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" Cogra Moss after the Pipe Work"

Date & start time:    Saturday 7th September 2019.    4.30 pm start.

Location of Start :   Felldyke car park, Lamplugh, Cumbria, Uk. ( NY 085 198 )

Places visited :         Felldyke and Cogra Moss Reservoir.

Walk details :             2 miles, 150 feet of ascent, a 1 hours 30 mins leisurely stroll.

Highest point :          Cogra Moss Reservoir.  740ft above sea level.

Walked with :             Ann and our dogs, Dylan and Dougal.

Weather :                    Sunshine and blue skies.

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Last time we went to Cogra Moss they were renovating the overflow / drainage system for the reservoir.

The place was a mess, there were contractor's equipment churning up the track and there was mud everywhere.

This was the scene in December last year when the work was in full progress.

We'd estimated that it should now be done and dusted, cleared and grown back, after having time to settle in over the summer.

Time for a re-visit . . . and Saturday was a nice day to go . . . it also meant we kept away from the crowds elsewhere .

This was the fine long distance view of Scotland looking over the roof of the Felldyke Bunkhouse and the Solway Plain at the start of the walk.

It's a promising start . . . new gates and not a drop of mud in sight.

Looking over the fields to Owsen Fell.

The new fences along side the track we are on has created a field that is being used to keep two rather nice horses.

Up at the forest gate . . . no shortages of notices . . . but all about forestry or fishing.

The first view of Cogra Moss reservoir through the ancient beech trees avenue alongside the track.

The mountain in the background is Blake Fell, more normally seen by us from the Loweswater side.

Looking down at the Cogra Moss reservoir overflow

and along side it the new (red) pipe system for emergency draining of the lake, should it ever be necessary.

Up at track level only a new set of steps and a few manhole covers are evidence of the extensive work done.

On the other side of the wall, a new concrete cover . . .
. . . that hides and protects the two pipes that are sunk in the lake.

Life goes on as before . . . and the fishermen are back.

To avoid the guys fishing on the right hand side, we opt to go left and cross the dam.

It is a beautiful afternoon and the colours are lovely, the lake reflecting the rich blue of the sky above.

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Looking back at the one fisherman on this side . . . he's fly fishing for trout or whatever the lake holds.

A boardwalk projects shoreward from the island and gives access to a seat and fishing position further out into the lake.

We skirt round the shoreline and aim for a different seat . . .
. . . where we have a great view up the length of Cogra Moss.

A word of warning:  They are improving the path around the lake and the gravel path on the other side is quite well advanced.

No such luck this side and with the recent rains the lake level is up and the going was extremely damp to reach this viewpoint.

No such problems for the dogs as they positively revel in the water.

Dylan . . . why am I having my picture taken instead of playing ?
Sorry Dougal . . . no sticks, no ball here . . . it's DIY today !
Passing the island on the way back.
Fishing waders needed to reach the boardwalk.

Several years ago the lake was littered with dozens of these structures giving the fishing club formal fishing positions on the lake.

Thankfully most of them have been tidied away and the place looks much better . . . maybe they could even remove these last few

and give the islands and the lake a more natural look ?  . . . just a thought.

It has not been a good year for heather as the purple flowers have been short lived in the changeable, sometimes autumnal weather.

A last look back at Blake Fell as we head back down the track to the car at Felldyke.

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