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" Pottergill and the Pine with Hilton "

Date & start time:      11th October 2020.  12.30  pm start.

Location of Start :     By the red phone box, Loweswater, Cumbria, Uk. ( NY 143 211 )

Places visited :          Foulsyke, Pottergill Farm, the top sheepfold, the Lonesome Pine and back.

Walk details :              2.5 mls, 650 ft of ascent, 1 hours 40 mins.

Highest point :           The sheepfold above the Pine, 900ft - 276m.

Walked with :              Hilton and our dogs, Dylan and Dougal.

Weather :                      Sunny and high cloud, warmer as the walk progressed.

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Hilton has travelled over from Thringstone and is camping out in our garden pod for a few days

as he is technically homeless having sold his house on the day he arrived here (after living in it for 46 years) and not yet bought another.

Sunday 11th was a lovely day and before he returned to family and friends in Leicestershire, he and I ventured out for a late morning walk.

The odd darker cloud overhead hints at poorer weather so Hilton borrowed a warm gilet so as not to get cold on the walk.

I haven't taken one . . . I'm either used to the cooler temperatures, confident on the weather improving, or forgetful . . . I wonder which ?

Plenty of visitor's cars parked in the area at present, both here and down at the Scale Hill car park.

The view of Grasmoor over the wall as we walk up the field.

Whiteside . . . just a stone's throw away . . . if you are a good thrower !

Field Oak and just one of the many dark Herdwicks in the field.

Foulsyke House and Low Fell.

Hilton hasn't been to the pine tree for a long while so that's our objective today.   Closer to hand, in the little woodland

the other side of the wall was an old fish pond, presumably a 'holding tank' for the "Foulsyke Estate" larder.

Time has not ben kind to the pond.

The wall has been breached and the pool behind it has silted up and become overgrown with trees.

At the top of the second field we reach the road where the view is so good they decided to build the grand house.

Today someone else with a camera has also stopped to admire the view (spot the hat).

Around the paths and tracks and into Whinny Ridding Woods

where we take the lower path towards Pottergill.

The view through the trees towards Oak Bank.

Hilton talks to the dogs . . . politely asking them to wait while he operated the dog gate.

At the end of the woodland is another vertical lift dog gate . . . so much easier for them than having to jump the stile.

All they need now is for Hilton or I to lift this one too.

On a break of slope between the fell and the fields, looking out across the valley, are the ruins of Pottergill Farm.

The central building would have been the farm house with its high gabled wall.

Beyond the end barn was a small enclosed farmyard or sheep fold.

The buildings are very much a ruin now.


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 Pottergill features on the Map of Cumberland of 1774

(Hodskinson and Donald 1774)

and apparently archeological investigations found

bricks dated to around 1750 and slated from the roof.



Hilton checks out the gatepost in the yard

and tries to work out the weight of the single piece of stone

and how they would have erected such a substantial post

without the modern mechanical equipment of today.



- - - o o o - - -

Time to be moving on and we take the footpath straight up from Pottergill to the fell wall.

A slightly broken stile allows us access to the open fellside and to the path that runs horizontally along the slope.

This is an ancient footpath from Thackthwaite that follows above the fell wall all the way to the pine tree

and then on around the base of Low Fell to the Mosser Track near Myresyke and Askill Farm, at the far end of Loweswater.

The classic view down the Crummock and Borrowdale Valley from the path.

Rather than go the final 50 yards or so to the tree itself, we defer the pleasure and instead head steeply up the fell to the round sheepfold above.

Dougal rushes down excitedly to say that he's found it !

The wall is not in good condition but it is virtually complete all the way around the circle.

Hilton "beats the bounds", walking all the way around the circle to appreciate the architecture.

The shadow of a cloud passes over us as I capture this photo of the Mosedale, White Oak and High Nook valleys.

Back to sunshine once again as I notice the over wide through-stones built into the wall to form a stile.

After a pleasant chat to a couple from Norfolk who were trying to negotiate the poorly mapped Low Fell paths,

we advised them as to the best way to go and then started on our way down, aiming for the pine tree this time, no diversions.

Full square . . . trying for the best photo format . . . but the sun is a little to close to the lens.

Still it gives me the option to improve it further next time.

Onward and downward on the path through the dying bracken.

It is the only time of the year when the bracken looks good !!

Looking back on the tree one last time today, as we complete the circle and head back home.

I think we'll go this way.

A quick lunch and Hilton will be heading off to start the next housing adventure in his life.

Anyone with a house for sale in Leicestershire ?

Oh . . . and that gilet coat . . . he didn't need it at all as my option two (the improving weather) came true !

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