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" Sheffield with Jenna and Paula 2019 "

Date & start time:    Friday to Sunday 12/14thJuly, 2018. 

Location of Start :   Pin Mill Suffolk, Uk. ( TM 206 380 )

Places visited :         Peterborough and Sheffield, Whinstone Lee Tor and home.

Walk details :             2.75 miles, 450 feet of ascent, 1 hours 15 mins.

Highest point :          Whinstone Lee Tor, 1325 ft - 412m.

Walked with :             Ann and our dogs, Harry and Dylan.

Weather :                    Overcast ... with a dark rain cloud hovering above us on the walk.

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After our journey south and east to Pin Mill, it was time to turn round and motor north and west to return home.

On the way we stopped off with friends for lunch and stayed with our daughter in Sheffield for a couple of nights.

No doubt there would be a similar 'daughterly' list of jobs for Dad to do as Cathy had !

Tables reversed . . . Sherran and Bill normally travel up to see us in the Lakes.

Today they entertained us at their home with lunch in their lovely garden.

- - - o o o - - -

A few hours further north and we find ourselves in Sheffield where Jenna has her home.

Her fairly recent fence is now blending in nicely . . . as if it has been there for years.

Another hot day . . . and supper outside. . . but this time it was in Jenna's garden.

She has worked wonders with her front, rather sloping garden

and has grown flowers and vegetables in the beds and in the raised box by the fence.

- - - o o o - - -

Early evening the dogs heard the sound of a high-pitched bark outside and we looked out to see what was happening.

An urban fox . . . a regular sighting for Jenna, a new one for us.
By the time I went out with the camera he had gone up the lane.

Apparently the enclosed electrical sub-station grounds opposite are home to a small family of foxes.

- - - o o o - - -


During our stay we enjoyed some retail therapy

and then of course had to install Jenna's new Dyson cleaner

somewhere in her cupboard under the stairs . . . good old dad !


She also insisted that we get out to enjoy a walk in

the Peak District, which started on the western outskirts of town.


We headed out to the area overlooking Ladybower Reservoir.

 ( walk details at the head of this page.)

- - - o o o - - -

Leaving the big city behind . . .

. . . we head out into the countryside.

- - - o o o - - -



After several ups and downs,

crossing the hills and valleys that characterise the city,

we find ourselves on the A57 Snake Pass Road.


We parked on the roadside just before we reached Ladybower

because Jen had suggested a walk out to

Whinstone Lee Tor, overlooking the reservoir.


It looks like Jenna opened the door and Ann fell out !

In truth it was less dramatic . . .

Ann had just sat down to do her laces up !



- - - o o o - - -

Across the road and onto the moors.

This was the view across to Stanage Edge as we climbed up from the road in the valley below.

The sky was generally overcast during our stay . . . but during the walk we had a big black cloud lurking overhead !!

We did put our coats on at one point but we could hardly say we got wet.

A recently upgraded section of bridleway path . . .
. . . edged in places with new season heather just coming into bloom.

A signpost that looked like a grave cross on the way up

was just one of three that adorned the path junction at the hause.

A photo from the National Trust's third sign proclaiming Whinstone Lee Fields to be Trust property ahead.

We looked north and down on the fields and the reservoir below.

It was a  warm, slightly muggy day and the humidity was high . . . so we sat down to admire the view.

Suitably rested we decided to extend the walk up onto the top of the Whinstone Lee Tor seen behind us.

As we climbed, the view widened slightly to include more of the reservoir.

This time Jenna is in charge of the camera for a photo of the two of us

The two other members of the family today . . . Dougal (I'll smile nicely and look at the camera) dog

and Dylan (oh no, not another portrait, I'll look away) . . . on the rocks of Lee Tor.

Ann and Jenna on the same group of rocks . . . with the A57 Ladybower Bridge behind.

The wake of a small boat dissects the still water of the  reservoir.

The view south west across the grassy Crook Hill, to Wooler Knoll (the forestry), middle distant Lose Hill and in the far distance, Mam Tor.

Kinder Scout is the plateau to the right of the picture.

What goes up must come down . . . and we retrace our steps to the signposts . . . heading for home.

Taking the outward path back towards the car.

In areas of old burnt heather we spotted movement . . . a red grouse

Jen also spotted a hare higher up towards the bracken (but it alluded myself and the camera).

A little further along the hillside a group of five more grouse making their way through the rocks.

These are classed as wild birds but of course probably derive from the management of the grouse shooting in this area.

( Hardly a so-called 'sport' as they move slowly and advertise their presence by squawking . . . sadly making them easy targets.)

The final stretch . . . back down a small side valley towards the car.

Dougal and Dylan take advantage of the cool water.
A range of notices on the gatepost.

On quick inspection the top and second notices are contradictory.  The first implies "DOGS ON A LEAD" allowed.

The second notice says "NO DOGS ALLOWED ON ACCESS LAND".

On closer inspection (and it took glasses) it says "except along the right of way, guide dogs, hearing dogs or if the owners give consent."

It made no differentiation between well-behaved or disobedient dogs !

- - - o o o - - -

Back home and Dylan, looking remarkably dry, awaits his visitors.

Paula (and granddaughter Abi) are over for the evening.

Dougal is fanned by Paula whilst Dylan gives Abi a warm welcome.

The dogs stay at home as we head out for a rather nice Thai meal at the All Siam Thai Restaurant in Sheffield.

Paula's picture from the other side of the table.

- - - o o o - - -


Abi stayed on overnight . . . so it was four for breakfast on the Sunday.

(Jen would drop her back to Tickhill later in the day)

Any breakfast for us ?
The shed door was open as there are a few more minor jobs to do . . .

. . . but we left Jen watering the garden as we packed the car and headed back home to Loweswater.

- - - o o o - - -


Technical note: Pictures taken with either Ann's Panasonic Lumix TZ60, my Panasonic Lumix Gx8 Camera or various mobile phones..

Resized in Photoshop, and built up on a Dreamweaver web builder.

This site best viewed with . . . practice at fitting the Dyson cylone cleaner on the wall, prior to doing the same here at home later !

( By buying two and we qualified for a Curry's Black Label discount !)

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