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" Harry's Pool with Jude "

Date & start time:    Thursday 18th October, 2018.  10.20 am start.

Location of Start :   By the red phone box, Loweswater, Cumbria, Uk. ( NY 143 211 )

Places visited :         Harry's Pool, Flass Woods, Low Park, Park Bridge and back.

Walk details :             2.1 miles, 350 feet of ascent, 1 hours 10 mins.

Highest point :          Taking new people (Jude and Dougal) on a favourite local walk.

Walked with :             Judith, Cathy and Alexander, Ann and the dogs Boris, Bilbo, Dylan and Dougal.

Weather :                    Autumnal sunshine and blue skies. Calm but cool.

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We wake to a glorious autumnal morning after the first slight frost of the season.

Judith has to return home today after her short stay, but the weather is lovely and she doesn't have to leave till after lunch.

Cathy will take the opportunity  to meet another of her local friends this afternoon, so a morning walk will suit everyone.

First frost on the fields of Loweswater.

Mellbreak is on the left and Hen Comb in the centre, with Harry's Pool in between.

The early morning sun bursts over Rannerdale Knotts at this time of year and floods the garden with bright sunlight.

(I'm told this pictures made the weather report on the TV via my entry on the Weather Watchers site)

A mid-morning start for our walk "from the red phone box".

The sun has risen higher and has had time to warm the ground

so the frost has gone by the time we start our walk.

The Kirkstile Inn where we enjoyed our meal last night.

The name probably derives from Kirk (Church) and Stile (stall or farm) where the vicar would leave his horse during his visits.

Dougal probably feels "left behind" on the wall with no way down as we all stand back.

Little does he know that this is hopefully the start of a long career as 'foreground interest' in photos for the website.

We head up the bridleway from Kirkhead Farm towards Mellbreak.

The cattle are still out enjoying the fields and the sunshine.

The wall on the left has been dislodged by the movement of the tree during the recent windy spells

and the sheep only make it worse as they clamber over in search of possible greener grass on the other side !

The youngsters are growing up fast.

Identical triplets . . . not quite, check out the white patches on their heads.

An older lady strolls around, others are just relaxing . . .
. . . enjoying the views of distant Carling Knott.
In the shadow of Mellbreak the frost still holds alongside the path.
Dougal looks a little damp from walking through it.

Down by the Mosedale Beck, as it reaches the pool by the stepping stones . . . Harry's Pool.

It makes a great place to dive or at least jump into, especially for Boris today.

Maybe Ann is thinking what a mad dog he is . . . with the water temperature being what it is today !

The other three are off exploring the river bank.

Dougal, his first time up at the pool, sits for a moment and takes it all in . . . looking this way and that as the others run about.

Hold your cursor over the picture to follow his movements as he watches.

The temptation is too much . . . I'm off to see what this water is all about !

The water is reasonably high and the stones on the exit of the pool would be difficult to step across dry shod today.

Still, we're not heading that way . . . we'll head up and back via Flass Woods.

The path around the back of the woodland under Mellbreak gives lovely views of Whiteside, Hopegill and Grasmoor summits.

Looking back at Loweswater through the trees.
Ahead to Hopegill Head and Sand Hill

The first part, Flass Woods (Cumbrian - white woods), may be named after the fact that they keep more frost under the shadow of Mellbreak.

Green Woods, the second half, gets more sunlight.
The views down through the trees to the Kirkstile Inn.

Dylan sits in the sunshine amongst old fallen branches close to the track.

Just a quick artistic photo . . . I don't care if I'm 'slated' for taking still life instead of landscapes.

A richly coloured Acer tree in a Low Park garden.

Another catches the autumn sunshine beautifully.
Low Park Bridge across Park Beck, the lower reaches of Mosedale Beck.

It's a short walk back across the fields to Gillerthwaite and the red phone box.

Another trio . . . companionship in a big world full of grass.

The ancient oak are starting to turn colour and lose leaves in this view of Loweswater Church.

An old pine has long ago crashed to the ground, smashing the old wall as it fell.

Back to square one.
The wind vane hangs in the still air.
Reflection pool in our paddock.

- - - o o o - - -

After lunch we say goodbye to Jude after her short but delightful stay.

Cathy had one more evening with us, and after a post-walk snooze the puppy was bouncing again.

The evening gives the dogs chance to play together.

Tug of war for two turns to three once the little one has worked out the logistics.

It's been a long day for little paws (those are Dylan's not his by the way) and it's time to rest.

- - - o o o - - -

Technical note: Pictures taken with either Ann's Panasonic Lumix TZ60, or my Panasonic Lumix Gx8 Camera.

Resized in Photoshop, and built up on a Dreamweaver web builder.

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