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" Scawgill Bridge and Spout Force "

Date & start time:      21st December 2019.  3.10 pm start.

Location of Start :     Roadside at Scawgill Bridge, Vale of Lorton, Cumbria, Uk. ( NY 177 257 )

Places visited :          Scawgill Bridge and Spout Force (waterfall).

Walk details :              1 mile, 300 ft of ascent, 45 mins.

Highest point :           The top footpath above the falls.

Walked with :              Ann and our dogs, Dylan and Dougal.

Weather :                      Overcast but dry . . . making the forest dark and the camera flash busy.

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It is good to get out to stretch the legs and the dogs need a walk every day, but where to go is the question ?

Today we needed to call into the shop in Lorton to say thanks to Lee and Arwen for displaying and selling our calendars

so we chose a walk in their area, a little further from home than ones we manage on a normal busy day.

Looking down on our parking spot, from up in the quarry.

The road is plenty wide enough to park at the sharp bend before Scawgill Bridge, on the road climb up and over the Whinlatter Pass.

The quarry was created in order to provide the stone for the large bridge that now spans the valley.

It is only mid-afternoon, but on the 21st December, the shortest day, the sunset is well before 4pm.

Still there's no reason why we can't sit for a moment and enjoy the view.

The old track has been washed away and now ends at a six foot drop into the river.

A new track has developed up and to the left so the route remains open to the waterfalls.

Ahead is a white object on the side of the path . . . I hope it is not litter.

No . . . it's a large quarts boulder, probably classed as a glacial erratic

but one that has been washed down here from higher up the fells rather than deposited in situ by an ancient glacier.

If you can, hold your cursor over the picture to see where the river was in relation to the stone, just five years back.

The bridge over the Aiken Beck has also been replaced as it also suffered in the flood that scoured out the river.

Note the hat and gloves . . . it is not freezing but it is a damp sort of cold today.

The path up the valley now climbs up into the trees.

Not all of them are conifers . . . this one's a fine silver birch.
If you stay on the low path it is a dead end !
To reach the falls we must climb back up onto the normal path.
Spout Force, running well today after the recent rain.

Spout Force is actually one of the lesser falls in the National Park as the falls only measure about 30 feet in height

but it is contained within a classic rocky gorge and so is really worth the walk to view.

Ann waits at the end of the main path where there's a viewing platform for the waterfall.

On the way up we passed a path junction so I explore . . .
. . . the path doubles back, up through the trees.

. . . and eventually reaches an upper path with a protective fence.

We are now directly above the falls but the view down is poor . . .
. . . however there is a better view down the valley from up here.

The path continues on, but not for us today.

Ann has stayed on the lower path and is already heading back, as time is not on our side.

As we reached the chair again the sun is already setting behind the clouds on the west coast.

To make a change we drive the top Swinside road back towards Loweswater, taking in the view north over the Solway Plain.

There's also a lovely view down over Lorton Village but this is the top road with the two gates to open.

Good job I have someone in the passenger seat (he he !).

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