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" Morning Glory for Jenna "

Date & start time:      27th September 2020.   

Location of Start :     By the red phone box, Loweswater, Cumbria, Uk. ( NY 143 211 )

Places visited :          Just the garden to start.

Walk details :             A stroll with a cup of tea and a camera.

Highest point :           Judge for yourselves.

With :                          Ann, Jenna and our dogs, Dylan and Dougal.

Weather :                    Frosty to start, lovely sunshine and clear skies.

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Our daughter Jenna is up in Cumbria for a visit and is staying in our Pod at the bottom of the garden (she gets more peace there!). 

On the Sunday it was a sunny morning after a frosty, clear-sky night, the first noticeable frost of the season. 

Autumn is upon us for sure and it arrives in a blaze of glory.

Morning and the sun is shinning on the garden, the valley and the whole of the Cumbria by the look of it.

Zooming in on Great Gable at the head of the valley.

Almost blending in below it is the outline of Haystacks, the detail being slightly lost in the early morning haze.

Jenna opens the window of the pod and surveys the frost in the paddock beyond the crab apple tree.

Reflections on the pond.
Catching the ash tree and the frost in its shadow.

We seem to be joined by the playful duo.

From a carefully chosen angle the paddock looks like a woodland . . .
. . . with edible woodland berries to pick later.

This time with a wider perspective.  

I've made a first end-of-season cut of most of the grass, but couldn't bring myself to cut the specially seeded flower section to the right

as there are still several nice wild flowers still in bloom.   Once the flowers have set I'll cut the grass and let the seeds fall onto the soil,

later removing the cuttings to reduce the soil fertility in the long term . . . well that's the theory !

In the raised bed the sweet corn plumes are in flower.
Lower down the young corn cobs are growing (if rather slowly).

The bedding plants by the log are flowering better than earlier in the year.

Rudbeckia in flower in the "sculpture garden"    ;o)
Rose hips in the hedgerow.

Jenna is enjoying the sunshine from the top garden bench (morning tea hidden by the geranium flower).

Time for a Hiley selfie . . . Dougal poses with Jen.

The football was a bonus treat that Dougal found earlier in the year on a lakeside walk.

It has multiple tooth marks to show how well it has been played with since it was discovered.

Time for yet another photo opportunity.

Jen's viewpoint.

Time to top up the bird table and squirrel feeder.
Dahlia still capable of more flowers if the frost hold off.

Grateful great tit.

As the morning progressed towards breakfast, a few photos of the views from the cottage.

To the west are Mellbreak and Hen Comb, with Gavel, Black Crag and Blake Fell seen behind the church.

The two oak trees . . . in the field on the opposite side of the garden.

[ It has been amazing how much noise the acorns have been making as they fall down through the branches on recent windy days]

A final 'highlight' . . . of Low Fell

with a flock of young dark-woolled herdwick in the field beyond the gate, a classic breed and a delight to see.

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