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" Pin Mill  on our final day "

Date & start time:      1st January 2020.

Location of Start :     Pin Mill near Ipswich, Suffolk, UK. ( TM 205 380 )

Places visited :          The Slip, Wolverston, and the Butt and Oyster Pub.

Walk details :              Local walks around Pin Mill.

Highest point :           An early New Year meal out with the family.

Walked with :              Cathy Jack, Matt, Sam and Alexander, Gareth, Rhian and Luke,

                                        Ann and our dogs, Boris, Bilbo, Dylan and Dougal.

Weather :                      Misty mornings, clear days, nice evenings.

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The mornings were lovely during our stay and sadly this was our last one here for this visit.

I took advantage of the early morning sunshine and took the dogs for an eary walk.

Another local walk for the dogs and myself in the sunshine.

Out on the boardwalk . . . more stable now as it is aground.
A local boat moored out beyond the scrubbing posts.


An old Thames Barge lies at mooring in deeper water.

The pole and the red marker serve to highlight the concrete slipway as a place to avoid anchoring.

A lobster boat and a day sailer dried out at their river moorings.

King's small tender is often used to access these boats once the tide is in.
More boats stored in the boatyard compound behind the houses.

Time to be heading back up the pontoons.

The small River Grindle is contained by the concrete jetty and helps to wash the mud away from the landing area.

The "scrubbing posts and the horizontal timbers next to them serve as a low tide dry dock for cleaning the hulls of larger boats.

Oyster catchers leave footprints as they walk across the mud in search of food.

- - - o o o - - -



Nearing the top of the pontoons

I see a larger set of footprints

setting off through the mud.


They look more retriever like than oyster catcher !



Now which of my dogs will need a wash

before going back indoors ?



- - - o o o - - -

Not to worry . . . the house and a hosepipe are not far away.

Perhaps it would be easier just to wash them in a pool in the Grindle stream as we pass the boatyard.

- - - o o o - - -

One last visitor during the afternoon

Gill, Cathy's Medical School colleague and now a friend of the family

who was able to travel up to Pin Mill for the afternoon. 

Lovely to see you today and also to have time to chat and catch up with life.

- - - o o o - - -


The final job was to help Cathy take down the decorations

while people are still about to help.


Soon the holidays will be over

everyone will be back at work, college

or otherwise engaged.



Tomorrow we'll be heading north 

to meet our other daughters

and to catch up with the rest of our family.

It has been a great stay.


- - - o o o - - -


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