climbing done, it is more or less downhill all the way now.

Ahead is the rocky summit of Castle Crag, but we'll pass on that.
High light contrast as we walk down Broadslack Gill Valley.

The track levels off as we reach the broad, gravel covered bend in the River Derwent.

We turn right and joined the riverside path under Castle Crag.

Dougal takes himself for a swim in the crystal clear waters

From closer to river level the view of the same mid-stream rock takes on an artistic appearance.

The photo I wanted to take of the clear water now included darker shadows on the stones and streaks of reflected blue skies.

The impressive bulk of Castle Crag above as we take the undulating path through the woods.

Soon the trees thin and finally end and we emerge onto the grassy fields once more.

With less direct glare from the sun, the outline of Eagle Crag in the centre of the picture is more obvious now.

Looking back at the final part of the river walk before we reach 'New Bridge' once again.

On the far side of the valley is Kings How, with Grange Fell seen through the trees.

Back to the Flock Inn . . .
Sadly no chance of lunch today . . . but we knew that already.

No problem as we called into the Lingholm Gardens Tea Rooms and indulged in a rather nice lunch there instead.

- - - o o o - - -

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