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" Autumn in Lanthwaite Woods "

Date & start time:    Saturday 27th October, 2018.    2.30 pm start.

Location of Start :   NT Car Park at Scale Hill, Loweswater, Cumbria, Uk. ( NY 149 214 )

Places visited :         Brackenthwaite Hows, the Boat House and back via the river path.

Walk details :             2 miles, 500 feet of ascent, 1 hours 15 mins.

Highest point :           Brackenthwaite Hows (Scale Hill) 676 ft - 208 m.

Walked with :             Myself and just one dog, Dylan.

Weather :                    Sunshine and blue skies.

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The full autumn colours are not with us yet but that doesn't stop the valley looking good on a fine day.

I take Dylan on a longer, unplanned route through the woods, often side-tracking through undergrowth where puppy legs wouldn't cope.

If the sun shines, the cool temperatures continue and we don't get any strong winds to blow the leaves off the trees

it will be a very colourful autumn in Loweswater this year.

The mixed colours of Lanthwaite Woods and Scale Hill as seen from the finger post at the Brackenthwaite end of the village.

The dark greens are conifers, the light brown the oaks and the russet reds are the beech trees turning colour with the season.

I park at the National Trust car park next to the river, but instead of heading out on the normal forest track

I take a left after the gate and take a smaller path up through the woods.

Not only the trees are changing colour, here the recently browned bracken catches the light as its summer foliage dies back.

Straight up towards the blue skies . . .
following an old footpath through the woods
. . . and up the Victorian rock steps.

On the flanks of Scale Hill the predominant woodland is oak with some scots pine.

Above the natural tree line new woodlands have been planted.

In places they are starting to gain height . . . here the light brown beech saplings are reaching four or five feet high in places.

Looking down on the bluebell field of  Brackenclose . . . the brown being bracken of course.

In spring there can be good displays of bluebells here but they are really challenged for sunlight if the bracken is early.

Grasmoor and Lanthwaite Green with the deep valley of Gasgale and the Liza Beck .

"Lord of all he surveys" today.

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Down through the deer gates which protect the new woodland . . .
. . . and back onto the older woodland paths.

Lanthwaite Cottage seen through the trees.

A mighty scots pine downed by last winters gales.
Fallen leaves from autumn sycamores.

The colours change as we encounter a group of younger beech trees.

Red this time . . . not sure of the variety . . .
. . . . but the colour against the face of Grasmoor was a delight.
A fallen tree catches the sun, in a clearing of its own making.
Downhill now towards the side of Crummock Water.

The rich blues of the sky reflect in the cool waters of the lake.

That hasn't deterred this gentleman from having a swim while his family and friends watch from the shore.

Hello to Chris and Barbara from Cockermouth and their London friends who are up on holiday this week.

(Hope I've got the names right as I didn't write them down when I got home !)

Heading back on the second half of the walk . . .
. . . along the wide "miles without stiles" track above the lake.

Down towards the beach at the foot of the lake.

The weir at the foot of Crummock.

It makes you "pine" for the outdoors.
Another weir, this time a smallerl one in the River Cocker

One of the deeper pools as the river twists and turns on its way through the woods.

The bend in the river as it passes close to the forest track.

Completing the rest of the meander just before the "swimming" pool.

Dylan takes a dip . . . or rather he chases a stick . . . in one of the lower pools.

The sparkles in the last photo seen with the lens drawn back.
This took two or three goes to catch him in the one bit of sunlight.

A cross country diversion through the light undergrowth once more

brought me out to the main track in the avenue of taller beech trees.

Quite a lot of fallen leaves already, the colours varying from yellows to reds and browns.

One of the best displays of colour was reserved for the trees in the car park at the end of the walk.

- - - o o o - - -

Back home . . . to Ann and the puppy who had been out on a shorter field walk in my absence.

Me and my mate !

I love the way he's placed his paw over Dylan's.

" Do we wait for another photo uncle ? "

Hold your cursor over the picture to make them sit up and smile.

Such a busy day . . . and Dylan is getting more cramped in the dog bed as each day passes.

In the last four weeks Dougal's put on about 4 kilos of weight . . . I don't even remember buying that much puppy food !

- - - o o o - - -

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