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" An Ennerdale Ramble "

Date & start time:      27th September 2020. A sunny Sunday afternoon.

Location of Start :     Bowness Knott car park, Ennerdale, Cumbria, Uk. ( NY 110 153 )

Places visited :          The peninsular below Bowness Knott.

Walk details :              A gentle hour's walk by the lake.

Highest point :           Getting out for a walk in fine weather.

Walked with :              Jenna, Ann and the dogs, Dylan and Dougal.

Weather :                      Sunshine and blue skies, amazing clouds at times.

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It was a fine start to the day, the pictures of the morning you may have already seen.

After lunch Jenna suggested a drive and a walk in the adjacent valley of Ennerdale and our drive took us past some of the local sights

and around to an almost full Bowness Knott car park from where we enjoyed a gentle stroll along the lakeside path.

Leaving home territory, venturing out in the car to Ennerdale.

This is was the view of Loweswater and Carling Knott from Thrushbank, the large roadside house on this side of the lake.

Past the delightfully named Fangs Brow Farm and heading for Lamplugh.

This is the start of the Coffin Route path that heads back towards High Nook and Maggie's Bridge.

On the slopes of Burnbank the paragliders are out and enjoying the updrafts on this sunny afternoon.

Further on we stop at Lamplugh Green, opposite Owsen Fell.

The public footpath that heads out from here does a sharp right after about a hundred yards and heads for the houses at Felldyke

so there's no direct access to Owsen Fell from this direction.

From the same spot but looking the opposite direction . . . Lamplugh Church, a fine red sandstone building.

The present building dates from 1870 though there are records of a church here from as early as 1150 AD.

The Parish of Lamplugh is spread out even more than Loweswater, but their one pub The Lamplugh Tip down on the main road, closed several years ago.

Further down on the next junction, near the Inglenook and Dockray Meadow caravan sites there's a new development of houses.

The first ones are nearing completion with more to follow.

Over the 'brow' of Cauda Brow and we gain a lovely view of the Ennerdale Valley and the high fells.

We're aiming for Bowness Knott which is the low craggy headland on the left hand side of the lake.

I always check behind . . . in case of traffic . . . or in case of a nice view !

There's a fine wind blown sky looking north on this sunny day.

Our drive takes us onward through the small village of Croasdale.

If my memory serves me correctly, the Ennerdale Brewery first started here

before expanding production onto a new industrial site near Rowrah, 3 miles away beyond Kirkland.

Bowness Knott fills our sights now as we near the lake.

The end of the road has a reasonably sized woodland car park where we managed to find one of the last parking spots.

Jen and Ann stopped by the notice board which gives the background to the "Wild Ennerdale" Project.

Ann's enjoying the chance of a walk on such a fine day.

The crags of Bowness Knott.
The Pillar on Pillar Fell across the  valley.

The gorse is out as we walk the lakeside path.

The canoeists are out enjoying the water as we look across at the Ennerdale skyline of Pillar and Steeple.

Jenna has a mobile phone camera and she's not afraid to use it !

Consequently you'll sadly find me appearing more often than normal in the pictures.

It's a Sunday afternoon, the car park was full and as a result there are quite a number of people about.

We practice the 'Covid-shuffle' a couple of times, moving sideways a yard or two from the path as folk pass.

The canoeists have moved on up the lake, passing the wooded picnic area on the scenic rocky outcrop.

Above them the mass of Pillar Fell with Wind Gap and Black Crag to the right.

The shaded area below Black Crag goes by the sinister name of Mirk Cove

(Murky implies "dark and gloomy, especially due to thick mist", mirky is an old spelling)

Further around the skyline is of the pointed Steeple Fell with Scoat Fell behind.

The map suggests a name of Mirkiln Cove for this one, with 'Haskett Buttress' presumably named after the famous rock climber.

The undulating lakeside path around Bowness Knott promontory gives access to some shingle beaches.

Chance for Dylan to get wet and then shake.

Dougal . . . he just gets wet and then even more wet . . . a real water dog.

Dougal stops long enough for Ann to take a photo.

. . . and they stay long enough for me to do the same.

Ann and I sitting down on the next beach.

It's a warm afternoon and jackets are cast aside, down here in the shelter of the bay.

A second, more natural photo when I'm not trying to smile for the camera.

On around the lakeside trail where we meet up with the forest road, 

close enough to the shore now to need the protection of a concrete wall.

A close up of the wooded promontory.

The canoeists have gone but the next water-borne visitors arrive using paddle boards.

To complete the trio of sports an open-water swimmer crosses the bay we were sitting by earlier.

A final view from the lakeside path.

Time to be heading back to the car, leaving the lake, the fells and the big skies to the other visitors.

Leaving the ever changing skies of Ennerdale.

Heading back over Cauder Brow top, past the old iron ore spoil heaps of the Kelton Fell mines.

Past western fells, old sandstone gateposts and the trees of the Knock Murton plantation.

Driving back to Loweswater and the familiar sight of Mellbreak standing proud over our home turf.

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