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" Embleton and Lorton . . . and Guest photos "


Date & start time:      21 - 24th May 2020.   

Location of Start :     By the red phone box, Loweswater, Cumbria, Uk. ( NY 143 211 )

Places visited :          Embleton, Lorton, the Loweswater Chair, Cockermouth and Ennerdale Lake.

Walk details :              Local only for us.

Walked with :              Ann and our dogs, Dylan and Dougal.

Weather :                    Sunny and dry with occasions cloud cover and a hint of rain.

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With the lock-down easing slightly there's more traffic about and more people walking down by the lakes.

A quick trip to the local Cash-and-Carry for supplies found me driving through Lorton on a fine sunny day.

The weather became a little less sunny of late but the dogs still need their walks, adding a change of colour to the sky in later photos.

Midweek started bright and sunny with lovely clear visibility.

Some overnight rain has allowed the grass to grow slightly . . . but not so much that I have to get up out of the chair and use the mower !

They say that if it is "great weather for ducks" then it is pouring with rain.

It seems the ducks like the sunshine too and float about on our pond, no doubt trying to spot tadpoles for lunch.

I've covered part of the pool with some netting which seems to have protected the small creatures.

They can hide under the water-weed that has grown around and through the net, far away from the long necks of their surface predators.

With the fine weather and the westerly breezes the long distance visibility has been good this week too.

This is Haystacks and Great Gable as seen from the garden.

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Web site photo from Caterite's Cash and Carry web page.

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I escaped the valley this week in search of food !

Well, to be fair I ordered it on-line and fixed a time to collect

from Caterite in Embleton, a few miles outside of Cockermouth.


Their normal customers, the pubs and restaurants of the area are shut,

so they've made great efforts to open to and supply the public instead.

A great service and one we're happy to support.

- - - o o o - - -

My route home was extended slightly, down towards Bassenthwaite Lake

passing the suburban-style town houses in Dubwath, built at the time of the railway, but looking unusual in this country location.

Inspired by this photo that Christine Goode sent me recently,

I called round to Bassenthwaite Station to see if there's any progress with the new attraction.

Sadly the Covid shut down of the construction trade has meant a halt to work.

Hopefully they will re-start soon so they can be ready for Christmas, or depending on progress, the spring/summer trade next year.

While I was at the old station a rumble of an aircraft filled the air.  Overhead flew a Hercules transport plane on a low-level training flight.

We often see these flying over Loweswater, some even doing night flights at gone midnight above our house.  At least is a gentle sound, unlike the jets.

The route home included a diversion into Lorton to call in the village shop.

Along the way I passed these lovely cottages at the entry to the village.

The grand house of Lorton Park,  just a little further into the village.

The footpath between here and the Whinlatter Road.

The top road climb from the village towards Whinlatter, skirting below Lorton's Kirk Fell seen here in the picture.

No road climb for me today as I need to call in the shop.

They have reserved us some milk and a dozen of the local farm's superb free-range eggs.

"The Shed with the View" is the shop's web site and Facebook name.

You've seen the shop . . . so I had better show you the view.

- - - o o o - - -

Walks this week have been a little further afield on occasions.

This was a late afternoon walk out to the chair on the coffin route overlooking Loweswater.

The dogs pose for a photo close to the chair.

Ann took the dogs one day and captured this image in the Quarry Field when she was trying out the camera on her phone.

The building is the Loweswater Church and the two short fences are protection for field trees out in the open area above the new plantation.

Another day we strolled down to the lake and back, only to be followed across the field by a flock of hungry sheep.

The farmer normally comes round about this time with some supplementary feed as the dry weather is still preventing the grass from growing well.

They were hoping that we were going to supply extra goodies tonight instead . . . sadly no.

- - - o o o - - -

We've also received a couple of local pictures from Loweswatercam web site viewers, showing the effects of the dry weather.


Hello Roger and Ann,

Walked down to the River Derwent in the middle of Cockermouth a few days ago just to show how severe the drought here really is.

Wonder when I'll be able to do this again ?

We also spent a couple of hours exploring and in places walking right up the middle of the Cocker . . . never seen it so low.

Double Mills on the River Cocker before it enters the town.  This was also the Cockermouth youth hostel at one time.

It is showing quite a beach now as the river gets smaller.

The drying River Cocker exposes a 6ft. Long old cog from the Rubby Banks Watermill.   

Try lifting it . . . it's really heavy !       Chris G.

Chris and Jeff offered a link to this interesting leaflet on the Mills of Cockermouth . . . click here to see the electronic version.

- - - o o o - - -

Eleanor Slaughter also posted the following pictures on her Facebook site

Crossing the river near Irish Bridge on an Ennerdale 'round the lake' walk.

The lake is experiencing low water levels just like Crummock and the other lakes in this area.

Follow her link for more photos of the walk.

Thanks to you both for use of the pictures . . . RmH


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Technical note: Pictures taken with either Ann's Panasonic Lumix TZ60, or my Panasonic Lumix Gx8 Camera.

Resized in Photoshop, and built up on a Dreamweaver web builder.

This site best viewed with . . . a little light rain in the last few days.

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