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" Outer Hebrides 2019 - 11 - Time to head Home "


Date & start time:    Friday 24th / Saturday 25th May 2018.    

Location of Start :   The cottage at South Loch Boisdale   ( Map ref: NF 786 175)

Stayed at :                Seann Taigh South Lochboisdale, South Uist, Hebrides, UK.

Places visited :       Beinn Sciathon (Beinn Scrien) on Eriskay, Lochboisdale and Mallaig.

Walk details :          A final walk of 2.2 miles, 750ft of ascent, 1.5 hours.

With :                         Ann and our dogs, Dylan and Dougal.

Weather :                  Overcast with variable cloud and a cool breeze.  Poor weather forecasted.

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Our last full day on the islands was rather overcast . . . rather 'flat' light as you might say.

The sky blended into the sea and the brightness of the colours had faded, but no matter, it was still a nice place for a walk.

We decide to cross the causeway to Eriskay one more time, to climb to the highest point of the island.

Ludag harbour and distant Barra as we approach the new road.

The sound of Eriskay . . . with the causeway to the right and Ben Scrien ahead.

No we haven't taken a wrong turning . . .

We just diverted slightly to work out where we wild-camped all those years ago.

We had a lovely view of Eriskay, then an sea enclosed island, from our caravan's front window.

Today's car and today's parking . . . on the top road more towards the new ferry jetty on Eriskay.

A view of the village as we start the climb.

Flying around us were several moorland birds, their loud calls giving away their position as we walked by.

They often landed on the rocks and grassy humps within camera range . . . spot the bird above.

Perhaps this will be a bit clearer . . .

They were lovely Golden Plovers

[ Their haunting cry can be heard on the RSPB website via the link here ]

We discovered a partially way-marked trail later, but for now we were guessing our way along, looking for a route up.

The green fault line up the hill ahead looked as if it would be the easiest and most direct way through the crags.

Careful not to walk on flowers . . .
get bogged down in the sphagnum moss . . .
. . . or step in any of that !

Eriskay is famous for their own breed of Eriskay Island horse . . . they were not to be seen yet . . . but they had been this way ahead of us !

Climbing steadily up the grassy rake was easy enough and soon we were high above Loch Cracabaigh.

Beyond it is the sea inlet of Loch Acairseid that we visited a few days ago.

Dylan celebrates reaching the summit first by having a roll on the moorland grass.

High above . . . was it an eagle ?   Sorry not even a "tourist eagle" (buzzard) but a common old crow gliding around on the breeze.

When we made the summit they both wanted to celebrate by being the highest dog on the island.

With modern Gps, the trig point is hardly going to be used for mounting a theodolite any more,

so the Eriskay community has fixed a viewpoint plaque to the top . . . I'd turn it round for you but it was fixed by four big screws !

In the Sound of Eriskay . . . the small island of Calvay . . . close to the final resting place of the ill-fated "SS. Politician".

The harbour at Haun . . . it would seem the tide is out but since our earlier visit the boat on the slipway has sailed.

St Michael's Church sitting on the hill above the village, the new road curving round below it.

The poor weather that was forecast for later looks as if it may arrive early.

The briefest of showers and by the time the coat and hat were on . . . it was time to take them off again.

Heading back down the grassy rake to the conveniently located gateway.
Back across the slightly boggy area on the lower plateau.
Time to stop for one last look at the moorland flowers . . .
. . . these were the lovely pinks of the Lousewort

Another stone . . . another chance for a really posed photo !

The shower had cleared away and the long distance views returned . . . you may be able to see the hills of Rhum in the background.

Nearly down and my foreground interest sit quietly on the cliff top as I take a photo of the approaching Barra ferry.

We had considered a day trip to Barra (where we had stayed on two previous occasions)

as part of our itinerary during this last few days on the Uists.

We could get a ticket to sail across but all the return places had been booked, so it was not to be this time.

After a short search we find a convenient way "over the edge" and back down to the road.

Back down by the road now . . . close to that modern house we saw from the beach a few days ago.

Beinn Scrien was a great little climb to round off the week . . . shame about not finding those Eriskay horses.

Problem solved . . . two of them were in a field lower down . . . next to one of the houses in the village.

Motoring along with the rising tide, this small fishing boat speeds through the arch in the centre of the causeway.

When I stopped the car he was on the other side of the causeway . . . the guy on the roof gave us a wave as we left.

- - - o o o - - -

Back home at the cottage and time to wind things up for the week.

We've enjoyed several nice sunsets . . .

This one on our final night was superb.

The daylight lasted long after the sun had disappeared . . .

. . . in fact there was still colour in the sky at midnight.

Taking panoramic pictures when we should be in bed . . . we've an early start in the morning.

- - - o o o - - -

When the alarm woke us at at 4 am the sun was already starting to colour the sky.

Sunrise on our last morning.

By the time the bags were packed and a quick breakfast consumed, the sky was getting lighter.

Lochboisdale Ferry port . . . just before we started loading for the 6am ferry.

Sadly this was the last dry picture we took on holiday . . . that weather front had finally arrived.

Our Seann Taigh cottage seen through the gloom . . . as we set off from the island.

Rain shrouded Canna and Rhum came and went as we crossed back to the mainland.

This was a damp looking Loch Nevis, with Knoydart on the left, as the boat turned to make its approach to Mallaig.

The briefest of delays as the Mallaig to Armadale (Skye) ferry cleared the harbour . . .

. . . and it was our turn to dock at the Mallaig jetty.


The view of Ben Nevis . . . seen between the wiper blades as we approached Fort William.

They were never really turned off all the way back to our home in Cumbria.

- - - o o o - - -

If you have followed our holiday all the way through . . . congratulations for your perseverance and thank you for viewing.

Also, many thanks to those of you who have written to us with your stories and thoughts that our pictures have evoked along the way.

- - - o o o - - -

Hi Roger & Ann,

Thank you so much for your Scottish Tour pictures - just loved travelling with you, though I never did visit the Islands (other than Mull/Iona). I knew that there was something in the back of my mind about Eriskay but have only just remembered - it is, of course, the source of a beautiful tune, the Eriskay Love Lilt, revived by the Seekers and others in the 1960’s.

Judith Durham & The Seekers - Eriskay Love Lilt    (left click ... or right click and open in new tab to play)

All the very best and thank you for the incredible effort you go to to keep the website up and running - it’s much appreciated "Down Under” in the antipodes.    David and Dorothy Glover.


Hi both - many thanks for sharing your "Outer Hebrides" photos. A wonderful holiday in beautiful Scotland. So many things to see and do. I thoroughly enjoyed your photos, and a great incentive to visit at some point.  Best wishes, David Claxton.

Let me join all those who have already written their thanks to you for giving us your holiday in photos and text. It has been no hardship to go all the way with you, Ann and your lovely dogs, Dylan and Dougal and has been like a mini holiday for me especially as you choose places I have never been. You also find some lovely homes in which to stay. Your accounts inspire me to consider similar holidays for my husband and I when we have time on one of our UK trips. The Mull of Kintyre is one as it is not so far away when our time is so limited but I still would love to visit the outer Hebrides. We honeymooned on Mull, have visited Skye and also the Orkneys - all very enjoyable.  So, congratulations again and thank you for all your reports on your walks and travels. With best wishes to all, Ruth Giles, Canada.

Just like to say that I have enjoyed your post on the Hebrides, as in fact I enjoy all your posts very much. Long may you continue with the good work, much appreciated and realise how much work is entailed.
Denis Swire. UK.

Hi Ann & Roger & your beautiful boys, just wanted to say how I've enjoyed looking at your recent holiday pictures ... looks like you had a great time, we love the Highlands, we only came back from Gairloch in May and already have next year's planned ... we've often been tempted by the islands but such a long journey for us...we are going for 3 weeks next year so hope to maybe get a trip booked in.  Suzanne Mouring. UK.

Hi Roger & Ann.
Great pictures from South Uist. Brought back great memories from the 60’s. As a 14/15 year old with my family, we camped on the beach at the tip of S. Uist. Spent my time with the Crofter on his farm making haystacks. One of the stand out meals in the whole of my life was in his home. Potatoes that had the taste of the earth in them, home made bread & butter & a pot of tea - out of this world!  Times of innocence!
Regards, Andrew (Bradford).

Hi – I’m really enjoying the photographs of your Hebridean holiday like you, we had a holiday on Lewis & Harris many years ago, staying in a cottage not far from Callanish (no visitor centre, and no other visitors when we were there). I remember going to see the broch – it was a Sunday and as we arrived a lady came out of a nearby house to lock the public toilets!   Regards, Elaine Blackman.

Thanks everyone for you lovely responses to our photos . . . Roger and Ann.

- - - o o o - - -


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