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" The 142nd Loweswater and Brackenthwaite Agricultural Show "

" The Loweswater Show - 2018 "

One of the classic Lakeland Agricultural Shows is held here in the Lorton Valley

with events and entertainment both on and off the field.

Date & time:           Sunday 2nd September 2018, 10 am - 4 pm.

Location :               Opposite New House Farm, Loweswater , Cumbria, Uk. ( NY 156 240)

Walked with :         Jo, Maggie, Ann and with Jo's dog Amber and our Dylan,

                                   plus friends and ... about 2,500+ other people.

Weather :                A reasonable forecast, mist and slight drizzle, clearing to sunshine during the morning.



Final preparations have been completed, entries sorted and arrangements made in time for the 2018 Loweswater Show

which was held this week in the Lorton Valley.  The format is unchanged so let's hope the weather holds for our day out.

Do follow along as we take a walk around the fields and try our best to see all that's on offer today.

This is the 142nd Show . . . a photograph on display today shows the event

in the field below the Church and Kirkstile Inn (gable end left) in 1907.

It seems horses were important  as they would have been working animals at the time . . . and check out all the bikes.

Today the show still includes horses . . .
. . . plus of course the sheep and goats.

I'm off to the show ground to place our competition entries on display.

The ladies of the Industrial Tent are sorting the prize raffle and, at the other end, sorting out the entries for the day.

My Cob Loaf is added to a challenging group of others.
Old Photographs . . . " A Family Group pre-1940".

[ Class 32 is one of the few where you are allowed to enter items that were not taken by or made by yourself.]

The tables are full . . .
and judging has begun . . . time to leave them to it.

- - - o o o - - -

I meet up with Ann and Jo, the other member of our group today, Maggie, is somewhere around.

We check out the classic Herdwick sheep.

They are dressed in 'ruddle red' for the Show.
An older Herdwick ram . . . a wise old head by the look of it.

Judging is important . . . both heads and body structure (hence facing away from the judge).

Success here makes for better breeding and better prices should they sell the sheep at market.

Not all the sheep are Herdwick.  These are Cheviot sheep I believe.

Competitions for young handlers too . . . one proud Mum takes a winner's photo.

This year they have a "Pet the Lamb" stall . . . in aid of the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institute.

Dressed in their best . . . hardly traditional colours.

On a humorous side . . . this goat was trying hard to drag a bag of feed into his pen when the boss wasn't looking !

- - - o o o - - -

Time to move on and see more of the show . . .

Two local alpacas from Bardsey Meadows farm . . . welcome Frank and George.

In the main ring the fell ponies are being judged.

Horses and ponies " in hand" . . .
. . . and being ridden.

A welcome pat after a successful ride . . . Rosa Calypso in class 12 . . . " Riding horse over 15.2 hands".

Dressage event for the larger horses . . .

A lovely display of horse control . . .
. . . as horse and rider follow a set routine around the ring.

In the sunshine now . . . the pet dog judging is taking place in the side ring.

Trying to line up in some sort of order before prizes are awarded.

We meet up with friends, both from the valley and further away.

Here Chris and Harry from Maryport are enjoying their day out.

Nearer the roadside, the Vintage Section including these older tractors.

Gleaming stationary engines "in steam".
A belt drive turns a butter churn to make cream making easier.

Some cars from my youth are now regarded as classics . . . here a Ford Escort Mexico,

a classic rally car of its day, presented in beautiful condition.

An early British Leyland Mini . . . even older than mine.
My dad drove a Morris traveller estate just like this one.

A heavy duty Army Landrover Wolf 90 Defender.

Friends Richard and Alun stand next to this classic 1924, 3 litre Bentley.

- - - o o o - - -

The Poultry Tent was open after judging.
A fine selection of chickens and water fowl on display.

. . . some more "soft-feather" than others.

There's more to chickens it seems
. . . than your normal farmyard chucks.

The Poultry Tent also had a competition for Hen and Bantam eggs.

Alongside the main arena were trade stands and charity stalls.

Here the Blood Bikes Charity was raising awareness for their blood transfusion rapid-transport service.

Radio Cumbria was in attendance.

Helen's Herbs had a colourful display of flowers and vegetables for sale.

Children's games . . . pick a winning straw to get a prize.
Go fishing and "Hook a Duck".

These country fairs were important occasions for suppliers to bring their produce to the country folk.

I think most folk can drive to the shops now . . . but convenience and the unusual items brings sales to those who set up the stalls.

Traditional clothing and modern farm wear.
Lamberts have their Optical Goods on sale.
You could buy pictures and calendars . . .
. . . or perhaps some lunch !

To the gentle sound of the Two Headed Sheep Morris dancers

we fetch chairs from the car and settle down with some Fyne Fish, a pancake and a coffee.

Chose traditional English tunes . . .
. . . or something more modern on offer.

14-year-old Joe Moore, sings and plays guitar, busking at the show in aid of the Blood Bikes Charity.

- - - o o o - - -

There were special interest stalls like NSPCC and the North West Red Squirrel Group.

Here the Rivers Trust displayed a map of our local area and I had a good chat about the recently installed eel ladders at Crummock.

In the Craft Tent there are plenty of colourful, often hand made items on sale

Stalls in here are generally smaller and protected from the weather . . . anyone for fudge ?

Portrait opportunities, jams, marmalades, pottery . . . something for everyone.

- - - - o o o - - -

With the dampness in the air the Cockermouth Mechanics Band have set up their equipment in the side the Beer Tent today.

At least they are guaranteed an audience . . . and the audience was guaranteed a fine concert of brass band music in return.

Concentration from the gentlemen . . .
. . . and the ladies.

The music was so delightful . . .

. . . that I just missed the start of the Junior Fell Race.

They are off on a shorter course across the fields.

On the main field there are games for the younger children.

Then it is time for the big race . . . the Senior Fell Run for men and ladies.

Number 46 leads the field out of the gate . . .
. . . the marshalls have held back the traffic while they cross !

They passed the side of New House Barn and up towards the fells.

The race will take them up to the rock outcrop on the side of Dodd seen in the distance.

[ Target time to beat . . . up and back is around 23 minutes.]

While they are away we get chance to visit the main ring once more.

The Carriage Driving classes are running.

Concentration as they ride around.
Smaller horses pulling smaller carriages.

The larger horse pulls a full size, four wheeled carriage.

Presentation and dressage classes are followed by a speed trial through the cones.

Twenty two minutes later and Dylan and I are back in the racing field, awaiting the return of the runners.

First man home . . . Terry Lightfoot . . . a well known local runner with an international reputation.

Second man home, after a damp run.
The second and first ladies home just a minute or two later.

The top four lads gather for a post-race photo.

The winner was Ricky Lightfoot (046) with a time of 22 minutes 1 second. (24 seconds slower than his record time of 2013).

Third and fourth were Joseph Dugdale (021 - with a new under 23's record this time) John Battrick and Dan Mills.

Full results should be available at the Cumbria Fell Runner's website

- - - o o o - - -

Time to head back to the Industrial Tent to view the entries and the results.

With the Tour of Britain cycle race heading our way . . . first prize to the flowers with the bike.

" Celebration Cakes "
Limerick competition - "This Royal Year"

How did I do this year . . . I check out the centre table.

A third prize for onions from my garden.
A second for " A White Bread Maker Loaf "

My Family Group has achieved critical acclaim.

Out of interest, that's my Grandfather, Grandmother and their six children . . . my late mum (the eldest daughter) is in the centre.

A 'first' for my own photo of  " Show Time "
. . . but I lost out on the "Photo with amusing caption"

. . . and on my Limerick. 

A change from a 'Tray Garden' . . . this year the children's tin display has a Lego theme.

They also have had opportunity to " Design a Peg Scarecrow".

The adult craft classes include this delightful felted-wool bird display.

Unusually (or have I missed it in previous years) a hot soup competition.

There were old local photographic exhibits . . .
. . . including the one of the 1907 Show I featured at the start,

Soon it will be the presentation of prizes in the Industrial Tent,



but outside it is time for the Grand Parade of Winners.


The secretary, Rachel Moore, and her helpers

get the silverware ready.

Winners from the Clydesdale and Heavy Horse categories . . .

. . . parade in front of the crowd and collect their prizes.

The Show president awards cups to the winners.

. . . large and small.

- - - o o o - - -

After the main parade it was time for the Fancy Dress and Cumberland Wrestling.

The Bumble Bees . . .
. . . Old MacDonald's Farm
The " Queen of Sheba " . . .
. . . and a very credible " Obi one-dog Kanobi".

- - - o o o - - -

The Wrestling Competition started with the Under 9's open competition.

It was open to girls as well as boys.
Some were unequal weights
and some unequal sizes

but when there was a match . . . such as here in the Under 12's . . . the keen competitive spirit came through.

Get set . . . keep your hands tightly together.
Try to unbalance your opponent.
Best of three falls wins.

This young lad shows delight at his winnings . . . as we were delighted to visit the Show today.

The weather just about held off, the mistiness increasing as the afternoon progressed.

Sadly I had to leave before the later Wrestling Competitions with the older lads

and I also missed the Sheep Dog Trials and Hound Trailing earlier

but it has been a good show and a great day out once again.

Full marks to the competitors . . . and to the host of local volunteers who have made the show possible again this year.

- - - o o o - - -

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