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" Crummock at Low Water and your Pictures "

Date & start time:      18th May 2020.    (various days and times)

Location of Start :     By the red phone box, Loweswater, Cumbria, Uk. ( NY 143 211 )

Places visited :          Crummock Water, the Weir and the old Jetty

Walk details :              Local walks.

Highest point :           Checking out the water levels each time.

Walked with :              Ann and our dogs, Dylan and Dougal.

Weather :                    Changeable weather, sunshine, overcast, even cloudy with rain at times.

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With all the fine weather we've had during the last two months the lake level is continuing to fall

and with the fish ladder dry and the old jetty showing it must be one of the lowest lake levels in 20 years. 

Added to this short set are more of your "lock-down" pictures from around the UK.

Mobile phone pictures, taken on the day the fish ladder stopped flowing.

The complete weir is now dry and the low river levels are being maintained purely by the flow through the sluice gates.

In the third photo, notice the small tree growing out of a crack in the concrete . . . guaranteed you couldn't grow a seed there however hard you tried.

Round at the small beach the stonework of the old jetty is starting to show above the water surface.

You can see the stones just beyond the fence.

Someone's fine natural artwork on the beach.

Even the four outer stones are properly aligned with north/south, east/west points of the compass.

On a subsequent walk to the lake we pass the well maintained garden at Low Park.

Usually the owner is trimming the grass on a regular basis . . . he's not needed to be out so often this year due to the drought.

We pass meadow flowers . . .
. . . and bog plants on the way to the lake.

Chance for some more fun at the beach for Dougal.

He will swim till we get fed up of throwing sticks !

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The jetty stones two days later

are now really standing clear of the water


I don't expect the level will get any lower

as there's rain in the forecast.


Catch the sight now before it goes.



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Dougal turning his nose up at a picture opportunity !

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And now a few photos from yourselves, around the UK and beyond . . .

Hello Ann & Roger

Just wondered if you had been this way lately (Bassenthwaite Lake Station). We ventured out to Ling Fell this morning and came back this way past the level crossing! We didn’t think there would be many people about on such a chilly morning and we were right.  

Chris Goode, (Cockermouth, Cumbria).

Hello Roger and Ann,

A short distance outside Leeds today for the first time since March! Just a walk through woods and fields round Bardsey (just North of the city), but it was so lovely to see a different horizon. Meg did really well, and had a great time, sniffing into everything.

I have no idea when I'll be back at work. In theory non-essential shops can open in June, but having had no income since March, the company can’t afford for us all to come off furlough at once (I work alone, but the other 2 shops have more staff) as there’s nothing much in the kitty. It’s looking like July at the earliest, and we'll just have to hope the customers come back and spend lots of money. Bit of a worry, but there’s nothing I can do about it.

The latest round of political ‘clarification’ was, I felt, utterly hopeless and far too ambiguous. I cannot understand why Boris announced that we can all travel as far as we like now for our exercise, when he must have known that many people would take that information and run with it. Absolute madness. I hope the Lakes hasn't been overrun this fine sunny Saturday, but I fear the popular spots will have been.

Anyway, on that cheery (!) note, I'll finish. Hope you and the boys are ok. I am really appreciating your photos.    Catherine W.

- - - o o o - - -


Hi Roger and Ann

Thought you might like to see that David uses large yogurt pots with their bottom cut out to protect his beans and has done for years. Also sprinkled around are finely broken egg shells. The netting is to stop cats digging nearby.

Also you might like to see the hare in the cereal field, probably barley, I had my camera with me and managed to get one reasonable shot of the hare....and about five other blurred ones, even in sports mode. It was David that spotted the hare.

This is Occupation Lane that we walked up, with cow parsley (I think) on one side.  We do so miss the Lakes and fells and really appreciate your photos.

Love to you both, Hilary and David XXXX

- - - o o o - - -

Hi Folks, I’m pleased to see you’re still getting in some lovely walks. Your photos keep the world alive.

I’ve been out for a walk today, along the local disused railway line. The Cromford and High Peak Railway opened in 1828 and closed down in 1967. It is now a popular walking and cycling route.  The route line went from High Peak Junction (1 mile south of Cromford, near Matlock) over the hills to Whaley Bridge.

It was originally surveyed as a canal route and the big inclines necessary on both sides of the hills meant that the number of locks involved would be prohibitive.

There were 9 inclines and most were far too steep for locos operating on traction alone. Trains had to be helped by being hauled up on steel cables and there were winding houses at the top of the slopes. I imagine the old drum house at the top of the Honister incline served a similar purpose.

The first picture is the winding house, along with the explanatory sign on the wall.

The other pictures are approaching the top of Sheep Pasture Incline and the gate on the next descent where the warning sign says the incline is 1 in 8 and ¾ of a mile long.

I hope everyone’s OK and keeping well.  Please give my regards to everyone.

All the best and thanks for the photos.   Syd.

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Lowell Lake in Londonderry, Vermont.

The walk 'round Loweswater this morning is truly lovely and I thank you for taking me there, via the magic of the internet. I currently live in Vermont in New England, with the Green Mountains, fast flowing streams and some miles away, Lake Champlain. The scale of the mountains and the big lake are different than in Cumbria but the most significant difference for me are the lack of public footpaths and the dense hillside forests that obscure the vistas. There are hiking trails and I need to explore them - today! - in hope of finding views.

Your walk-with-dogs around Loweswater inspired me to look for something similar near my new home in Vermont. This is Lowell Lake in Londonderry, Vermont. There are trails, the one encircling the lake is 3.5 miles long I think, and dogs on leashes are allowed. No ATVs, no mountain bikes, no snowmobiles, no motorized anything - that's a relief as many people here think it's a god-given right to go tearing into the woods making a racket and forcing quiet walkers to jump off the trails. My grandson and I plan to walk around the lake tomorrow with just one dog (on a leash) and enjoy the beauty of the landscape and the beautiful weather promised for tomorrow. Although the trees interfere with the long views of mountains, the vista across the lake is lovely.

Thank you, again. Judy Hallberg, Chester, Vermont.

- - - o o o - - -

Morning Roger,

Now I do appreciate the coals to Newcastle element to this photo (esp as you used to work at Fisher`s) but this is a beautiful photo from this morning.  We were meant to be coming up to stay in Braithwaite for 2 weeks this Friday.

Keep safe, David Nicolls (London).

- - - o o o - - -

Hello Hileys.
Due to the lock-down having been somewhat lessened, Mark, (my son) and I met up for the first time in three months for a socially distanced walk yesterday in Bradgate Park, halfway between our respective homes.  

Planning a longer walk - Bradgate to Beacon Hill circular - in a couple of weeks time.

Ian and Mark (in the foreground)

The Tower in Bradgate Park.

- - - o o o - - -

Hello Roger and Ann,

I’ve had an email waiting to go to you for weeks and never quite finished it! So I’ve decide to go ‘quick and sent’ rather than create a "long term missive".

Goodness, the air in London is really lovely at the moment, but we’re all thinking of The Loweswater air and the hills.

Like lots of others, I’ve been enjoying your walks on the website even more than ever these days. So thank you for those.

Ma is in lock down alone in her Hufhaus. She is doing her bit to re-wild her slice of suburbia. I made a carefully distanced visit two weeks ago. Really difficult not to start with a hug and I took my own sandwiches!  She’s missing the kids like mad but she’s also doing a lot of gardening, has mastered Face Time and has a legion of nice neighbours and mates. Here she is with her latest verge!

On the other hand, am re-wilding my house! It’s a bit of a tip in here - how do you get children to do chores?

We had a fabulous tulip season at 39 Burbage Road, evidence above. Now it’s getting a bit dry. My very caring neighbour is helping me with my veg patch in lockdown...she has loads of seedlings that she’d normally distribute to her two daughters’ gardens, so instead she’s planting them here.

A Lock down Result!    Catherine Mitchell (London)

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Finally a rather nice bedtime story


Click here or on the picture

and sit back to dream of better times ahead.

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If only people in power would take on board 

the realisation of what covid-19 has shown us.


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